Grammy and his friends are known thiefs, scammers and petty criminals, Grammy been in and out of jail for Credit Card Fraud that he use to do with Foxy and buy up all this LV clothes and walk around and act like he’s rich also domestic Violence charges and Child Support charges.

His friend Sadeki love is a known shoplifter he recently got charged in a mall in new jersey for shoplifting, resisting arrest and assaulting an Officer

His other friend Slim Sharp was apart of the Credit Card Scams with Grammy and Foxy but after Grammy got caught the first time he got scared now he currently walk and beg females for money to buy the fake red bottoms online and borrow money to buy champagne in party

It’s only a matter of time all three of them end up in jail because these young men do not want to work but want to pretend to be ballers







  1. Why Jersey peopl always fraid fi talk up di tings A wha . wE KNOW DEM A READ. why is grammy in jail . what is di real reason

  2. It could be one of many tings, probation violation, child support, scamming no one know, he went to pick up his kid by his ex wife house as soon as he leave they surrounded him some people think is his ex wife call dem pon him but now immigration have him and he is not straight suh yuh know how that guh.

  3. Dem too rass hype cause Ice come fi sadeki b4 dem hol Grammy. So it look like somebody a snitch on one another.

  4. sorry to hear another black male will be behind bars and subsequently dipped. but what ALWAYS baffle mi is how di hell deese ppl r here dem no straight and dem a live a life of crime an a hype pon top of it. mi just don’t get it and i guess never will.

  5. It’s just sad what these young men would do just to keep up appearances instead of making sure they have a roof over their heads and food on the table which should be the most important part but now a days if your not flashy the gal dem won’t look… smdh.

    1. You mean lucky lick no ambition, pussy on their forehead, nah nuh pride, never see come see, know no better, wotless gyal dem!!!

  6. First Devon now him Keisha have the jail house pussy yall.. Of course the wife turn his ass in. Him too bold bright and outta order and stupid.. Guesss he never watch the devon and wife and keisha saga

  7. The ex wife didn’t turn him in grammy had warrant and they been lookin for him they waiting to pick him up once u have warrants they know wen u fly they didn’t want to come to fla. To get him he had no us status and been convicted of charges and wasn’t paying his child support his ex wife has a good job and a big family to help her so leave her out of this he got exactly wut he deserved

  8. Jersey Gem how u know ice hold sadeki?? That’s the problem everybody watching everybody and don’t know what they talking bout. If these guys weren’t so straight don’t you think they would’ve been get dip????? N for them to say Slim ah walk and beg woman money they are really crazy they must don’t know nothing. Just going by what they hear. But hey this is life nobody never have nothing good to say.SMH. They should sue for defamation of character.

  9. Met Slim ah pussy di drive round la in car him no own ah beg women money fi him to pay weekly em and buck man ah sleep pon the people them couch in la why come to the west coast to sleep pon people couch “them no do road”.them whole bloodclat crew ah thief them even ah flex round la with breddy like them have money pon Instagram ah free load off the next mon bottle service people watch them Likkle thiefs them they flex with bag white top deportee him & buckman live in hourly $15 motel room off la brea to get them Likkle kocky wet

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