1. Morning Met.
    Met, where’s Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)? He don’t hide his heritage like a few up top there.

  2. Mi need smaddy fi tell Bobby Shmurder sey him never invent the shmoney dance, him only name it, because him bawn come see him fada and uncle dem a dweet…GM Ms Met

        1. Real only inna yuh head.What mek your dinosaur dance more real den di rest? if it’s so real why a only old fart di arthritis still a do it? a di number one dance inna di world. wi di si gangnam style don’t know wah him a seh but wi tek it and run wid it,learn fi appreciate di differences, a no every man/ woman romantic or fi get romance. These hoes ain’t loyal sum fi get dagga… wi do wah wi feel like? Hater, guh piss n guh a bed

          1. Ah coulden me ya chat tuh suh mi not even ago acknowledge yuh…but before mi gah mi bed, open yuh mout mek mi piss eena it first.. Now…f**k you and f**k off! :nerd

          2. You know what….I am sorry for what I just said to you cause you young people wouldn’t know nutten bout dat life….with age comes maturity, so please except my apology :norose:

          3. yuh damnn right yuh shoulda neva act like yuh have knowledge. hurry n guh change yuh diaper mi love.di rash dem have yuh a talk shit. Don’t apologize to me a di tree dem yuh fi guh gi apology fi a waste them air yuh a breathe gi dem back dem air n guh sleep. how yuh manage fi stay round when dinosaur extinction vegas even create a dance fi yuh and why u neva guh wid di tek weh yuhself do it…… di museum a wait pon yuh. just guh sleep, kids need fi see if dem waste dem life wah dem ago look like

      1. u know seh mi did all figot bout Snaggah Puss, membah how im did big up all di odah dances b4 his innah di one song.lol.. Tattie wen bad back den, unu wen fi si mi and mi maggah foot dem a du Tattie..woieee lol

        1. Jamaican likkle but wi tallawah,hmm, mmm. We predd out ebry weh. Some are proud and some are not..suh life guh. Mi proud a mi heritage/culture and mi people even wen mi feel suh let dung by some a di tings wah dem do. Jamaica,Jamaica :siul

    1. That “Shmoney” dance has been around since di first coke/drug addict was born…look at it, dats how they behave when dem need a fix. Suh homage should be paid to dem instead…dwl

    1. Honey me doh know but me only sey so because a jamaica him born and from me a likkle gyal mi see man a dance so

  3. Isn’t Slick Rick the Ruler Trinidadian? Wow so many with Jamaican Lineage!
    But Louis Farrakhan never knew his father so that could be the reason why he doesn’t identify….I guess!

    1. You are correct that he didn’t know his father. He does identify and acknowledge having roots in JA though. He will be in JA in a few weeks along with the nation of Islam where they will be celebrating the 19th million man March on Sunday October 19th at the national stadium. The event is free which prevent any barriers from the local citizens being able to attend.

  4. Wentworth Miller, bwoy mi did inlove wid him on prison break, but when him came out him just bruk mi heart suh. smdh

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