Remember when him did send man with go fi him own brother. Bout unite. Remember him same artist did go kill the man a Seaview because him never carry out the job.. yes we need to unite but how u want unite n u a pay fi kill the same youth that pass thru the same womb u pass thru



  1. Negro what? :cool

    You who a bleach you skin?

    You who fah woman well bleach out and spend money on the white man exclusive luxury clothing, while transforming her body to look like the white man dolly name barbie?

    Negro NO! I will not unite with weak black men…you Mofos are walking targets! Majority black women have perfected the art of survival for more than a century. GOD BLESS the few strong men alive and they are aging.

    1. This is the first comment you have made on this site that makes any sense. Keep it Phoenix. But it is the woman like yourself that is tearing down the black man…true? I wager you don’t have a man now or in the last 10-years.

      1. What about PP comment that don’t make sense? Kolic is not the one to preach unity between black men, His life style warrant PP’s message. How is PP tearing down a Black Man who destroying our black community apart with His Illegal gains? Bleaching?Scamming and drugs, Showing Our young black brothers how to end up in jail or in a casket. Do tell us please, If this was coming from a upstanding Citizen then we would listen.

      2. I will tear down any black man who don’t know him history or purpose in this life time.

        If not for my safety and that of family…I would present myself and you would know say many of men I have had, and many battles I have won. Is a warrior man tame me.

        Me warrior is a patriotic Jamaican man with position in a him birth land. Him nah bow to no vanity or powers, but to that of the Supreme being! Son of OGUN! Dat yu fi go learn bout.

        1. PP ogun respectable, not dishonest so him nah go know bout that..If a did Ogun son him wudda fix him long time with that life..maybe a shango son :hammer cause shango like hype

          1. Me mister a Ogunpickney. But these flossersa and Shan go have commonalities fi true.

          2. Ogun want no part a dat nor his brother..remember dem deal wid justice..a nuh fi him people ooo

          1. Ogun nooooooooooooooo ogun seh he would die before he tell one lie…dat can never be his son no never

          2. G Ogun coming from good stock remember Obatala is his father he having none a dat..G is shango son dat I can bet you any money

          1. Lolol

            Fire god have quirks, but remember the sadomy parthas no existence in the ancestors belief system. Other things about him says Chango.

            OBara where are you?

    2. @PP. Mi a chuckle. Baby steps with the Icon (what a man have so much name eh man?) LOL..Once he figures out what a true black man is he will realize what a true black woman is….Should that epiphany occur Apps gwan affi deflate remove the additions and wheel and come again……..ahem I can believe I just wrote that but anything possible dont? :nohope

  2. Time nd place for everything nd in this case he is absolutely correct,him far from perfect but with what is happening even more rampant on nd in our black community he is correct,unity is strength.

    he just has to know that the change do start with him doing the right thing can’t have one hand clean and the next dirty

  3. I am now michael phelps! (No full stops) longest mi ever hold mi breath fah! Weh it a guh tek dem to write and punctuate?

  4. I like the message, I like that the spelling is on point, points taken off for lack of punctuation.
    (on a snarky note) A wen since him discover him “blackness” cuz him try ease it all from him skin, is there unjust persecution of pink people? Pink Lives Matter!

  5. He is taking a firm and mature stance which i’m very impressed with, at least Jicon took the time out to be vocal to voice his displeasure abt blacks being killed it is time we #Lookoutforourbrothersandsisters! A nuff yawdie deh a broad and we are all ONE! Unity wi seh tr88!

  6. I agree with you Simplicity. People may mot like him but he is very much correct in what he is saying. Time like this we need to put the bullshit away and rally with each other. No need to tear the guy down because he said something that is so true. These are the reasons why we as blacks will not overcome.

  7. No full stop or Comma? I guess punctuation marks really not necessary when you go on a rant about black people being weak. This is coming from the biggest scammer and drug dealer who worship and Buy white man fashion just to show off on his own kind, not to mention the bleaching? For the Female under his post who is going to share it, I hope you put the proper punctuation before you re-post. What a waste of space? This dude is very transparent, He is riding on the ban wagon because he knows when he is pushing up state or down state with the “Things” Him don’t want to get pull over. Dutty bus Kolic, You can only preach to the Illiterate Goons and Goonettes who is a duncebat like you. The day you stop scam and find a decent job will be the day you get respect. Gwan go unite with the punctuation marks and go look a life. You is one of the problems in Our society, A BLACK MALE WHO FALL UNDER THE STATISTIC OF THE GET RICH SYNDROME EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO SCAM, TEEF AND SELL DRUGS. You is NOT the one to come preach unity, What YOU and Your WIFE ever done for Our black community other than teaching the Young black men and women Low self esteem by bleaching, plastic surgery and scamming.

  8. Sometimes the message is so on point but it Defeats the purpose if it comes from a certain messenger. Case in point,you’re engage to marry ur sweetheart and this man who Done gone married a stripper from Palaise Royal,is giving you advice about marrying a virtuos woman(true story I swear.)

    He may very well have some salient points but I was like Dude u married Plummie the stripper,wtf u know abt virtue??So yea PP I see n take ur point whilst fully supporting Simplicity’s views.

    1. Me a dead wid laughing! Yu nah much behavior :maho but me see all points made so far and agree to an extent, but me still nah go unite wid da messenger here.

  9. PP, we have to help the less fortunate; it is part of the educated’s job to teach the uneducated. We need those that know better to teach the ignorant. I know u r angry at J for his ways, but he is part of a systematic and structurally racist society that is meant to tear us down and stop any success. We should unite with the bleachers, scammers, thieves, killers, rapists, pedophiles, etc.to get this point across because all minds and voices are needed to eradicate this issue. Let us not turn our backs on the fools of our communities…try teach them before we condemn them. Bless

    1. You know me spirit don’t despise him. It’s the antics that rubs me. All Apple me spirit ok with, but antics once again. When that ugly gal robbas show up in a pictures with them me spirit flutter cause something dark comes from her aura and it envelopes those in contact with her.

      Me get where him heading, but me can’t follow his message because of what he projects of himself. If him stop bleach me reconsider.

  10. J icon want us all metters to unite as black and pink people black is used and pink is j icon and him wife apple. We should all unite and scam and thief and Meck feds come pick wi up. A company JICON a look fi guh jail with him and apple. Niga bye.


  12. Sometimes the “wrong” person can send the right message….Before you point fingers make sure your hands are clean.

  13. I think there are times we have to look beyond things and see the bigger picture. We need to stand united, and even in heaven all sinners will stand united. Suh if wi believe in him message wi stand wid him too, flaws and all. Hope di dancehall tehteh dem weh a fight bout bags, shoes and all the useless fckry dem realize weh di real fight is about. Brands pon unno bodies weh unno slaving to wear just like di fire brands unno ancestors had to wear to mark dem ownership. Hope him words open up unno yeyes.

  14. The slavery mentality of fighting against one another is so embedded in us that we can’t even acknowledge the bigger picture of his Ikon message. It’s NOT about him it’s about the message.
    The white man really got us by the strings (puppets)

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