Behind the scenes of Nicki’s Anaconda video…She a talk up Jamaican bout baby father dis and dat..as mi seh we LARGEEEEE


  1. all a har song dem sound wan way….mi nuh know if a dem voice weh she keep putting on ar wah but since lately she sound annoying as phuck

    1. I been tinking shi look worn and unhappy. I been seeing a few pics of her and she don’t look like a woman whose soul is at peace. wealth is a ting, so many ppl tink it will solve every problem till dem get it.

  2. Metty dem obsess wid wih and wih nawh get the ratings fi certain tings yow di Yankee dem cop dem fi demself especially wih dancing whey beyonce she act like a she Mek dem up… Atleast Riri go yawd and do video shoot and nicki gwan wid di antics and nuff more whey big we up. A we hold back wih self more time still sake a di almshouse wi love keep up inna dancehall. All di bounty she coulda Mek it big cuz all gwen stepahie him do video wid, mofrado is di next idiot.

  3. Simply a di nose di nose di nose whey straighten uh much time enough air nawh get inna di lungs so di voice a fight wid airway. Very annoying….

  4. Wait Yuh sure anuh Port Royal she come from? Maybe she is using google to get the language! Lmaoooooooo! :ngakak
    Quena- Can’t sign in because this *ish slow AF!!!!

  5. Typical trini no like Jamaican but dem tek we men now dem a cop we accent and chat…..she’s a copy cat

    1. Only reason them get Jamaican man is because them act Jamaican and nuff up them self lmao plus them quick fi mine the Jamaican man them too

  6. sumthin about dis girl don’t like her she too fake plus had songs dem wack n annoying no suvstance

  7. Y’all n this foolishness about Trini don’t like Jamaican ,in Trinidad all we do is big up Jamaicans so please stop it kmt …is one love

    1. I have to agree wid Honest mi live a Florida an is one bag a Trini frien mi have all to the point whey dem rope mi in fi Miami carnival and I in turn tek dem to all the dancehall shenanigans lol I have not met on Trini that has a issue with Jamaicans yet and I tell u mi roun the whole lot a dem all the time.

  8. Nicki born ah Trini & grow up inna Queens NY suh of course shi aguh kno fi talk like Jamaican.. 3/4 of New Yorkers talk patois suh mi nuh si weh all di hype fa

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