0 thoughts on “HIM A ONLY 21………….RATE DI MUSIC??

  1. Love the instrumentals ( piano ) and the lyrics…up until about he started screaming in the song..no sir

  2. Yes…..likkle more practice on how fi ride riddim an less facial expression altho it kinda fitting fi song since is a sufferation song. Likkle more time yute. Gwaan push it. It out deh fi all a unuu. Good luck.

  3. The little man good….but Joe Bagdonavich a get too old fi har te mount of SSSS’S sound inna the song. The guy have a lisp, maybe them need fi tek him go dentist. But them shoulda try reduce it more.

    Anyway him sound good, sound ambitious and hungry and the lyrics hem tight.

    A Toya a play the piano?

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