Pinkwall do me a favor please mi try figure this out and CNT figure
It out and mi nah bust mi brain pon nuh stay bad crawny gal fi young likle girl mussi 18 or 19
Weh in a dancehall and say dem hot look ya a d pple dem gud gud
Dance some please help mi out nuh

What is this?????
Mi understand say she mawga but it wuda look better if d clothes did tight tbh a wonder what wud b
D viewers HONEST opinion cause maybe mi nah see well all the hair my god man

4 thoughts on “HAIR USAGE

  1. Child please senda yuh nuh see seh ah pluggy
    Dat lmaooooo.pluggy deh ah boat ride
    Woieeeeeee who seh battyman can’t guh ah sea.
    Pluggy yuh fool de senda :travel

  2. If I laugh I dead their goes the helmet I mean the tam oh shit yuh nuh see say d girl dehhhhh! A hairdresser unda the dryerrrr!!


  3. The condition bad tho she and her friends always look disgusting I was surprise to see d other one weh Eva dress mad nuh look too bad but did u all see d one in the jeans and gold hair my god man if I laugh most tackiest set a girl in a dancehall mi awRd dem

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