Dear Pastor,

I always read your column and listen to you on the radio and I would like you advice. I am 22 years old. I have a babymother but we are not living together. She is living with her people and I am with my people. The baby is only one year old. She was in school when I got her pregnant so she has gone back to finish up. I got into a little problem and I need some advice. I met another girl and we became friends, but it is not a serious thing.

One night we went out and when I dropped her home, I asked her if I could come in, and she said that she could not take anyone in. We stood outside at the side of her house, but nobody inside knew we were there. I started to romance her until I got her in the mood and I put her to the wall of the house and had sex with her. We didn’t lie down or anything like that. I went on the road and stood up and she went to the front door and went in and I left. Nobody knew I was there.

This girl knew that I have a babymother because we talked about it. Pastor, she is claiming that she is pregnant and it is I who did that. How could I get her pregnant and we had sex standing up? The sex didn’t even take a long time. I knew that when I discharge it should have run out of her because I was standing. I asked this girl if she is sure that she is pregnant and she said yes because she had not seen her period and the doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. If she is pregnant I don’t know what is going to happen. My babymother is going to kill me.

I asked the girl if she would have an abortion, and she told me that she doesn’t want to sin twice. It was a sin to fornicate with me, she said, and now it would be a sin to have an abortion. I told her I would give her the money if she wants to do the abortion. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell my babymother that I got this girl pregnant? I didn’t know that she could get pregnant having sex standing up, she didn’t know either. Please for your advice.


Dear M.O.,

You know that you had sex with this young woman. What you claim that you did not know is that although the both of you did it in a standing position, you could have impregnated her. Well, now you know for sure that it is quite possible. Numerous women have become pregnant after having sex in a standing position. You don’t have to question whether this girl is speaking the truth about becoming pregnant; you are only expressing your ignorance.

When a man discharges in a woman, sperm immediately swim up very fast and race towards the female egg. Some men get the impression that because of their standing position it is impossible to impregnate a woman, but they are wrong. Even if the woman is on top of the man, she can still get pregnant. Even if they have sex in the sea, it can happen.

So you see, sir, if this woman had not had sex with anybody else and you had sex with her, you are the father of the child she is carrying. She is insisting that she will not have an abortion. Therefore, you should do the right thing by accepting paternity. I know that you are worried because you have a girlfriend and both of you have a child together. I am also suggesting that you tell your child’s mother the truth and beg her not to leave you. You cannot be sure that she won’t leave you, but you can set your conscience free. I wish you well.



  1. Heights of ignorance! Is this cum loader for real God? Nooo sah he is the living example as to why so many kids are without a father today! Castration is so deserving in this case! Mi tell myself mi nuh waa nuhbaddy weh taken aready inuh i swear! Bout she knew.. didnt this fool knew he’s taken?! Bout u Gawn walah up ina di gyal raw talk bout that! :marah :marah

  2. This boy is a ginal, how is it his babymom living with other people and she’s going to kill him when she find out? Him still a f**k babymom then! Sometimes ladies must bring these kids into the world and show up these effers who are pretending they are being faithful to their home girls or wives tricking them inyo thing they’re the only ones! Germs bags dem man yah!

  3. He probably believe you cannot get an STD if you have sex standing up. If we assume the sperm cannot get to the egg standing up, sooner or later this woman will lie down with left over sperm still inside her. A man like this one show be required to get a license before having sex. To get a license he would be required to watch a video on “Impact of having sex while standing”.

  4. As much as he is ignorant,i hope u know this is a very popular thinking esp in rural jamaica.Havent yall also heard that a virgin can’t get pregnant the 1sttime?

  5. All Mi can say is Mi sorry fi all fi him baby madda dem cause di man is a train liad. No sah! Mi see man have dem ooman say dem a go road go buy milk an wipes fi di baby an have him side gal a di hotel right round di corner from weh him live an every chance him get fi go a road a di hotel him deh wid woman. Man nuh easy hear. And yuh see chu me come from dem rib Mi naw say dat caah happen to me eno, but Mi nuffi know cause Mi a tell yuh unda yuh eyelash Mi a cut out yuh bun cheese an milk neatly prepared just for u

  6. It’s true Yardie I’ve heard this before if u have sex standing up u can’t get pregnant… And the virgin one too…and if u have sex inna wata di sperm wi get wash weh so u caan get pregnant….and if a only one time u dweet u caan breed…. The’re soooo many myths out there about how u caan get pregnant.

    1. Yes needle the urban legends n myth spread far n wide inna Jamaica.The worst one I’ve heard to date though is that sexing a virgin is the cure for Aids.All manner of evil abusive crimes esp against our Children stems/flows from that…so tragic!

      Sex education is key so those disgusting fassies know sexing children is not the cure for STd’s!!

  7. dis a histrie, sex education is a must, bout yuh romance har a gate dem unu tek unu hookings to a wall. sir yuh too dumb be having sex, mi sorry fi yuh kids. mi still a laff to baxcova

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