1. Politics is why nuff a dem can’t walk straight.

      1. Yanique de bout long before “prosperity”

      2. Yanique donkey body surgery done during Portia near monarchical reign

      3. Go suck shit and stop involve politics where it doesn’t have a place.

    2. Arlene Perier! you, and persons like you are the problem in Jamaica. This is what our school system is producing, no wonder we are going deeper and deeper into the abyss.
      As a Jamaican i am ashamed……persons like you have let party loyalty corrupt our minds as such damaged the country and your family and others in the process. Get an education.

  1. Arlene Darlin!!! What exactly does this have to do with the JLP??? PNP/JLP both parties F**KED up Jamaica royally hon…

  2. Lol JLP supporters scream out a criminal organization (SHOWA) when they want to conjure up support for a candidate they want into office, that alone should communicate who your typical Laborite is. JLP supporters comprise of wannabe gangsters and criminals who are male groupies for Jim Brown and the shower posse, illiterates who simply are laborites because their parents were before them and mindless followers who think saying you’re a Laborite is fashionable and cool to say. The JLP sided with the CIA in order to cause disruption in the island during the big red-scare in the 70’s and 80’s, they’re traitors to Jamaica and only fools who don’t read books can side with them.

  3. I personally an tell you that Girl arlene not suppose to talk bad about anyone , because she dont talk to man unless them married and when you speak put about her she threaten to sue

  4. anonymous at 6:16…yuh a talk bout red scare inna di 70″s….yuh did live chue dat raas?…….yuh understand how geopolitical politics work at di time…..yuh really think say america woulda mek a socialist quasi-communist regime siddung pon dem door step…..yuh understand dat socialism only work pon paper…..yuh understand dat jamaicans foreign reserves were completely drained because of fiscal mismanagement..dat at di time of independence di jamaican dollar was stronger than the US dollar and within 14 years it was damn near worthless….yuh understand dat jamaica had its greatest brain drain…..yuh understand dat manley could have went all the way communist then we could have the same history as cuba….sanctions leading to economic stagnation and….ppl risking life and limb on open seas for a little taste of freedom….every single regime that embraced communism, save china and the other asian countries propped up by china have failed…jamaica aligned itself with cuba…and what did cuba give us…jose marti school near spanish town….and dats it….cuba is exactly what it is….an anomaly in world politics…..and yuh know wha dem say…puss and dog no have di same luck….so at dis point jamaica could be just as bad off as haiti and the world would give less dan zero f**ks…..fast forward to di 2000’s….yuh understand the PNP being in power and their clear mismanagement of the jamaican economy and the selling off of land to overseas investors has left literally nothing but shit for jamaicans….did u know the spanish hotel investors bring in ppl from central and south america to hold management positions in their hotels and local ppl get to make beds and clean toilets??..like i said…literally all we have left is shit…..i suppose no one ever entertained the idea that UWI has a hotel management degree program…nor that locals might actually learn some of the languages of the visitors…who for the most part speak english anyway….fluency im english is a requirement of graduation from high school in germany…since the 1980’s…..yuh can explain how under PNP stewardship an entire beach was stolen from the local ppl…and to this day no one has been prosecuted…..so when yuh start blame the jlp for shit…remember your great leader f***ed this country over like no one else……so mi a laborite no chue mi fambily a laborite….mi a laborite because when mi a yute under PNP management….white squall did a bite mi under mi raas…..

  5. Jamaican people too stuck up and repress, so the girl is out having fun and your problem is that you dont like the way she is having fun, she is a big woman she can party the way she wants and you party the want you want and everybody is happy its that simple, stop watching people.

  6. That gal cah talk bout no bady she is a lowlife d ppl dem husband cah tan in peace an wen dem lef her she expose dem to d wife soh ARELENE cah chat bout no bady

  7. Arlene it look like one a the JLP minister fxxk you and duck you why you suh vex go learn sense you sound like u leader dumb ,any party fi mash up Jamaica is the PNP..JLP never get no time in a power fi mash up Jamaica. go get a life

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