BREAKING:18 Degrees North is happy to report that a judge today has discharged the injunction that had been granted against the rebroadcast of our Season 3 Premiere on Andrew Holness. We are now free to rebroadcast the episode. That decision to rebroadcast will be made jointly between TVJ and Global Reporters for the Caribbean. Thanks to all our viewers for your encouraging words and your support. Thanks a ton to Caribbean Dreams who gave us financial support when we really needed it. Thanks to our newest sponsor as well, Jamaica National Building Society.

18 thoughts on “HOLNESS CYAH STOP TVJ

  1. Them run a show that ask some hard questions n made inferences that never mek pm Andrew shine at all in the good light.as is the usual custom,him run go court n lose again.the interviews were blocked cuz Andrew got injunction.So now u can watch him saying him nuh like paying taxes.more or less that’s it in a nutshell oo G

    1. Well summarised Yardie. Which is why I don’t understand why he sue. Yes it made him look bad, but the journalist did not present anything without proof/support. Falsehood is usually key in determining defamation & the journalist had proof & him & 1 of his lawyers confirming what her investigations revealed.

      But I guess he had to sue to make himself look better. I mean, he still hasn’t explained how he amassed all he did in just 4 short years as a minister.

  2. Jamaican building society don’t have nothing fi spend money pon? Thieving tvj fi phuck off cause me have fi pay fi watch dem online….cancellation to that…hold on………………DONE. faggot network

    1. Yw hun …wha u sey pp?down with the bullypulpit tvj?well then wish kc ole boys bestluck cuz them a sue ova schools challenge quiz ya now! 🙂

    2. Uh-oh, who piss off the grand wizard of the Jamaica Labour Party? The moron is mad now. Poor PP, her shitty mouth is on fire!!

  3. Dutty PhantomPhoenix u ego get hurt? Fuka unu perfect liad condrew get expose and run go court as usual fi cover up but it backfire. Unu think a everybody fool like unu? Pure facts 18degrees north showcase but tru it no fit unu bias and propaganda, unu a cry foul! Cancel all u want bitch, u won’t be miss. While u at it, shout out to man a yard Audley Shaw, a u bring all this to light when u think u did ago win

    1. Why of the zillions of names u bbc pick Apple??better question …wouldn’t u agree if pp shyt n piss up her panties n tek it slap u cross ur face,it would be the cleanest box u ever get inna yuh dutty mouth??gargle it n rinse out inna ur mouth then wear it cuz we all know u nuh have any other means to come by such a dear dear draws!

      Only them two issues me have yo,otherwise carry on oo!

  4. Wait a waaaa gwaan yahsuh???? Mek unu hostlie and opinionated suh man?? Anuh everytime PP comment unu fi react inuh unu can ignore and mek wi have amicable convo on the posts morewhile.. unu to hot headed man, u si tru mi kno mi nuh related to Andrew nor Poorsher i will not attack another blogger because of those 2! :hoax2 :peluk

  5. I watched the documentary couple months ago and i will never forget anju lawyer getting ketch in a lie over a business that was started at his own office using his office address it was one of the wickdest lie i see anybody get ketch in.

  6. Ah nuh dat…PP opinions dem too strong more time fe a ooman an SOME WEAK MINDED bloggers intellects nuh reach dem deh levels…so dem will ALWAYS aim after the “Phoenix”.

    But nuh stop chat yu mind PP!! Caws more time if people just tek dem ignorance out de equation and try fe understand what u saying…dem could actually learn something.

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