1. Duppy really know who fi frighten …Beenie man box u fi di same ting and u still a do it … ppl respect ppl yu neva know who that yute will become …. him have something Weh yu don’t have … EDUCATION.. Nicholas neva tell a lie

  2. Disgusting and Disgraceful. Spice, yuh cyan stop people from talking. This is not the way to react or respond. You say you’re a Queen and you empower females. A must female dog yuh empower. Yuh nah guh nuh higher than weh yuh deh with an attitude like this. To all the people weh a praise har, unu nuh look good either.

  3. Not a fan of Spice but that asshole deserved it, he constantly talk bad things about her on his show, to the point that I think he has some personal vendetta against Spice. he talk bad things about other artiste but he seems to have extra venom for spice. I’m sorry Spice didn’t spit in his face, why couldn’t he answer when Spice ask why he hates her?

  4. woww, did naro deserve dat, No matter what this woman is of squalor, u have become so popular there is accountability and people will talk, name me any female in the past WHO

  5. This gal is discussing nothing can change her ratchet… Thats why ppl always have bad things to say could never lady saw..real ghetto trash money cant change are..

  6. Uncalled for, disgraceful, unprofessional is what comes to mind as I watch Spice’s behaviour during this interview. How can you tell a media personality fi go suck him mother. Spice is a Bird aka chicken head.

  7. I have never hear dat Yute disrespect spice, critique her yes but never diss har……. him always seh him nuh tink shi deserves di dancehall queen title caa shi nuh surpass lady saw, but dat is a matter of opinion, not worthy of dat low blow shi display……and he always praise her as one of di best but a guess di lady saw comparisons jus not sitting well wid har loll

  8. spice is a disgrace to what??? waiting cause it cant be the same jamaica weh ppl nuh respect each other and stay killing each other. kmt like lowe the woman she a mek har money unno need fi go suck unno madda

  9. :ngakak :ngakak Ladadidadadada heh! (African voice) It dosent look good ooooooo one suck yuh madda bax tuh har face wid di mike ooooo. Mi promise yuh cut har now an all di blood black. Tek off di glasses mek di ppl dem see seh yuh nuh have nuh soul ooo tell dat spice.. yuh sad now look at you. A bet seh unnu wake up ehh how much unnu waah bet ooooo.

  10. Wow this was not call for .. spice I just can’t understand u at all one minute u say u are empowering women/youths but how????? By telling people about their mother ???? Would u like if anybody tell u about your mother????? Look how u diss the youth then had the nerve to be , crying on stage wtf who does that ?????? I would never buy your music or come to one of your concert noooooooooooo idk why people keep saying u are the queen of what ????? Must stage cause can’t be for dancehall u only sing one set of music and girl friend let me tell u they are dirty sorry :malu :malu u cannot go to certain place to perform, idk what is wrong with u I guess because nobody telling u that u are wrong IAJS

  11. Your behavior was CLASSLESS.And that chicken head who co-sign must be one of those you claim to empower.WE must do better if our society is to become better.

  12. Not a big fan of hers but mi nah bash har..he deserved that…let him keep the same energy when he’s bashing her…the big song make nuff a them a run een come play hypocrite knowing that they are guilty of what she is singing about..she shoulda box dung him claat

  13. But at the level she is she does not have to grant interviews to anyone she does not want to. Why would anyone subject themself to that level of anger, her anger and foul words is only hurting her.

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