Hey met my friend keeps talking about this guy but something about him nuh seem right. Feel like a use him a use har. Me wa know the real scoop pan him. Him call himself mussy Lincoln 3dot.

8 thoughts on “HEAR YAH NOW

  1. Him deh pon Instagram everyday why yuh nuh go dm him and ask him bout him self…mi nuh know weh unuh tek met fah..if yuh fren nuh see seh him a tek r fi idiot weh yuh tink met telling you about him can do…and no mi nuh know personally mi just see him pon Instagram

  2. Sender yuh really tek di bloggers dem fi dubba,what a way Lincoln clown you out,bout yuh friend kmbct

  3. He is a very nice and respectable guy. The type you would take home to you mother and have a bunch of kids for, while living in a nice house in the suburbs with a picket fence!

    P.S. He will even drive a soccer mom van.

  4. Yuh an yuh fren Run fi hunnu life if hunnu nuh wah shit up…..a battyman dat. Yuh wear glasses?

  5. Suh him neva f**k Jada wah claim she a singer and constantly talk abt ppl should stop ask if her batty and breast real cause it is.

  6. That’s every gal man the ultimate gyalist on instagram he talk about how much gal him f**k and ray and ray how dem pussy stay

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