1. is like mi waan ask few question but nuh knw weh fi start a rass…
    dats why dem seh wen yuh upset its best to see if yuh can drink likkle wata sit and try tink b4 yuh act cuz dem a sey de wife call immigration pon him fi marriage fraud after him all bout wid keisha platinum wid ring weh bigga dan she de wife own, wan a de time mi cuda swear kiesha seh dem actually married pon har insta….dis yah wan yah a beat mi bad even if La feel sum kind a way de lock up fi child support me can c wid but di immigration pawt **shrug shoulder**

    1. Simply, that was the same stunt Keisha pull with Devon how she and him did married…all the while Devon have him legal wife and 2 li girls living in the Bronx

    2. Why would the wife call immigration to report immigration fraud when she will be equally culpable and open to jail time herself?

  2. Good morning Met I want to know if you ever heard of ICE doing any stings in parties because my cousin has a friend whose mother is a D.O and the girl told my cousin that they are planning on doing a sting in the stone mountain vicinity because they are getting tips that a lot of people that got deported and re-entered back illegally are frequent in these Caribbean parties and it befalled me,because I don’t understand how that can be done I for one do not travel with my passport to parties I just take my drivers license so how can they know if I am a United States citizen unless they would have to take me down to there facilities.

    1. Doh teck it lite. A few years back they were doing this in Philly. They interupt the dances and light turn on no bady cah run. They ask for Id and who didn’t have were taken downtown to be process extensively. people had stop going out because it was becoming a nuisance. They were targeting mostly the Jamaican parties. Lancaster hall was one of the main places they did this. When party just a get nice di selecta just seh lights on and u see badges a flash.

    2. Sometimes if they get tip off, they have specific names so they walk with the pictures too. Most of the times they know exactly who they are looking for. The rest that get pick up is just bonus.

  3. No sah come like kiesha have di drop a jail pu*sy every man she f**k must drop a jail lol lol .all man beware

  4. No sah come like kiesha have di drop a jail pu*sy every man she f**k must drop a jail lol lol .all man beware

  5. Whey really a beat bad is di DOB mi caah believe dis boy yah younger dan mi non tall. Keisha punny worst dan12yrs a slavery.

  6. @Phillty thanks I’ve heard of D.E.A. Doing stings in parties but never heard of i.C.E doing it and I was trying to get more info from my cousin but her friend’s mom won’t tell her anything else but I told a couple of friends to pass it along,but Atl is snitch city anyway

    1. It happens all the time. They raid many Jamaican dances and even have border patrol check points. Your ID/Driver’s license states your status upon acquisition of it. If you are a resident or citizen it states it in the system.

    2. I know one thing is certain with Atlanta dancehall scene…very bad mine and hateful; bagga tear dung artist weh walk and chat dem one anedda and… den turn roun and smile up inna each other face…who ah nuh frenemy ah enemy…just an all around negative atmosphere…

  7. LMAO, You know what sweet me? how these folks would be on met website and when the bloggers tell them to stop them nasty livity dem dont take heed. LOL. Fraud? I remember when Keisha platinum pictures was on here of SHE flaunting name brand rae rae on instagram, Shall we guess what happen to this dude? He commit fraud so that Him and Keisha can keep up with the dancehall rae rae life, Keisha? You Hole is no good and Her MAN who she suppose to get married to is in Jail and she still in a party a talk bout money long? LOL. She is on to the next.

  8. Anonymous 10:43 they can do that because immigration go wid police wen they going on raids. From u have n ID n dem run u whole history come up. Me c it happen one night n a 30 ppl get lock up n I live in Ny.

  9. Well from what I hear is that his buddy slim sharp talk and get him locked up them come in full force a the show fi him because slim sharp name was calling on the young brown boy death him moved to Florida but use to live in jersey that died earlier in the year and detective from miami come question slim and him give Grammy away they both are evil and sneaky yea ice is holding him on other things too but slim you are terrified of jail and death your name always in something and you dont have backative

  10. florida parties got cleaned up like that a few years ago, word to the wise if you don”t have proper indentification don’t go to these parties for a while. Immigration centers not nice

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