A seven-year-old boy remained in hospital last night battling to stay alive after he was shot in the stomach by heartless gunmen who sprayed the one-bedroom house in which he, his nine-month-old brother and their mother slept in Lyssons, St Thomas, early yesterday morning.

The heartless attack on the house in a section of the community called Pipe Lane left residents in fear and had Jahmauny Robinson’s mother, Nordia Johnson, frantically seeking assistance to save her son.

“I was sleeping in my bed with my children and is the sound of gunshot wake me,” Johnson explained.

The distraught mother stood in a daze with her hands on her head as she recalled the horrific attack which occurred at approximately 3:45 am.

“When mi hear the shot mi hear mi son cry out,” said the 29-year-old woman as she fought hard to hold back the tears.

“When mi babyfather go check, him see mi baby covered in blood,” she added.

In a desperate bid to save the life of her child, Johnson lifted the boy and rushed out onto the street crying for help.

“For several minutes mi out there a call and no one came to my rescue,” she said, explaining that she watched helplessly as cars drove by.

“I ran out in the road in my underwear and blouse.

I was covered in blood calling out for help; they all ignored me.”

Determined that she would not allow her son to die, Johnson started running with him toward the Princess Margaret Hospital.

“While I was rushing with mi baby is a youth mi see come out come help me and gave me a lift to Princess Margaret Hospital,” she said.

Doctors, Johnson said, carried out a five-hour operation on the child who, at press time last night, was said to be in serious condition.

Meanwhile, police said they have held a suspect in relation to the shooting.

However, his identity is being withheld pending further investigations.

The Morant Bay Criminal Investigation Branch is urging anyone with information regarding the shooting to call 982-1027, 982-2233, 119, or the nearest police stat

0 thoughts on “GUN MEN SHOT 7 YR OLD BOY

  1. Good morn Metty! Just reading this story tears comes to my eyes I felt this mom pain. I pray our FATHER above give this little boy another shot at life,and I know he is going to come through for this family!

  2. Good morning Met……So horrible, I’m sure people want to help her but were so scared from her community.I hope him pull through
    Met did you do a topic already on the Jetblue flight with smoke in the cockpit,bound to Florida from NMIA.God is good that it was able to turn around safely

    1. @ Anon, a dat mi seh to. di poor ppl dem waan help but stricken wid fear cauz dem no know if di killer dem close by. Hear our plea oh Father.

  3. This made me cry , I can only imagine her anguish can you imagine seeing a woman carrying a child covered. In his blood and not stopping to help. Come now father come now mankind too unkind .

  4. uno seh “bad man” so wen bad man shot uno up…dnt seh a f**kin ting. uno mouth might no ketch uno but it dam well going ketch uno offsprings

    1. Met.. sawry ..but dis puccihole. weh yu really feel like ?!?! yuh birth from weh ? yuh cuddn human 2 rawse w/ a statement like dat . sik tomack !!!!

  5. This is so heart wrenching. Jezas Crise man when dis nonsense gon stop? The gov’t cyaan allow gunmen fi rule. I hope it’s investigated & the perpetrators brought to justice. sickening when not even the innocent children no safe.

  6. You can see the pain in her eyes as if she’s lost. Hold di Faith mama yuh likkle yute ago pull thru..

  7. Good Afternoon Met and Metters – It’s sad to see that your not even safe in your home, it’s hard for a mother hearing this because it could of been your child.. You would think that you would be safe in your own home but that’s not even safe anymore.. I pray Lord that you put your hands over this little boy and pull him through this horric act and bring those boys to justice it was very senseless…

  8. Well, mother nuh mother, even in har underwear she going to walk it to di hospital instead of letting her son die. How come a she a teck on dis feat and not di babyfaada, a him dem did come fah? Look pon mi and oddas wah used to walk JA road all 3am a mawning as ooman all alone and neva fraid a nutten more dan duppy, now, not even inna u bed u safe. Dis mother perform a feat fiddi survival of her child dat a hope her bravery nuh guh in vain.

    I tell you if some a dese communities would band together and stop fraid a dese cowards dem could teck back dem communities, a di division and fear meck di criminals prosper cause dem know somebody going to be too fraid fi get involved. Dem place yah need some vigilant citizens fi teck ova dem communities and out all di criminals and f**k dem up. 5% or less a di population hab di ole country unda dem fingas and the majority a live inna fear and caan do nutten. Jesus and God caan help Jamaica, a Jamaicans haffi help Jamaica. Prayers ain’t shit widdout action.

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