Dear Met,

I’m an avid reader as well as a connossiuer of fine women so u can imagine my delight when I found a book touting everything a man know about women.‎I was so excited after reading the back that I hastily ran to the cashier to ring me up! He asked me if I was sure I wanted to buy THAT BOOK and I was like Hell yeah it will help me get the Honeys bro!! When I lef di place n went bk to work a mind say take a prips mi sey Met me shame n mad so till!

Every page blank!!Me Google it n a see dem talking crap bout it symbolic representing the fact that men know absolutely NOTHING bout women!Well hear me good fassie Dr.Alan Francis,we don’t play that shyt Inna Jamaica. You will be hearing from my Attorneys no later than May 19th seeking damages for your sick twisted fraud!‎In the meantime ppl be warned Do not buy this book and that bookstore better Lawyer up too!





  1. You are one that definitely judge a book by it’s cover. Not even one page yuh glance at. I guess it’s the same way yuh look yuh woman by looks alone and not what’s on the inside.

  2. :ngakak :ngakak Dwl a good! Dis funny some man nuh know nothing bout woman fi true….an di ones dat do know a di ones weh a try be woman

  3. Lol oh lawddd, well sender put it this way, the “author” has given you a canvas take a fountain pen and write away booo…..

  4. Best damn book eva dwrclllllllllllll,guh see how him mek a snack nd ready fi get up inna the nothing weh unno nuh know bout ooman :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Sender y yuh buy puss. . . Mi mean book inna bag? Lol I can see you got the “new” and expanded version, that means ten extra blank pages.

  6. The book make perfect sense to me…meaning that most men like yourself will get catch by a girl who only looks good on the outside and totally empty on the inside jus like that book…

  7. I think the author was trying to prove what many men focus on and that is what they see. This is too funny… Please do not waste any money on a lawyer bro.

  8. Sender just write wah yuh know bout women and return it to Dr. Francis. Mek sure it funnier than this lol and who knows..you might have a bestseller yourself. Thank me later.

  9. Met me always tell yuh that your bloggers a di best n always figure out di full real story! Not a work mi neva go bk,me was so excited me tek the rest a day run go home n bade up n change all di sheet pon mi bed.

    Yes is true I did fluff all mi pillow dem n put 1 pon top a di next 1 well comfy n ready fi puddung a reading marathon Inna mi bed! Men are visual creatures this coulda happen to any man cuz is whole heap a ppl this fake book ketch.Thanks 4 the advice abt not suing but mi lawyer already a link fair trading commission to get this book off the shelves.We will deal with Dr.Francis n the bookstore later cuz I ain’t playing with none of them yall!!!!Peace n love to u all Jmg.

  10. Gal clown!!! Di only ting you know bout gal is how dem taste ediot!!!! Man haffi read book bout gal in order to get dem. #FoolDat

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