A $3,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of one of three men accused of raping a woman in Lauderhill.

Broward County Crime Stoppers is offering the reward for Marchellus Vyfhuis.

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Man attacks woman, attempts to rape her in Fort Lauderdale, police say
Police said three men picked up a woman in August and offered to give her a ride home. Instead, the men raped her before dropping her off at a Shell gas station in Lauderhill.

Anyone with information about Vyfhuis’ whereabouts or the identity of the other two men is asked to call Broward County Crime Stoppers


  1. Yuh know all a me like the police mi lock up all three a them doah…..de one wid the safe home,dis non aiding home one, plus him. Take a real good luck pon de bacteria how him favor a pre mature gorilla from yuh luck pon him yuh see thief and rapist.

    yeah wi all know not to stereotype but he has the damn look of a rapist along side many more things

  2. Hi Miss Met I thinks u meck an error u posted the wrong pic mama the story below mentions 3 (men) (humans) but u have instead posted a pic of YUCKRAMBE america’s own youngest silver back ape!!!!!!!
    Metsy mi know u busy a so it go sometime

    1. Den chuet mi nuh tell u him did feva some animal from morning? Dem nuh put up di other two man picture so him mus be di main rapist

  3. this bish!!! so him is really a rapist? an you knew this an had him in your home, jail fi yuh to. why yuh neva report him and keep the 3gran, and to the traupaulin nose one who tink she won a prize, bish that is a liability, that is a capital L to rahtid, yuh betta turn him in tek the 3G and go rent a place fi u an ur baby

    1. ._|\______________________,.
      …/ `–||||||||———] POOOW POOOW POOOW POOOW
      ._==o ______ _____________|.
      .;..),—.(_.(__) /.
      ..// (\) ),——’.

      1. MET and Simpli, nuh I hope unu gun legal, but seriously, dem oman yah really righted? me deh wid a criminal like dat and my fren claim she grine him weh, wen I dun call out the clowns, elephants, the bands and the baton twirlers and have a parade to rastid. mek she feel like she win cuz she just took a big loss.

  4. Rhatid!!!….NICOLE….ef yu call Crime Stoppers and cash een , dat a (hmmm, weh mi calculator, hmmmm $3000 divide by $30 = 100, yessss) 100 less koki yu haffi guh tek pon di strip!!! Dyamond cant understand deeze maths here cause a safe she a run. Cash een Nicole or gimme a call an mi wi cash een fi you and me an buss di 3 gran inna two. Dat can carry mi gaa SUMFESS.

    1. She better turn his ass in nd use the money invest inna ambition,can’t b-lev dese two woman wid gal pickney av this man around dem pickney wen him very much wanted a suh dem love dutty hands man

  5. These girls aren’t smart. They have the chance to do society and themselves a favor instead of warring on Facebook. 3 grand is first and last month rent for the one that’s homeless. Or tuition for a year in an instate college. The one who have a home can go on vacation and have money left over. And most importantly they would have helped to get a rapist off the road and give a woman the chance to get justice. Sad, they will both spare a man who don’t give two hoots about them except for them or their kids. Next thing you hear he locked up and one of his brethren got paid.

  6. she really a brag bout the RAPIST?!?!?!? and have a young baby round a RAPIST, you a woman and you man rape another woman and you still deh wid the RAPIST.. where do they find these people?

  7. Wow!!!!!!!! it look like them young girl here did born when them madda gone a market.no words

  8. If u go on the original post u see what I have to say … just know I knew what the lawyer said and what he told him to do….I didn’t hide this nigga … dis duty gal try bring him in my house. …Im over this. ..mi nah fight ova no man mi dash weh 3 years ago…. dis nigga need help I tried to help wid my lawyer….so I don’t know in him case clear or not …. but the simple fact that this bitch is disrespecting me over this bumm ass nigga is passing me off … she disrespectful and she need a ass whooping. .. PS she doesn’t come out for me to see her … or she wouldn’t have so much mouth ….

  9. @ Diamond you can find her at G-Code Mondays located at Peters Road in Plantation,Hot Mondays,Pan-A-Knock Tuesdays or Hype Thursdays that seem like her type of crowd where she can get her ass pimped out for a measly $30 or $50

  10. unu need fi stop and talk di truth. all di suckings dun dash out already. 3 years mi bomboclaut. she say u ahide di man inna di pickney dem room …woieeeeeeee!!!!!

    so all weh a gwan di lesbian file dem a dash out and unu nah talk bout dat. too busy a screw di besty fi see di man a get tek weh.
    UNU A LIVE IN A LUUUU. dis gyal nuh have nuttin good bout har. birds of a feather.

  11. But why every time I go to go look about my busniess I miss all the drama. Anyways this is slackness at its finest.

  12. that mon lookin bitch diamond really try like and seh queeny bring in mon dwlllll… mi cyaan manage… everybody know di girl did not meet the mon until you moved him on stop tell lie pon di girl ! true u nuh wan u baby fathet find out… but shaggy f** down di place like dog so it nuh really bother him cuz him get pussy else where

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