1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …..
    Where was his bofy guard bobby he needs to fire her how dere dat strong back man let a next man flag out him man :ngakak
    A wonda if the fight was a bout a me nah mine me pickney more dan u, nig my child support a $30 think urs lower dan mines :nerd
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Lol me me say .mappy f**k him up them put out daffy out a the club blood a cum from all handle a daffy but a no that sweet daffy mashhhhhhhhhh up the x666666666666 no glass no left in a it met me sorry fe daffy him look like one Halloween duppy with blood all over him

  3. Met me feel bad fe daffy blood a flow like crazy. But daffy mash up the x6666666 it don’t look good two liquor man a fight met it was a big mess me naw lie me run mappy and bobby start fight bobby a defend a boo poor daffy

  4. Poor daffy a swing like him a swim dwl bout time him get a beating all China fabulous a talk say daffy must lock up mappy smh She mix up and love ppl business that’s why her beating lock down in history

  5. Daffy did a gwan like him sure a mappie, bad as thing I never see mappie a f**k wid ppl, daffy di drape up mappie a Nikki party di other day like say di man a pussy hole, well di man show him something last nite, but dem bright fi mash up di man truck still, smh. 2015 not even start yet and a dis a gwan.

    1. Dat ah one ting mi wi seh bout Mappie *even doe him is still ah big pussiole fe nuh pay im child support*…him always move silent ah neva inna nuh loud up ting wid nuhbody…di quiet ones dem ah di wuss ones fe fuhck wid cause dem dangerous when it come on tuh di warring ting, nuh long talking fidem..daffy mussi fdid eel seh cause di man quiet him coulda bad up di man, not knowing Mappie eena plan feem…lesson learned Daffy…

  6. come on kids . eat ur popcorn and enjoy the show. we all at the circus but only the clowns perform. thanks CHAMPAGNE AND BROS CIRCUS TRAIN.

  7. What is the matter with these dancehall people….smdh! Why on God’s green earth people get dressed to go out to enjoy themselves but instead they are fighting each ought to kill each other…..what sense does that make. That is I refuse to go to dancehall because it is filled with grimey people. Btw, I do not see why some are rejoicing that this guy was severely beat up when he could have lost his life…..nothing amusing about ignorance.

    1. Anon, it not amusing, but everybody’s temperament is different…let sleeping lions lay and do not wake them; some people feel like seh cause dem ana nex man par or dem run wid crew, gives them permission fe fuhck wid people *which is fine if that’s what you choose tuh do*…but then there is ah nex setta people weh nuh tek nuh check….dem seh doe trouble trouble unless yuh want raasclaat trouble, and that is truth!!

  8. China need to go get her child out the system and leave people business alone.dont think we dont know that she dont live with you.life is base and a true story my ass

  9. If rob as jumped in yuh done know say daffy did ah lose di fight so stop saying ah story dem Mek up everywhere dem go is As my lord ! Jesus tek di case

  10. China a f**k money train now, but she think say nuh body nuh know, woieeee., she nuh come out from har best friend f**k har up, but she was on his boat ride and she was in his dance last nite, money train be-careful Hun, a dead hole china have. China yuh f**k too much, mi want him wife beat out yuh nasty rass, why yuh never lock up mad Michelle when she f**k ur ass up, lmao.

  11. But china a f**k mappie also under the quiet side . China fabulosity if u have the NINJA u make sure let it go Ina dancehall & bury who fe bury your hole a real cemetery .

  12. Daffy is a mascot and if robbaz jump in the fight nappy woman dem must hold her and beat her. As for China not fabulous you need to help get your sister milaka off the ppl dem floor. From juggist left her she bin box boxing from floor to couch she need a steady home

  13. Why don’t you low life bitches low out China. Unno hurt because the story is about daffy and mappie and unno a cuss China. Nothing nah change because di man dem love China. All when China in unno miserably and sad. China keep f**king dem man and mad dem.

    1. Hermmmmmmm China UR hole MECK a citizen if the usa deport him self no tight R good no pass r go near UR front from when captain Morgan did a run port royal so go SIDDUNG ur tireddddddddd ass

  14. Where is the video of this fight because I know the video man caught the fight… Which party was it maybe someone put it on youtube already lol… Daffy need to sit down somewhere and lick his wounds everyone will forget the beat down in time…

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