People the page yesterday with Korie he said its a fake page. The person has used his pictures to create that page…mi nuh know wha fi reason but right now mi a beg people fi mek it stay till today mek mi read some more and laugh oooo

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  1. So does that mean hes gay?? Because I was believing he weren’t based on his fake post on the fake page. I actually felt sorry for him reading the comments smh

  2. from mi see de spelling a de name a da throw mi awf however mi jus sit back read nd laff hard cuss it was funny to an extent ….a wonda if is a scorned ex cuz smaddy really cuden jus get up suh nd mek fake page fi no reason

  3. Just saying , I was in shock when the post seh “I’m not gay mi no sex men” tearssssss. But to read today that it was all fake is a little disappointing DwRL

    1. Well may im seh I don’t sex men he means he never engaged in group sex with a lot if men, cuz a one man to him ting. Or him mean men in the way people used to use it to mean gay guys. Maybe im like straight boys that im can turn out. It’s a mystery.

  4. Met maybe you have and I missed it. But was there ever a discussion on here why some Jamaicans bleach to the extent of that “guy” up top? I saw this brother in person on the train and recognized him from your website and the man white ’til it look freakish. His outfit was another story altogether. I don’t know what him did look like black but I don’t believe him could’ve looked worse with such unnaturally pale skin. I would honestly want to hear the viewpoint of dark skinned people who bleach to look lighter. Particularly I’d like to know what spark them to do it, what complications they’ve had if any, and if there are any concerns about the health of their skin in the years to come.

  5. I love reading ur colum ! Especially the ones wth videos, always makes me laugh though its sum times hard to read the patios of some of ur regulars! On a serious note its no ones concern whether some one is gay or straight who are we to judge! Any how met one day keep the funny videos cuming ! I find the ones wth women fighting over men amusing dnt kw women still fight over men!

    1. Hi Christine,
      Welcome and thank you. I agree we should not concern ourselves with someone’s sexuality but a lot of gay people feel honor in letting the world knowing their sexual preference. The world now finds it fascinating in identifying them before they admit it. That is the way of the world today, and its not a big deal because many women need to be able to identify the traits of these men least they end up with a gay man who is on the downlow. As to the videos Im sure those will always be here because there will always be a reason to have a fight with another woman where there is a man between them. For your patois the more you read the easier it will get. Our dialect is such a profound and colorful , English sometimes gives it no justice so it is easier for us to write it when summing up things quickly

  6. I like reading ur site always wanted to place a face to ur name! Anyhow sum times when I’m down , il go on our site and the videos and stories make me laugh so hard ! Thnks for the laughters an sum times educational stories

  7. That’s true met! It’s best to kw up front when I was in Florida I met a guy name ryda though he looked kind of ruff , we messed around! He’s really into himself and once you sleep with him he starts begging money which is a turn off! He’s abit 2 scary for me! Lol I learn my lesson not to fool around those type a guys

  8. Actually if a man is gay as women it is our business, we no want no fish. If he’s gay then woman have a choice weither or not to date him….less HIV spreading with no secrets

  9. Yes I can’t see any woman stressing over ryda ! He is a user , he talks ruff and looks ruff he’s just sum one to screw once but I notice once u screw them they send you photos of their private parts lol , then the begging starts whether they gay or straight once they start I won’t even look on them

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