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Met this is Nika from Shoelane in Dunkirk. Recently her boyfriend released a video of her pleasuring him orally. She talked back and sais he does it to her too and wanted anal sex. He threatened to kill her. I heard her mother couldn’t reach her since Thursday, but thought nothing of it. She got a call from an unknown number with a woman’s voice that told her Nika was dead and directed her where to find the body, the person said she was involved in lesbian activities and that is why she was killed. The lady seh don’t call this number back cuz you won’t get anyone. This is all the info I have, there maybe more to the story or ppl may say,”a nuh suh it guh.” The fact remains a young, beautiful lady was killed in the prime of her life, a mother is grieving. Plz we need to find those responsible for this brutal crime. RIP NINA.


12 thoughts on “HORRIFIC MURDER

  1. Such a beautiful girl. Her eyes are bright and looked like they hold so much promise. I am so sorry for her loved ones kids.

  2. Sad sad sad. A hope if a dis likkle idiot bwoy kill har dem ketch him nd string up him claat! Nuff a dem a run een pon all kind a sex dem nuh use to and nuh know how fi deal wid. Nuff Jamaican man a batty man on a real and den waa f**k the gal dem a scandal dem and expect dem fi stay mum! Don’t f**k batty or suck pussy if yuh caa own it when push come to shove.

  3. Let me tell unno something, jamaican police solve crime when them want to and with the right motivation. That private phone call can be traced.

  4. This is so sad can’t believe them really kill u Nika… a di dutty boy name effin kill har the same germs weh kill di girl weh di work adi airport leff har 5 pickney dem… him kill the lil girl through him expose har and she exposed him back effin u suck Nika pussy fi true… yu a evil just like u wicked fada bully and yu uncle Joel andem.. yu a walk kill ppl cus yu sey u kno u soon dead y u don’t do us all a favor and kill u f***g self di ppl dem tyad a yu dem waa the police dem kill u nasty wicked bloodclatt

  5. What is going on with these young boys, what is going through their mind to want to kill someone, if her so call boyfriend kill har because he was embarrassed by what she said, then maybe he shouldn’t of tried to talk bout har and she come back with what he does and like, shit if you like it then own it but since people know now you wanted to kill the girl. Police do your job and get this boy off the streets, to what people are saying he knows one day his going to die so to him a favor since he is a menace to society. People just wicked… R.I.P. young lady gone to soon…

    1. Ppl a worry bout demon, Satan and fallen angels is humans dem fi worry bout. Imagine, di girl share her body with that germs for his pleasure, him humiliate and exposed her for the world to see. Naturally, she was humilated that someone she trusted enough to share something so private with put it in the public domain,so she exposed his sexual proclivities, him feel di same humiliation, but as a man fi call it even as a him draw first blood him kill har.

      What kind of ppl are deze? No respect for women, but want access to our bodies, and when dem get it put us out there to be mocked and jeered. Dis young lady need justice. Some of these useless, failed abortions nuh fi even see ooman panty pon line much less fi see where it cover. Di heights a wickedness. Him one kill her twice, kill her spirit when him expose her, and turn around kill her flesh too. I wouldn’t surprise if she was carrying him seed when him kill har. Justice must serve!

  6. Wrong girl this thats the sis of the deceased girl, this girl in the pic name lupsy thats not nika ok so take down this girl pic and put up the right one!

  7. So true @name that’s lupsy don’t try drag down or humiliate her too that’s not Nicka just continue to wul it treesey God sit high and look low but u see all them two big fat crosses gyal Deh a dem u fi low out dem company cuz u was a strict mother and u allow dem to mek dem tutor to let go u pickney dem & as dem start bad a dem sid down on dem name like chair and pass di most judgment and u naah see dem leggo fi dem daughter so sad cuz treesey yaah one strong and strict mother but God knows best killers fi unuh day of reckoning is near and all who a pass judgement bout Har need fi leave her alone and make her family mourn in peace me hate unnuh cuz when di video leak unuh share it and laugh and ridicule di likkle girl all some a unuh weh a smile up wid di ppl dem a post rip and videos like unuh miss her while a play Hypocrite fi go weh cuz she often run joke wid u all with one a unuh try remind her constantly that she’s a nice Lil girl and her future bright and it wasn’t to late to do the right thing me hate uno Low off a di likkle girl now dutty dun Kirk people and mek treesey dem mourn in peace Treesey u Need nobody but ya Family dem

  8. He needs to be caught and brought to justice, this is a young girl 18 years old and he murdered her, for what? Because he humiliated her and she turned the tables on him? I wish the police had the resources to put into every crime fighting like they did wid Kartel, like strong forensics, tracing the call etc. We know those things cost $, so in a case like this we want the public to talk up. Justice for Nika!

  9. is not effin kill di gyal stop call up di bwoy name n guh suck uno mada di gyal did mix up wid baay sadamite n suh uno need fi find out bout she n har life style.everybody a kirk know she a big big sadamite

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