A tale of a legend

It was a long weary December afternoon, and stressed from all the hassle at the airport and recently breaking a 4 year relationship, I was intrigued to venture off on a new journey and enjoy the little comfort that Jamaica brought. Even though I was a bit pissed off, my friends came over with tickets to go to an all-inclusive party and I couldn’t resist with all the excitement that they told me was going to take place. I packed my bags and headed out to St Thomas. The venue was awesome decorated beautifully with led lights and white linens it was rather luxurious and worth the price despite the long wait to get the party started.

Night had fallen and the party started to get really steamy with everybody drunk with huge cups of liquor even the most uptight people where acting crazy, and I was no exception I chugged my whole cup down in a mini competition with my friends. My cup empty and motives to get white girl wasted; I headed back to the bar for a refill and out of nowhere this guy came up to me and told me that Usain Bolt wanted to say hi, so I quickly shouted “so what, he can’t walk over here and say hi himself…kmt” and walked away briskly. While walking away I realized that my friend was busy talking to the messenger, so I turned around and grabbed her to come on. Bursting with excitement she said to me “you a idiot, come let we go over there and say hi” (she a real groupie lol). Buzzed by her eagerness I decided to walk over there, and as I entered in his section I saw a groupie girl up in his ears whispering to him and he shacked his head and giggled as if she offered up some pumz (lol was just guessing ). He then glimpsed over and saw me walk in and quickly brush off the girl as if she was annoying him, he then said to me “me see the attitude as u walk in fix ur face” and he started making funny faces to cheer me up. He quickly offered me a drink and we started talking about silly things like my height being that Im 5’2 and he was towering over me, I’m not going to lie he wasn’t all that cute but he was totally sexy as hell with a charm that could make your granny h*rny and I surely was getting a little h*rny. We were there talking for a good thirty mins., before he asked for my number, we exchanged numbers and he said to me “you know seh you special because me hardly gi girl my number usually give them mi pin”. I giggled and walked away to the area where my other friends where located, I basically couldn’t party no more because I was busy texting him, it was like we were in a world with us surrounded by total rocks because we texted straight through the night.

We texted and talked for like a week before we actually meet up again. The meeting wasn’t planned out it was just basically what you doing; let’s go out type a thing. I guess he realized after his first try to ask me out to a party that this would be a better approach for formal first date. You could hear his car speeding up the hill from a mile away he really loves to race everywhere he had me thrilled. I entered the passenger seat and he said “where you going…come drive since you claim seh you learn to drive from nascar driver”. I swear I drove like the dollar van man dem a flatbush some stoplight all get bruk too, it was like a real Bonnie and Clyde thing. I ended up watching him play some football, chill and ate lunch with him it wasn’t fussy at all our chemistry just flowed right along.

It wasn’t until like three weeks of us hanging out before we turned up the notch. I stay reminiscing on how it happened, it was a Sunday evening and I called and asked what he was doing, done already plan inna my mind that I wanted to have s*x. He came for me I had on a tight skirt with a marina and my nipple rings where printing out. I made sure I wasn’t wearing no type of underwear never want anything fi hinder the movement. I walked seductively in the car and slightly eased my leg on the dashboard so he could see I wasn’t wearing anything and I wanted to DO IT!!!…he quickly put the car in park and quickly started to rub my body gentle. I hurriedly push my seat back until it was on the other seat, he whipped out my br*asts as he s*cked and nibble one, he was busy twirling and squeezing the other nip*le then he rotated them. He ended up turning me around sideways on the chair so one a my leg was in the ceiling of the back and the other on the dashboard, he fi**ered my **** while he kissed me, I could feel my j*ice all over as he inserted a *inger then two then three then back one it was like he was coordinating with my ****. It was as if my hot pocket loved it because I was just coming like crazy from his hand skills alone. I eased him of me and slipped his ***k out his pants and just started to kiss it and rub my to*gue all over from the tip to the sha*t and from the sha*t to the tip. I didn’t hesitate to slide his ***k down I felt so good doing it, it was like I was overly anticipating it, I started massaging it with both hands in a up and down motion while im s8*king it, you could see the pleasure in his face I got my stamp of approval when he started to moan and said “ay how u bad suh”. I know I couldn’t possibly get f**** good in the car because of his size and I couldn’t possibly wait to leave my house and wait fi go way uppa fi him yard fi get f****, so I slowly took his ***k out my mouth and wipe of all the extra saliva and went back in the house. He not even wait fi mi lock the door and thank god my helper left early because I couldn’t careless d way mi did wa have s*x. He backed me up in the living room n tear off mi marina, he pulled a c*ndom out is pocket and put it on inna d fastest time mi ever see man put on c*ndom lol. He put my legs behind my head and started to ha*mer me. I felt every **ing stroke as his ***k grazed my g-s*ot, he then bend me over and started to f*k me from behind he then whispered in the most sexiest voice “baby im bout to come,” I quickly started to whine and push back on it, I know he had this n*t holding from the car and I wanted to make the c*me as exciting as possible. I wish yall could see his face when he coming hilarious but I must say it was well satisfying even though he didn’t lasted that long it was about a good 10mins the first c*m.

The second c*m was actually the best, after showering I signal him to go wait in the bedroom for me while I got s*xy and put on my Victoria secret lingerie and knotted my stocking to my garters. I went into the room looking like any do*inatri* all black panty set with s*xual scent of lush vanilla sprayed all over. I know he **ed a lot a girls so I had to give him something he wouldn’t forget. Turned on my ipod and played heels on and started to dance for him, I slowly moved over to him and started to caress his body it took him no time for his ***k to stand up again (what a man full a nature) I hastily started to s*ck it again but with some serious superh*ad technique deep thr**ting and full licks (basically while s**cking up n down your using your t*ngue and rotating it all over while humming.) I then climbed on top slowly riding him up and down and edging it in between. I took my time and turn around without allowing his d**k to fallout I was now facing away from him, I ride and ride every time adding more speed to slow it back down. He then rolled me over to the edge of the bed and started to ***k me in a lizard lap, OMG!! It hurted as hell because he bend my leg further than my natural resistance but I never wanted to say stop because the ***k sweet me so bad. We ***ked until my hot pocket dryed out like dessert swell up like any cactus before he c*m, it was a good 1hr of straight s*x.

After all a that we end up going back to his house and ***ked again, I know everybody in the house supposed to hear me because I was bagging on the wall and all that because my *u**y was so tender couldn’t manage no more and when I went downstairs I saw like he was telling mj that It was good. We are still cool up to this day talk to him often and we like each other but we both have too much going in our personal lives to settle down. Im to focus on school and working to even think to add him to my worries, and he is still caught up on work and all the hotpockets thrown at him. Im just glad that only he and I, and our close friends know who I am.


  1. On your mark get so …here come all Bolt concubines coming out from all areas,continents,country.I guess you was feeling like Stella bolt give you your groove back.dwl.Now the whole world know and I’m sure he blow thru the wall just to keep up to speed with what all his jump offs reeling out his file.Bolt I hope you learn something from this .You too free with the buddy because you a star damn.That buddy might be your down fall.
    Damn why you never just keep this my girl some females just ain’t loyal.The read was good tho.lma forget to tell us the part where him taste the pums.Lol why you holding back just spill all the tea ..lmao

  2. On your mark get so …here come all Bolt concubines coming out from all areas,continents,country.I guess you was feeling like Stella bolt give you your groove back.dwl.Now the whole world know and I’m sure he remember you..smdh
    Like Chris Brown said ..these hoes not loyal.Why you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.
    Ps.Why you left out the part where him taste the pums,why you hold back that part..dwl

  3. Bolt a go hard doe, to how bolt sound like a real f**ker man in this story, I’d sneak a piece give him *winks*

  4. Did he eat ur pums or naah? Whats the length and thickness? Cuz him look like him dont have nutting in him running gears. U see bulge or print in Asafar r Yohan own etc but naada fi Bolt. Come tell we if it long n maawga like him.

      1. yes all that wen sounds like an erotica student first story and nutten bout length and width? first thing of erotica describe di d*ck. cho, smaddy else cum wid the measurement yah man.
        disappointed size queen

  5. pink wall known to have a lot of admirers (thiefTs) use posts for their own website
    what a ting if foreign media ever admire this yah story

    @met mi a ask you truly cause u can pick sense outta nonsense and u have like a sixth sense bout things… should bolt be doing damage control and concerned about image and sponsors?
    I read concerns from bloggers on this site, esp. di Vegas post and I just wonder if with the recent antics, him a go too hard or nahh?

  6. the only reason mi ask is because I see a post where a blogger seh bolt get caught up inna di illumi…
    I don’t even want to say the word
    anyway the poster said bolt a go face public humiliation, blah blah blah
    I don’t know what is what but him cocky rounds is certainly more newsworthy than his track rounds and di man just made Olympic history
    hope him pree di vegas post and just watch himself

  7. Training, tracks, appearances, party, women, etc! With all a this how di rass him find time!?

    @Usain mi have some laundry fi do and di house waan clean! Like how u hav time, wi will work out payment in private! :tkp :2thumbup

  8. ‘hot pocket’ really? :ngakak

    What use of similes: “dry out like dessert” & “swell up like any cactus”. I give this writing A- because the 1st sex scene was a little brusque & lacked that nice smooth flow she started with, but she didn’t have to write it, so thanks to her.

    She almost killed it for me though when she spoke about granny & horniness in the same sentence. I like to think my granny got her children from the stork (yeah I said it) – no horniness for her.

  9. Lmao lol dwl !!! This was a good read she tell the story good !!! Yes sah Mr Bolt sound like a real f***ka man said it before and I will say it again I would def sneak and give him some and tek a nice change offa a him lol

  10. Bout u a bruck stoplight n speeding kmft!endangered the boss’s life n a gwaan like a footnote…go sym straight.mek sumpn did happen to uthain n see if jamaicans wouldn’t wring ur neck like when kasi a wring out clothes fi go pon her backyard line!! 🙂 sym agen!

  11. Mi just waan know, sender, yuh seh a u and unoo friend know, like how bolt luv pinkwall like all us here, “if”, and I use the term loosely “if” what you’re saying is true, then Bolt should dun yuh. Bout unoo one know. So what’s the point of sending this erotic fiction in? And all now yuh nuh tell wi the size a di tool and dats all we really want to know.

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