1. But what is wrong with these licky licky grabby grabby hungry belly greedy people?
    Dem have no shame? After the first minute when Gully bop leave d yard and one say ” he nah come back a bloodclot,”
    I couldn’t watch the rest. What a way they behave uncivilized ungrateful and nasty. D man empty out his wallet.
    Gullybop gave as much as he can, yet it not enough.
    U can see he was overwhelmed how dem storm him.

    What a way they behave shameful. Jamaica full of vultures like them so. Poverty is no excuse for shamelessness.
    People need to learn nobody don’t owe dem nothin.
    Not because a man have a likkle wealth u have to be hungry belly and beg and follow him round like a littl waste yes man.

    If some of these women would get off dem lazy, illiterate ass, learn a trade or plant a likkle yam garden. Dem would not have to beg for a whole pound of rice. RIdicuolous !
    Yet dem find money to buy bleach cream and crutch cut out outfit fi the next party.

    ” buy mi daughter a bag juice Nuh gullybop,”
    Yes WORTHLESS mother, TEACH your girl pickney fi BEG MAN FAVOR and money from early.

    Watch how dem following Gullybop around d tenament yard, like fly following d shit off d cow bottom !
    What a way some dumb people worship others with a little status or fame , so they too can gain. God is d only superstar.

    Now I see why most rich people I know get a ways and turn stingy and selfish with dem money. They tired of people constantly wanting from them. I not saying they should not give, but it must be strategic and for a good cause.

    1. Vulture was a good choice word. Gully Bap should not go there again, unless is couple barrels him ago drop of gi dem.

  2. So Gully Bop must know say from him touch down a south as yuh reach East Queen Street so di Shark dem jump out pan yuh,south people nuh ramp wid di begging so as much as me come from deh mi only pass thru once in a blue down,dem fi go easy sometime man I’m shame fi dem

  3. Gully Bop seet deh Ginger a gi yuh good advice dem really terrible when yuh nuh gi dem nuh money,like dem gi yuh sumpen fi pu down

  4. Mi feel it fee him. Lord forgive me but if ah did mi ah gully Bop mi wudda neva guh back dey. Dem behave terrible and it all coming likka draw dem waan drawn deh man shorts right offa him. This is so disgraceful.

  5. If you take a close look at the people them they don’t look like they missing a meal especially that lady asking for the 1 lb of rice I think bop needs that rice more than she does

  6. Any baddy peep how di ooman in a di stripe dress @0:49 get something fold it up inna har han’ and stretch again or how di one in a di Orange finga wave part di crowd @ 1:00 fi get to him OMG dem really mek it look bad .. Big ole long seed man.. Trang baddy ooman and di regular stregge dem every baddy a beg none no betta smh

  7. Boy dem Gwan bad EEEEH man , ah which part a south dis , mi nuh like guh Dunn dey kaw dem form line pan yuh ,all wen dem nuh kno yuh , disgusting fi true man , watch mi Fren ginja , ginja look good doe him was a kine man mi naw lie , big up Ladd
    lane straight still , but dem fi ease up pan di beggings star

  8. What a set a wukliss people dem, all deh tek off di man pants, dem a beg money and look pan di one innah di red hairspwoil..while Bop heart is in a good place, im shouldah nevah guh dung deh suh and deh hand out money..wrong move dah caz dem people yah wicked and greedy plus tax,rent and morgridge as country people wouldah seh. Poor thing, Bop u look tieeerd though, Shauna gi Bop some more porridge and meat..

  9. If him get back bruck a dem same people yah a guh bun him out di most.Not even in Africa mi si dis yah behavior.

  10. Gully bop better than me bcoz mi wudda Neva empty out my wallet so and give dem. Look how it’s the middle of the day and so much grown ppl deh round him a stretch out hand a beg! Dem need fi go look work even if a fi go inna a wholesale downtown and work fi mr chin. Mi can imagine when gully bop did homeless and “mad” as they put it not one of them look Pon him but now dem a stretch out hand a beg. I’m happy for him though that he get the chance to give back

    1. People usually ignore and neglect you when you’re poor, but the minute God help you and give you some money these same people think you owe them everything. They will dictate on how you should spend your own money and hate you if you refuse to give them it. Some will tell you that they will not do such and such job because it doesn’t pay enough money and beg you your money when you do the minimum wage job. It is a good thing to give and help others. I’m a giver but I’m a wiser giver. Me nah mek nuh lazy ppl use me anymore. When Bob can’t give them, they will curse him. The irony is most beggars are very mean. Put them in a better position and they will not give to anyone.

  11. Well yes, I watch d last part of d video amd d dutty nastiness shameful beggar follow gully bop an entire six miles all the way into d people dem veranda still begging for a pound of rice.
    This too tragic, all u. All u can do is laugh to not cry.

    This is a real reflection of over half a population who blame poverty and government for everything and would not try empower or uplift themselves.

    If I was Gully bop, I put back on my dutty clothes, go fix fan again so these parasite f**kers can come offa mi

    1. You lick di nail right pon di head. I will tell you right now without a shadow of a doubt that nuff a those folks in the video have never worked a day in their lives, and of those who work they probably have never worked an entire year. They will quickly blame the government or more prosperous family members for not helping them than going out their and put their shoulder to the grindstone to make a life for themself.

      Their poverty is in their minds, they hold on to it like a badge sometimes as though there is honour in being poor. Don’t get me wrong, there are ppl who are poor for legitimate reasons, but you have ppl with no health problems, no nothing who just siddung from they left school and never guh look a work, a trade, set up a simple business, nutten, both men and women. Days turn into years, into decades and one day dem wake up and realize seh life pass dem by. Then they blame everybody dem can blame for them plight except themself.

      Look dis man who used to be homeless, who dem same one said was “mad” and of no use to them then, dem going to turn to him now fi give dem a night’s meal. Pride lacking in many a dem, they value nutten but a belly full and whomever can full dem belly fi dat day is a “good man”.

  12. I always wonder what dignity there can be in living in these communities. Most of these ppl have their family land in the country somewhere and they would prefer to live and raise their children in the slums than go back to their homestead and even farm the land and live in more peaceful and beautiful surroundings. If she was in the country she wouldn’t haffi worry bout rice, she could guh dig a yam, cut a bunch of bananas, dig cassava, pick a breadfruit, she could live dignified and nuh haffi a beg a soul fi money fi buy a pound of rice.

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