KINGSTON, Jamaica — Opposition spokesman and Member of Parliament for West Kingston, Desmond McKenzie, says that junior minister Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams should resign for attending the funeral of alleged lotto scam mastermind and People’s National Party (PNP) constituency executive, Kenley ‘Bebe’ Stevens, last Sunday.
McKenzie, described Stevens as the “CEO of Lotto Scamming in Jamaica”, who had previously been declared a mastermind of the crime by the police.
“The country should condemn the action of the minister (for attending the funeral),” McKenzie, the Opposition’s spokesman on Local Government and Urban and Rural Development, told the House of Representatives, as he participated in the sectoral debate, Tuesday.
“It is a scandal. It is a shame. The most honourable thing for the member to do is to resign as a minister of state, because she has brought the government of Jamaica into disrepute,” he stated.
Ffolkes Abrahams, who was absent from the sitting of the House, was the only senior member of the PNP to attend the funeral. She also delivered a tribute to Stevens in which she stated that, “nobody can judge, only God can judge”.
McKenzie also claimed that Stevens was a financial contributor to the PNP. Stevens was vice-chairman of the West Central St James constituency which is headed by Ffolkes Abrahams.
Stevens was alleged by the police to be a mastermind behind the lottery scam and is also said to have had close ties with the gay community. He was killed at his gate in the upscale Coral Gardens community in the parish last month. The killing happened only hours after he attended a meeting of the PNP’s Regional Executive Council in Montego Bay.


  1. Met, him say fire fi the MP wey guh, and I agree. It’s one thing to fraternize with criminals behind close door but to be paying homage is a disgrace.

    1. Yes I agree, but that must go for all MP including himself and him colleagues. Him is a dirty hypocrite to say that. He should not be the one giving anybody the lesson in integrity and doing things with honour. No Dutch pot can’t come tcall a kettle black. Dem figet how dem did hug up the coke n dudus family dem over these decades. And that’s just them, their were many others. Take black people fi fool

  2. Good Evening Met & Metters
    Wholly agree wid Mr Mckenzie, about time Jamaican politicians disassociate wid criminals no if ands nor buts. Unacceptable.

  3. Maybe Mackenzie should tell us about his sudden gain in is finance and the building of those two homes in the upscale neighborhoods. Are we to believe he doesn’t associate with the criminals in his constituency? He is a hypocrite.

    1. Dat is what Im saying…but choo BEBE a big bold batteyman him come a talk and him did haffi shut up when batteyman set man fi beat him

  4. Yes desmond…dont go dem funeral its much better u call them family and let them stay in ur house. Cause in any case murders are better than scammers…..right? Kmt

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