This wicked gyal who call herself boss_lady_tee she use to par wid Chrissy goddas then them fall out last year a she Chrissy did a talk say don’t have no good clothes and can’t dress. And a she carry news to Jodi and Kim mek them and Chrissy fall out that wicked b*tch. Now she posting pic like she’s a nurse when this b*tch don’t even work she live off the city with her son them who has no father. And her daughter who have bout 3 the amount a Merrick barber man them f**k out this b*tch is crazy. My girl go find a job and the father of your twin boys. Two nice little boys by the way


7 thoughts on “HOW ALL A DIS COME IN?

  1. No sender. When the father of the little girl can be questioned. Not the twin. The twin them father is a african man who is also a twin and have bout 4 other set a twin kids. Pure big man this lil 22 yr old tek because the twin father have a son older than her. The lil girl now she say is a lawyer man breed her. Her mother pimp her out to pure old married man and use it blackmail them. The little girl father is was their landlord and her mother push her pon him. She breed now the rest is history. She living rent free, him affi give her car and supporting she and the mother all because him no want him wife know.
    But for a little 22 yo with 3 kids and no job living off pple husband and welfare my advice to you is go to school. You will not have that body for ever.
    You brother tired fi talk to you say you cant a walk a f:;k so much.

    1. Met! A de right picture you post? Cause this poster said “you will not have that body forever”….I dies :hammer

        1. Christina in black and white ( not chrissy the fat one) have a nice little body fi choooo. But its also tru say hiya her mom pimp her out to anybody she know she can geta doll fr. Guess the sender talking about the pic she post sunday morning bout fr party to work knowing damn well she no wuk no way.

  2. Yeah she well a post up pic like she a nurse dwl bitch go find your baby daddy and stop eat tax payers money

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