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due to how the war hot a portmore and pon fb, between Osheen carter (Kevon fresh wife), onek Bryan( Kevon fresh f**k grl), Don glory (onek Bryan husband/ Osheen carter best fren). Lol. Anyways Osheen and Don sit down n chat onek. Now them ano fren everything a buss out say bout how Osheen a mine Kevon n nah get no draw. Dem say onek sell p**y at her tender age n lef school and she jus a 16 fi go dance with sher rum bar them. Both a them life sad cause Kevon f**k the both a them. And tell onek say her p**y tighter than Osheen own. Don glory dem say u a mampala, them say u bruck, go n look for your baby mother n go mine your baby. None a you guys don’t reach 18 yet. Go to school

3 thoughts on “HOT WAR IN PORTMORE

  1. Unknows a look headline. Portmore nu see onu cause the most noise a de taxi man dem, the garbage truck and the occasional constipated goat dem a bayyyy bout the place. Mus de like lane dem onu lib inna.

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