Gm can u post dis for me plz
So a me alone realize say Nikki nah pay out nobody an mi want mi money weh me an mi cousin dem throw cause we dun see an knw say a she rob up the loom money an everything weh she post fake from crying go rite bk to she ago gi bk ppl dem money me keep calling texting she nah ansa yea mi knw unu ago say dis and dat but mi did trust r an because mi knw she well known an can’t hide but now she move from the store an talk bout dem evict r suh we can’t find r fi mash r up mi wah see how long she ago hide fa an me ago station go report it 

11 thoughts on “GUH IN LOOM WID SCHOOL FEE

  1. A mash dung is in order! But you mus flog yu self for being that god damn fool-fool. Me hope unu get back de pickney dem school money, so dem can acquire some intelligence and excel inna MATHS and forecasting of dem financial future since as parents unu fail dat!

    Nikki a wickedness yu pull off and yah go get a bad payback. Asi

  2. Sender and all loom idiots send me unno money I’m a stranger with flashy pics. Sorry sender u need a beaten really ya kids school money?

  3. Yu si all a dem eye wata dey wey a reach Nikki. Har end naah guh pretty. Look how dem mash up Lena British. Tek heed Nikki.

  4. Yuh tek your pickney dem school fee money and give Nikki, cause a give yuh give it har enuh. Yuh want a damn lick cause yuh nuh know gyal from nuh weh but yuh follow di hype. See weh yuh reach? Nikki nah pay back a soul. She 9 days and people will go back to dem normal life. Yuh can count it a loss.

  5. Nikki wicked and evil bad, ppl y’all don’t see a bare bad blessing pon her, the bitch fear for her life suh she a hide but any day somebody hold her may god help her cause ppl wah kill her for them hard earn money. She too hype, lie, ignorant and dark and dunce that’s why everything a reach her, now look how sher a blossom and things a Gwaan fi sher after how she talk bare things bout the gal and her frens them.

  6. Every loom person is a damm fool, greedy, guliable and I don’t sorry fi none a uno. A quick money uno did a look damm jackass uno.

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