Police find gun in woman’s panty

The Santa Cruz police were blown away after finding a woman with a pistol nestled in her underwear during a spot check on Wednesday night.

Commanding officer for St Elizabeth Superintendent Catherine Lord confirmed the incident, stating that in addition to having a 9 mm pistol being stashed away against her private parts, the woman also had 12 rounds of ammunition in her handbag. Four other persons in the vehicle were also arrested.

“It is really early days yet but she has been charged and other charges will be laid against the other occupants of the vehicle. They are not really from our space, so we have already launched an investigation into the incident and to get more background information on them,” she said.

While it may be an unusual find in the parish, Lord said she is not surprised.

“That is why we give thorough searches as persons will go to the deepest extent to conceal a weapon. There are a lot of videos going around that clearly show how to hide a weapon, so I am really not taken aback by this finding,” she said.


She also stated that it is not uncommon for females to be the couriers of illegal firearms.

“This is one of the reasons why it is advised that no one be spared during a search. Just recently, there was a video being circulated showing a female with about 10 guns hidden on her body, two of which were disguised in her breasts. It was not a local video but stuff like this can happen in Jamaica,” she said.

Eleven firearms have been seized since the start of the year by the St Elizabeth police. Two of them were reportedly made locally.

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