Alex let me f**ked him in the ass multiple times and he didn’t care who find out. We even spoke about it. He let me use my toys and my strap-on and f**ked him real good in the ass.

What’s so crazy about all of this, his wife knew about me f**king him in the Ass and wanted to join to. She even sent me videos of her playing with her nasty p**y.

Then when I said I was gonna expose him, he begged me to tell everyone that the messages are fake but you can’t fake screenshots.



  1. Met which Alex mi can’t see the screen shots…..alex fresh?

    A so feh har sex sweet all wife want join in? OMG

  2. LAAAWWDDDDD have mercy, yuh see when unoo love do all kind of freaky shit with side pieces…. you have a wife who seems like she would do it to you so why you go a street. First of all if you not a battyman why the hell yuh have woman up in yuh ass wid dildo, now yuh a worry bout image. She’s a spiteful, evil person tho. All u undercover man who love go cock up unoo ass this is the final result.

  3. Mi just want to know how a straight man can be so “comfortable” in his “sexuality,” dat he engages in ass play? When and how him discover him into dis Pegging nasty business?

    1. How you reach your conclusion when the ass digging wife involve and willing fi slurp up de sidechick too?

  4. Oh lord mek mi sing a song deh!!! How dem ooman yah so comfortable wid dem man a cock and tek dildo luuuuuuuu!! She nuh have a problem wid the batty activity as long as him nuh bun har!! Too bad ms strap on him have him ooman!

  5. A lot more men than you know like their ass played with. Maybe if more women did this less men would be “gay”.

    1. Hold on deh!!!! :nerd sumting dash whey pan dah comment here… mi naw get wah yah try seh eno… suh come comment again cause mi undastanding level fi dah comment yah gone round a wah pawt….

  6. Mi affi call crowd pan dis lol whooiii :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak….. Yuh bloodclaat yuh fia!!!!! But den yuh really want ring???? A joke she a mek? No man dis nice :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi luv :nerd a battyman an yuh still want him??? Di amount a question mi have… a gaah gi mi associate dem sum red bull mek dem comment cause a nuff a dem battyman yah deh bout and a quiet out di ting. Hunnu fi dead. An yuh gal a luuuuuuuuuu cause nuh man cyah tell mi fi f**k him wid nuh toys :ngakak :ngakak oh Jesus!

      1. Met she nuh raise har voice cause she know sey she a set up the fool And what she planned to do with it send it to JMG…world wide

  7. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Dis battyman yah a star…yes ooo!!! two gal him alone have wah f**k him ass no man :ngakak :ngakak dash out di whole a it doe gal nuh left noting a seh noting!!!! :ngakak :ngakak one a mi associate she man gspot inna dem batty a cheut???? A cyaah tek ova yah :ngakak

  8. This girl ya wicked! At the end of the day nuff man a road love all kinds of freaky shit ,LOVE! but cause the man nah leff him woman for her she get bitter and a expose the him. Mi nah agree with him cheating but they must have had some agreement cause it sound like she knows wifey and was agreeing to do shit with her too. This gyal ya a wicked lol

    1. They all nasty!

      But the girl is a wicked from the pit of hell
      Low self esteem can’t done !
      A dis she use fi hold man and some a dem man ya love too
      Much freakinesss some a dem a batty man all d one dem Weh love
      F**k ppl Ina dem ass straight up faggotry unu stay deh
      Bout oh he just freaky niggas be gay as fck and y’all wonder why
      They treat y’all like shit ? Cuz they don’t even like woman for real
      Unu no see dat? Or even if dem deh wid a gal is freaky whore Weh
      Lick out batty and do all manners of evil bleach out dem skin and do up dem body .. ah dem sumn deh gwan Ina dem relationshit deh all dem dancehall ppl man dem gay woman dem a lesbian sickening ! Not even me a gal can’t use dildo pan much less my man a wa do da wife deh! Alll she full a esteem problems cuz bitch which man can get side chick fi come into my bed and further more fck me n my man wid dildo wa kinda desperation dis? Some a dem man ya fi dead tpc ah hope when him go back a Jamaica dem bruck him two foot dem cuz him too bloodclat fool fcking idiot bwoy

  9. Met I’m not sorry for none of them!!!! All a them want to f**k these girls and play them. Then go home to play husband!!! Expose them bloodclawt!!! If all side chicks expose all a them maybe they will learn. These things should be doing at home!!’ A short Alex fresh

  10. yeh man a suh unnu tek di freakiness too far…mi did know wah yute weh him baby madda did talk seh him love when shi push carrot inna him batty

  11. She is very cold but he must know what he was lying beside. The girl is very hurt and people grieve in different ways. I Think she needed a heartfelt apology and when he didn’t give it she turned ice cold.

  12. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned dwrcl :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak she mek sure her proof iron clad! mi rate her Alex you and yuh batty desires shoulda play the game a lil better, now the secret buss out like yuh batty hole oo

  13. How she exposing a man that she wants for herself? What she doing with strap ons and all that? She was gonna do a threesome too….all 3 of them a freaks and she probably bisexual too. She just mad that he used her and her strap on and still don’t want her She probably gave him some Marvin the dancer type winery and still got left

  14. Imma want all three of them to work it out and to stay in each others good graces cause the world nuh ready fi dem yah trials and crosses.

  15. Gal mi nuh wrong yuh expose everything. Wah story can sweet suh :ngakak :ngakak

  16. Nasty lifestyle, any and everything goes, she is nasty and so is he. Unno watch 2 much nastiness so it becomes common behavior. This man is a battyman in the making, if u a teck f_ _k Inna u bottom u r a battyman. My girl u r vindictive, wick and spiteful. Unno 2 careless wid unno front, how long did u know this guy before sleeping with him, immature bad. Grow up u put your personal life on social media to spite him. Which conscious man a go teck u up after this

  17. You know mi did think my man wicked cause I’m come home from work one night but me did a help my self before him reach and left my dildo INA the bed and drop asleep and fi some reason INA the middle a the night the sinting start vibrate out no rass and the man tek the sinting and geet some blood fire chop an fling it INA the garbage bin just because it vibrate And I’m feel it……….so how some man want that up them ass is beyond me……lord have mercy

  18. Dat sound like alex fresh if a really him a stale news dis, post go up bout him before him did a screw man a bronx

  19. Caw trust dem man yah a bloodcloth if u and u man sex and u feel a little itch go doctor because them nasty no bloodcloth

  20. O K Then. This cuck deserve anything him get. Unnu too f**k nuff. Mi prostate nuh stress so mi nuh waah nuh baddy massage it. Mi tell unnu already n unnu think a joke. Try work it out with the crosses weh u av and know bcuz say wah lay await unnu a road nuh pretty. Mi naah say fi lower unnu standard but at the sametime unnu av a man weh a pull him weight, love you and STRAIGHT. Him go leggo the cocky pon a one thing and u kick ova u dolly house and a talk bout “starting new” and you this n that. Go sit wid him and keep it real. Same thing fi we as man. We have we good good woman n tru she go out n drink n a one dude draw it weh n kill it wid f**k u dash ar weh n a she did a hold u up n mek u look n feel like smaddy. We affi start evaluate wah we av nowadays before we fling it weh bcuz the pickings slim. Not saying we fi harbor crosses eno but we fi double check if dem value more than the f**kery dem kip up.

  21. A dem fag deh gi badman a bad name,,,, Di gal calm and him a beg,,, that’s how yuh know a true,,, if di gal never f**k him, him would a just guh kick out few teeth out a har head,,,, simple as dat…

  22. That’s not Alex fresh people wicked love call other people name if y’all knw Alex fresh y’all knw how that nigga talk he dnt sounds like that so I knw for a fact that’s not the Alex fresh I knw dirty people unuh must stop it that’s why people goin to jail for these things now a days but the shyt is so funny that girl is savage and she dnt care have her face in the screenshot cold❄️❄️❄️

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