1. Answering my own question, thanks Metters. God know mi eva know a Shamiele dat. Why her face looks botoxed so? Or is that how her pregnancy glow looks?
      Shamiele get wifed.

  1. Morning Met,

    These picture means NOTHING, for anyone to think Khrissy didn’t know his family as well is stupid. IN-LAW a OUT-LAW Some mumma love everybody dem son bring come. A 2018 meeting in-laws means nothing. I was liviing with my mother in law and her Son. We did everything together and when her son cheated on me and breed the nect chick, she knew the girl and knew her son was cheating on me. SO this should not affect KHRISSY. This dude is not a prize. But……… Pink wall is famous for follow up stories. Mi deh yah fi when him drap she or she drop him. She is no prize and he is no prize. Sorry but not sorry Khrissy is a winner here. GOD always have last talk. Watch him work………………

  2. All the bullshit is gonna start now….

    Moms will always root for their kids regardless; not surprised that his mother is here for Shamalee. Im sure she liked Krissy as well… As long as “my son is happy im happy 2”.

    Alot of gal never meet and will never meet the parents of the man they f…, or living with. Sham is a hoe n getting recognition, she must be doing something right. Sweeetscouture never got this far wid the man.

    Come through all you other girls out here f…; s… and living with a man and no one knows u..

    Kfab whats good?
    Dolly whats good?
    Sweets whats good?

  3. I feel like the mom is messy…and it’s just sad. the comment #teamson pretty much says she’s a rider for her son whether right, wrong whatever. It’s almost like she’s shaming the ex or something. For an older mother figure I think that’s just messy………

  4. Mi RASS lmfao !!!
    I bet the mother is a scamma too

    I need to know Khrissy side maybe she is the bad guy but then again the boy mek the baby passed away because of neglect so maybe she uses it against him all the time … hmm idk this is the quickest moving relationship mi ever see with 2 ppl weh nahv nuh papers into America lmfaooooooo

    Btw Nashawn looks like a homosexual

  5. I love met because she doesn’t just post a story and that’s it. She get the follow up, ask the question we wanna know. All these wanna be gossip pages have to bowwwwww…..Met I been a loyal reader from Jamaicagroupiemet.blogspot. Com days, when Rosie and Bobbiesha was running road . And belly bang write the best confession stories . When dougie platinum was still black and the foot well lean up keep up Mama cause still reading. All of dancehall still reading

  6. Yoo.. met you really put people on, made so many wack people relevant .Made so many dancehall people “famous”. I remember when your stories had like 1000 comments, anything less was weird. If you made it to pink wall, you made it you really need you props girl . 9 years and we still don’t know who you are, shani . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ … Stay blessed gurl

  7. Good for them, they obviously like each other.
    People need to leave Khrissy name out of these post. He obviously has completely moved on and I hope she did as well. It’s okay for people to grow apart even when married. I haven’t been here long enough to these people entire history but I must say Sham is 20 something and is allowed to make some mistakes along the way. Most of us figure life out in our 30’s, 40’s etc. Even if they don’t work out as a couple, so what. People have to live, learn and try to do better.

  8. I have male family members that have been with women for years thaz a jezebel. so not everything glitters is gold and because you were with someone for years means they’re best for you.

    Mothers normally knows what is best so if his mom is good with it, he’ll be fine. Let the people move on in peace..sheesh #blessings

  9. Shameless u really going hard to prove a mute point…I hope you are happy, now please GO THE FUKK AWAY WITH UR ANNOYING ASS AND FUNNY LOOKING MAN!!!..

    In a longtime, shes one good looking person with zero ambition or class…Its sad AF!!

  10. The Mom in law forgot to add “The Filter” didnt even realise it was shameless. smh. Anyways dem say she pregnant suh maybe thats why she looks so different.

  11. The mamma a thief like the son and sell the thieving scammer things . I’m glad him left khrissy cause the pull down coming with the stolen products he selling for bobbette and Apple and GQ

  12. Krissy keep your head up baby girl .am sure your story will not end just yet @met omg what happened to belly bang stories??? Would love to read one now

  13. As fi shamille, please dont smile my dear. U R NOT ATTRACTIVE WHEN U SMILE… Someone mentioned the filters were OFF AND MY GOD THEY CERTAINLY WERE CAUSE U WERE VIRTUALLY UNRECOGNIZEABLE..

  14. Filter def off !!! Not an ugly girl
    BUT bwoy o bwoy when filter becomes u..
    The son look so uncomfortable posing next to her
    She holding on to him and him jus standing there . Very different body language than in other pics ….hmmmm

  15. The way nahawn gwan you would think he would be with a super model shame is ugly she and liquior girl no man ugly bad but I guess why them have to kill Designer cause they skin mouth face no sah !! But ugly people photo well on Instagram

  16. Give the people dem a break … how can a mom be messy for simply posting her family. Y’all want this man to be with khrissy so bad, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone – them don’t own you. They broke up from last year and we’re at the 6th month . I can’t understand how someone shade a man everyday saying he ain’t shit but still can’t let go and move on in their truth .. wishing all involved nothing but blessings

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