1. Ass f**kings is to brag and boast abt now?? This place world will be destroyed by another earthquake! We a re-live sodom and port royal! So we shall prepare for the disaster!

  2. So…….is wha mek the person screenshot and publish the conversation?

    On another note, Odette Ritchie nasssty no bumbo! Hope you man a yard whip yu ass fi suck shitty buddy and inna de house a contaminate it wid shit! Ole dregz!

    1. she didn’t even block out de girl name,can jus imagine how when she hear a how much the shit lover collect and guh back yet agen guh collect more pon de more she release this how a grudge…mi seh real friends are hard to find them out here confusing associates for frees now odette man must hear bout dis nd one piece a mix up start now

      1. Simplicity, this is a fight worthy of no police involvement. Traitor to the highest level is what we find in we enemies that we call friend.

        Odette nasty but she have every rights fi fight who let out har business or sort out a payback double that of the treachery.

        1. mi seh him suppose tuh all lick off har head clean,then is wah kine a comfort she find in dat gal fi nuh hide nothing from her,yuh see how she wicked fi know seh she is no kind a friend

  3. Mi seh Mi neva a go seh ntn eno but Dem shouldn’t block out her name because she’s a will full participant . Bugs like these need fi get eradicated….#1 she kno di boy a battyman
    #2 she have a man live wid
    #3 she nuh have noooo shame in her game
    #4 she is a licky licky ole serpent
    Dem need to get EXPOSE.

  4. Eww.Some people will sell them sole.Dog vamit.And them same one a talk bout goody and Ole good.Damn nastiness.Him should a let some virus down her damn throat and in her rectum.

  5. Mi naw know yuh a certified batty man an f**k yuh especially suckings weh me love so… No sah dis a madness

  6. “Only yu frenz know u secret ONLY he could reveal it!” words from the great Bob Marley. Kmt…It seems like real friends does not exist anymore. It’s just “wah gwaan in ah yu life so me can spread it” type of friends.

    Den again…some waste lifestyle need fe get “sunlight”

  7. Now we know how innocent people get infected with HIV, even when they are living with their dedicated woman at home. I sorry for that guy who is cluess what his woman is doing on the side.

  8. Block out which name , Met same like how u get it a so u sell it what a nasty piece a shit house !! right now mi wah go buss a no 2 and d struggle is real me haffi go drink a milk shake lunch time to rawthid !! Sender need a pic a shit up mouth Odette

  9. At no point mi tell de Admin block out the shit collector name nor did i suggest it, just like how double dutch hole anancy him own wid de suck out up yesideh nd many others including mi self seh it fi stay up de very same fi dis germs here……what I said is de gal weh she a call har fren is phuck’n none,from sending out dis screenshot to de fact of not blocking out har name nd if sum kind a kick off neva tek place dis wuden c road just yet…suh spare mi di bullshit dis mawin

  10. She had ulterior motive based on her response with the ass plunge lover frend. Dis frend yah chat r bizniz nuff as we all can see cuz why tell a frend that tho??

    1. her response neva come of as a surprise or how scold har she deh deh a draw out all she can under likes cuz she know seh she did ago screenshot it and release it and she mek sure ask har bout har man weh she live wid as back up and fi show how she low

  11. “out of many one people” literally out of me, into you, back into he, back into she. these people are mentally weak …..and the sad thing is they don’t even know it…. any hole will do . money gay …….

  12. SO are we to ” believe” these screenshots. so many apps available to fake so many things today … all this is a conversation between A & B … who they really are is a different story … Person A and Person B is one in the same.

  13. Rass mi know odette. She f**k anything and do everything she no have no mercy who she chat and dunn. None a dis no surprise me she fi get it. She fuk roun nuff people. She walk an look problem har self odett man find out bout d boi and beat out nastiness out har rass him beat har n bruk har hand. Odette yyh fi top it man remember the video wid yuh a suck d likkle boi hood.

  14. Odette fi get exposed she carry mi name to mi babyfada and tell a bag a lie pon mi and mek him nah mine mi baby. Katma catch yuh odette mi know me an mi baby eye wata neva did ago in vain

  15. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    The comments have me ah way____________________________________________________________

    Watch yuh fren dem, watch yuh fren dem weh yuh keep….

  16. Dont think nobody name no damn odette. U see as somebody say is an app them start talk bout them know. All along nobody never know who name so. Unu fi stop it man. We like suss and mix up but we like the real thing.

  17. Suh Ms Odette know di man is a gay guy and a suck off him batty plunja anna guh home to har man guh bury har tongue in a him tonsils? That’s a cruel act….gunshat fi dat!

  18. Odette Ritchie – is real that message is real. I’ve just left her page on FB and it’s the same person in the pics on the watsapp messages above! Oh, I went and looked, yes I did and it’s her; you can tell by her built, stands, hair and face! That is one nasty bitch! In the bedroom anything goes with me and my MAN no random man but my MAN. She knew the man is gay and still sexes him. I wonder was he raw with her? I’m sure she didnt suck him with a condom so…. Damn, what is really going on with these females it cant be that bad??? No way we are now sexing gay guys???? NO WAY!!! SEX ALL YOU WANT DO ALL YOU WANT BUT GAY MEN, REALLY? DAMN MAN. Okay, the friend said his name was called up in some gay shit lol sorry lol. What makes this man gay? The name calling up in batty talks or he dresses and acts gay? I know straight men who comb their kids hair, cook, wash, clean and suss. Does that makes them gay? Or they have gay ways by doing these things?

  19. Odette use to be with kiddie who got kill on president street a few years ago..in Brooklyn…yall go look on her fb page..

  20. a wonder if unuh know say someone can name them whatsapp suh or even the person with the phone yea, and put up the girl picture and text each other to make the girl look bad…i nah pick up fi r enuh but people wicked dem way de…any way 65% a the world shit up..mi a gwaan build inna the 45% til God ready fi we

  21. plus people nuh nornmally have them facebook name as them whatsapp name, av never seen it not even u own friends save u name in them phone as u facebook name..they did that on purpose so u wod go look..im just saying, if thats true a hope the man a yard no kill her smfh

  22. Thats not Odette. A fake texts .Person that write that is a social media expert. Pay attention to the abbreviations and slangs . Read odette fb page . She dont kno dem slang n short cut there . Ppl wicked yow

  23. Even if the text is fake Odette is a f**k out bitch she just want see your man a tek care a you and she will go f**k him mi hear say she f**k mi baby daddy but bitch you did not get shit mi mek this bitch eat nuff time while she a sell me things she want f**k mI baby father Odette pussy smell her own Friend talk it go clean up your pussy Odette she is one of brooklyn finest when it comes to dick sucking go f**ing get a life you is a grown ass woman act your f**ing age so u a show clean house go clean up your pussy nasty Odette it’s about time them expose you for who you are a nasty bitch you need jesus

  24. Odette is 1 nasty whore. Har pussy shitty up long time an shi a gwan like shi a goodas. Har pussy kill kiddie whom used to live on President Street in Brooklyn and shi tek Angie goodas man weh name damion. Marcia robby use to f**k har too before he died. That’s 1 nasty whore + she’s a confidential informer working with immigration.

    Guh kill yuh bloodclaat self nasty Odette

  25. Hey people wicked eno what a way angie have wicked odett in her house making facebook videos and all kind of doings and while is angie and her big friend plot the entire thing. You both are disgusting. Angie remember you told me that its odet husband murder your baby daddy and distroy your life so when i see you’ll up in each other’s face i was in disbelief. As for odet i pity you i doubt if you know any better because you spent your entire life manipulating other people’s lives you are a big waist of space on this planet.

  26. As anything them run to facebook smh kmt odette top point finger on the wrong people. The rat deh right under yuh nostril lol. If i laugh i buss up what a saga sweet man. My my what one wont do for a dollar mi know the full story but i not pickin my tooth.

  27. Nasty whoring odette, why yuh not answering stinking nasty duty gyal, odette yuh bloodclaat pussy full a shit. Neil Pearl shit up yuh rotten pussy.

    Odeah worker odette a Barr battyman f**k yuh an nasty up yuh water ole.

  28. But why Odette did feel say Angie like her? Bitch your Husband killed her BF in RAG TOP. Angie wanted to get even with you long time. Odette your posting on FB about fake fake just like you look how much ppl credit you rob and how much man you rob till them did come a you house a rape off crystal that’s why she hate men and turn lesbian. (its cause of you).you walk and suck down the world look on the big Dirty fat man on church ave wey you did da wid. you suck off the whole 21st little boy dem gyal go wey. remember how you use to call and cry say a Steve you love wey Steve da now after you did sleep wid him friend inna Arizona and you take him friend. a you same one say him friend better than him

    1. crystal a lesbian because of Odette fi true. she watch her madda get whole heap a kick up and box dung . why would she want a man. poor soul. Odette time soon come .dats one heartless bitch .dem tink she nice.

  29. Neil pearl is a big battyman in Florida never see him put up a woman oh yes Odette pussy shit up big time u too nasty him mek ladies turn Christian because him f**k them with condemn dick Odette I will pray for you she is a informer and a setup robber be careful of this bitch she call you and ask your where you at and then try to set you up she and her men them a big robber

  30. Odette is a dorn wicked, I remember shi mek dem rob (HEAVY D) 3 times, I really wish this bitch change her nasty evil lifestyle. Even Earl fashion f**k her and also Andrew fashion shortly before he died. If no other pussy I know for sure shitty up then I’m 100million % sure odette pussy full a baby germs.

  31. Odette wicked cause when Heavy D dead him brother give her the money to deal with the funeral. and she dress naked and stink go a the funeral when I saw her walk in i shake my head. And inna funeral she a look man (not even respect the dead) And end up leave with one a the Money man go sex boy gyal you good to rhass

  32. Dwrl! Bumbowhole someone finally expose this bitch. A d wickedest gal this man. Shw will smile with you and f**k your man and set hkm up gainst you she dont play. Mi fren man f**k har and say is the worst thing him eva do because him go deep sea diving without oxygen.

  33. Met don’t you remeber putting up odett a few years ago for dick sucking of another guy? I think she went to Jamaica on vacation and freak out herSelf you even put the video up. Is she same one.. She and her friendenemy angje goodas is the same thing. They coming from far and wicked alike set up man together Rob and get man kill together so why angje upset about Damian and Damian was a thief and a shotta too? Odett was the one that call ICE on blacki make her get deported and angje and her is informer together plenty men in prison because of them. Odett used to carry people from Jamaica on other people Yankee papers she help angje and marbel kids and family to reach america so they shouldn’t be doing her so bad. Odett f**k Robby before he died I don’t beleve that cause Robby was shitting up himself and could not even walk for more than a year dying from cancer so that’s a lie. Plus Robby had no money and odett love sell pussy. Odett was not with Kid when he died dem did mash up and him did live with Kesha a next set up artist she was the one in the car when Kid got shot and she get shot to. Angje u f**k down the whole NYC too from back then all 90 man ran through you all paul smooth you was mining and paying him to have sex with you so stop it Angie your own daughter Tiffany was sleeping with your man and beat yuh in your house and rob you of 20 thousan dollas and run wey. Met these people are the scum of the earth but i kind of like odett a little because she don’t really hide her ways she talk it Angje and her sister Marbel house get shot up all the time because they rob people even Marbel 2 daughters got shot before 2 different time because of them lifestyle

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