Met the video shows Bobbette an har sista a cuss one Macys employee and the employee a tell dem “Bye”. That’s all the employee saying while they walking out and she’s walking behind them(escorting them out maybe). TK keep shouting U big fat blob” and Bob a shout, “Go to the gym”.

0 thoughts on “HEAR DIS TEEF

  1. Very childish but i dont expect nothing more from dem 2 Jackass. We established long time ago dat fat nah send nobody gah jail but what unnu ah do sure will.

  2. The confession of a teef,dem nuh hav nuh shame tree lef inna dem..u eva a drive and u want something outta u purse and u can tell di person inna di passenger seat fi guh inna u bag and get so and so yet.Well nuh care how road hazardous and u want something urgently outta u bag,u risk it getting it urself wid passengers like dem.I have a sticky finger cousin just like dat.Nobody can seh,here hold this bag mek mi guh use the public restroom.All hand sanitizer she we teef outta u bag

  3. they soooooo stupid
    why would you post a video of yourself being escorted out of a store
    or are they admitted thieves ? am i missing something here ? lol
    if they are thieves they are incriminating themselves
    and if they are not, they just plain stupid and should be embarassed

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