1. Man a look inna camra an seh man fuk him an tell him it is forever. Yuh nuh di dem bwoy deh mind twisted. SMH KMT. No Iyah! Suppen nuh right.
      Met, a police arrest him why him inna handcuff.

  1. Him remind mi of a yute weh used tuh dung a TG and duh some dutty wuk fi Dudus couple yrs back. A likkle press button shotta who used to tek f**k from a man name Randy who used to swallow and tek de tings guh England fi Dudus. Randy ded of HIV. Mi nuh know whaapen tuh de likle fish shatta. Gudda ded tuh like Randy.
    Met, nuff a dem likle bwoy deh weh a dress certain way, a chat bout demma hot bwoy anna tell ppl bout a style, a front dem a front. Demma tek fuk from some big man fi likes.

      1. A beg yuh tek yuh blushing else where allow peace fi gwaan reign between me nd yuh tank yuh..c him nd doah c him.

        1. Simplicity, me have fi me warrior maaam so no peace nah disturb bout yah. Me a blush from him words not for him…tonk yu very much.
          Met whey yu need haalp fah 😀

        1. Me nu know why cause I never flirted wid nobody pon yah one bit…mussy de word blush she a tek the wrong way…
          Me never see Kunta use such words before so again ME A BLUSH just like me mother blush when she hear me a light up some badwud.

  2. I agree wid de Policeman yes, when him say dat da yute ya need fe get help. It seems like dis “Larry ” person tune him like a radio. Da yute ya sound like him certifiably insane. Him lost inna space, caw nuh “normal” yaad yute nuh talk dem way ya!

    1. Shut of and take care of your kids that them nuh do these things fi likes. Bout nuh normal yute nah talk soh. #stupid

  3. lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,larry dunn him an give him sweet promises ,,,,larry fi fulill him promise to him mek get insane,,,,,,,,lawddd mi haffi laufffff,,,Jamaica gone

  4. oh gosh .. poor ting .. him in a trance unu nuh see
    larry wuk him and obeah him and dance kumina inna him battyhole :salaman
    JESUS tek di wheel :berduka

  5. His name is Orane Ellis n i heard he’s real sick. I was laughing at first but if he’s really sick dats fu**ed up n i hope dem find Larry (which is obviously a fake name) n deal wid him wicked.

  6. Larry is for real, my family know this guy and from what I a getting Larry was hanging out in Almond town with this boy and more, a cut bay check a give di young yutes dem, Dem sey before him show up a Stewart auto, him give away all his furniture to him family telling be him bring in something brand new them say when di police dem bring him a almond town to him mother dats when him get real mad caz him realize sey Larry trick him an him alone nuh get nothing, And Larry in hiding now.

    1. I’m sure Larry is some big rass man who already live life and tun round a destroy the lives of those without much opportunity. Bastard.

  7. Maybe unno interpreting di forever differently. Maybe Larry gave him hiv and that is what the “its forever” means. Obviously di elevator not going all the way to the top floor with this young man. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  8. ^^^^^ oh Lawd anon up top has got my pmsl, I kinda figured that the Larry story was the truth by the way he stood up to the questioning

  9. Obviously he is mentally disturbed but I do believe the story about Larry, maybe not fully true but Larry fukked him and tricked him. Smh I hope he get some help

  10. This is very sad, if larry really did this he is wicked he went and sleep with this mentally ill person, and trick this man. look where the batty man dem a go where they know people are hungry! and instead of helping the poor they are misleading and taking disadvantage of them. I hope them lock up larry! for taking disadvantage of this mentally ill man.. smfh

    1. Nothing new there. Mentally ill women are also molested, nuff time you see mad ooman a road a walk wid belly. Dats why di Bible tell us to trust NO MAN. God himself see di length and di breadth a men through the ages, and decide seh dem not trustworthy.

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