U mean tell me say a big Christmas day and aneka couldn’t stir up likkle food in ar house. She affi go out go eat. Then them gal ya wonder why man nuh wife dem. As careless as shamiele be when she ready she run r likkle boat pon snap. Aneka wukliss enuh man. Not even likkle white rice and chicken and Every skettel suppose to set on them pot today

8 thoughts on “GYAL FI CAN COOK

  1. I don’t like whorin Aneka but
    Split rass justice !!! The lady cook all the time
    On Sc I’ve seen where she cook sometimes 3 times
    For the week ! & she always wake up & cook
    Breakfast for her son ! If it’s just she n her son
    Celebrating Christmas I don’t see the need to cook
    If she have the money n want to be catered to
    Then why not let her!!

  2. Its she and her son alone live do what if she didnt what to cook was it stamped in the book of life that people must cook on christmas day? Plus i always see her cook on snap from time to time and she and him one n she never feel fi cook suh wah!?!?

  3. One Christmas my sister and I took ourselves to a Christmas buffet. It was great drinking some cocktails and not having to worry about dirty dishes afterwards. Only think I missed was the leftovers. If you take a Christmas vacation to a resort you are not cooking either, but nobody would complain about you taking a Christmas vacation with your family. I rarely cook, or care about housework, don’t make me less of a woman.

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