HISTORY has shown that behind the scenes of every strong man’s legacy, there is usually a strong woman making sure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes the woman stays right in the limelight with him, and at other times she’s in the background, being his rock and shelter from the storm. Who are the women who help mould some of our most loved men?

Juliet Holness
Real estate developer and Member of Parliament Juliet Holness was in the picture long before her husband became the prime minister of Jamaica. The couple grew up together in the same community and attended the same schools. The high school sweethearts are now celebrating nearly 30 years of love, and Juliet has been by her Jamaican Romeo’s side through it all.
“I like to think of myself as Andrew’s wife — supportive, honest, loving, cherishing our time together. Like most couples we have had our differences, but we work through these differences, always with mutual respect and understanding,” Holness told the Jamaica Observer of their marriage.

Jodi “Jinx” Henriques
As the wife of dancehall superstar Sean Paul and the mother of his two children, television presenter and costume designer Jinx definitely has the right temperature to shelter her man from the storm. Since their marriage in 2012, and even when they dated in the years before then, Jinx has been a staple in the “dutty” life, just as he has been a staple in the international dancehall industry.
“No one could have ever explained how wonderful and complete this feels,” she captioned a family photo.

Kasi Bennett
It certainly takes a special woman to stop the world’s fastest man in his tracks, and that is exactly what managing director of Elevate Marketing House Limited Kasi Bennett did. As the long-time girlfriend of Olympian turned businessman Usain Bolt, Kasi has provided love and support through some of the most decisive moments in the fastest human being’s decorated career.
“You are pure gold and I’ll always make sure you remember who you are and what you stand for. I’ll always lift you up and treat you like the king you are. You are the life of the party, the brightest star in any room, and the man with the most magnetic and charismatic personality,” Bennett said of her beau in the caption of an Instagram post on his birthday some weeks ago.

Rebecca Packer Burrell
We imagine it’s not easy being married to Mr ‘It-Wasn’t-Me’, but Rebecca Packer Burrell is doing a fantastic job. The couple, who has been together for nearly 20 years, got married in 2014, and it is evident that they have a long way to go.
“We have had our fair share of arguments, but I think the best way to put it is that we are two stones and the edges are rough and they beat on each other until eventually they are smooth. That’s the best way I can say it. She constantly impresses me as we go along and that keeps my interest there. And our love is the basic thing that keeps us together; and I don’t think I have ever fallen out of love with her,” the Grammy-winning artiste told the Observer of his spouse.

Krystal Tomlinson
Once upon a time you would never find Beenie Man in a room with anyone named “Killer”, but the “Girls Dem Sugar” has met his match in the “Fear Killer” Krystal Tomlinson. The author and digital branding consultant has shown us a side of the King that we had never seen before, and we can’t help but admire their daughter Xiah, and how active Krystal is in the lives of his other children.
“The source of all our belly bottom deep laughs and the loving masculine energy that created our gift of light, you’re the other half of my heart and you helped me make the second half. I love you from the root of my longest lock to my toe point, Mo! You are all things bright and beautiful…no joke. Thank you for sharing your wildly contagious and soul-lifting energy with the world,” she posted on his birthday.

Alyshia Powell
The Sub10 King and his model wife Alyshia lit up our hearts earlier this year when they tied the knot, and again in July when they added another baby to the Powell dynasty. Not a couple of many words, in his captions ‘Safa frequently posts photos of appreciation of his bride, as she does of her man. On their wedding day he said, “Had a life changing experience Saturday, I’m now a husband for real, real!!! Hey wifey,” to show his excitement. Still, we can’t help but admire the beautiful couple from a respectable distance.

28 thoughts on “HOW KASI BUILD BOLT THO?

  1. Why is it that this girl bothers you lot so much? After awhile, it could be seen as if there is a lot of jealousy involved. Low the couple alone. BOLT IS OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE DECISIONS ON HIS OWN and, if he make mistakes along the way it can be corrected. LIFE IS TOO short to be focusing on other people’s business to the extent where its seems to be boarding on obsecssion.

  2. Who wrote this crap? Kasi came AFTER Bolt was already established, what did she so to help his career? And if it wasn’t for the Jamaicans he would still be with that white chick, they probably would have been married. She was just another golddigging groupie who got lucky, I’m sure she still cannot believe that bolt put her at number one knowing that she fu#$%d his brother. That’s why she has to kiss his ass because she will never find another rich idiot like bolt.

  3. We could ask the same about Asafa mosquito looking wife, but Kasi has to be the main topic, right?

    “DID KRYSTAL BUILD BEENIE MAN?” Should have been the headline here.

    1. Mosquito looking wife? Why are you such a hateful bitch? Don’t worry, the universe have something in store for you, you can count on that. At least Asafa married the “mosquito” while you are obsessing over Bolt and Sasco, where is your ring Ms. perfect? Alyshia is not a golddigging groupie and she never had sexual relations with any of Asafa’s siblings or family members so right there she’s a million times better than you Kasi b, the b in your name stands for BROTHER FUCKER and no amount of gloss can cover that shameful truth no matter how you hoes try to justify it.

  4. Wah mek unnu hat fi mi Kasi so? Eeeh? Nuh matter what unnu say, she is him refuge from the storm of other groupies and unnu cyaa tek dat from ar. A she build up him ego and threesome repertoire so unnu gweh.

  5. I knew the Mediterranean trip and daily mail features would get some people deep in dem feelings enuh. Big up yourself Bolt. Every time dem talk you show who you really love and check for. The spirit ah rejection a ride some gal hard.

    1. You mean the pics that showed us what she really looks like, short, fat, no waist or neck, even the top comment is that she looks totally different? Give me a break, look at those pics and the one she puts on IG, if she was confident in herself she wouldn’t have to photoshop her pics to look taller and slimmer. She is just a regular pretty girl and if you didn’t mention daily mail we wouldn’t even know they were on there, I read daily mail everyday and I didn’t even see the article to show how far down it was and just a little over 50 comments, no one cares. There were in Spain and Bolt is decked out in brands and she looks stupid and regular in that atrocious outfit, she needs a stylist badly because she cannot dress to save her life.

      1. USAIN BOLT ain’t worried about that! If he could date Mitzi why not Kasi? Kasi look way better than Mitzi, so what’s the problem here? All the flaws you pointing out, and the girl look better than you? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is some serious mental illness. She obviously has a better and more humble personality as well, because if you all that and Bolt still run weh your nasty raas, it must mean say Kasi GREAT NUH BBC. Big up yourself Kasi. Single-handedly you gonna send a gal to Ward 21.

    1. Thank you, and she looks totally different in person than on IG, look at the pics on Daily Mail, regular looking girl. I tell you filters and Photoshop is the devils tool.

  6. Our Lord and savior built Usain Bolt. His father made him and his mother birthed him. His teachers and trainers built him. Mitzy EVERYONE know that Bolt was going to be a superstar from the age of FIFTEEN so you are a groupie as well. The thing is you latched on early. Miss President of the First Wives Club go hold a seat. You time is done! A Kasi the man want. No neck Kasi he is owning up and showing the press and flaunting with.


  7. Simone you have a huge problem with Mitzi and it shows, it’s not even her making the posts but somehow you have to call her name on all of these posts, I think met should block the comments you make about this girl. Kasi in no way shape or form looks better than mitzi the only thing (and this is what you hoes use to judge beauty) is that she’s “light skinned.” Mitzi a mad yuh Simone, you have so much venom for her, you say Bolt don’t want her, is kasi getting ownership, limelight, trips, car, business apartment and according to you, she’s going to be Mrs. Bolt, so why are you so worried about Mitzi, why is she always in your thoughts, shouldn’t you and kasi feel secure knowing that you have the bag secured, why are you worried over someone that Bolt doesn’t want, that you say is not worthy to show to the world? And you speak as if you know all parties personally, you say Bolt said all these things about Mitzi so my question is why would you three sit down to talk ill of Mitzi if she’s not important to y’all? Honestly I feel sorry for Mitzi, you, your friend and Bolt is TRASH!!!

      1. You’re speaking in the third person now? You are a deranged sick person Simone and and it shows in your unnatural hate for mitzi, get a life, you will always be the hoe who had sex with two brothers back to back, FOH.

  8. Simone if kasi is so great, why did she have to fuck Sadiki to get to Bolt, if she is so great, why she have to be kissing bolt ass for money and trips, if she was so great she could have gotten a rich man long time, if she’s so great why bolt cheat on her constantly in the public eye, if she’s so great why she can’t leave and find a better man, if she’s so great why she have to give bolt orgies and threesomes whenever he wants it? Bout great, kasi is not great, it’s bolt who’s foolish and frighten for light skin and he found a doormat that will do ANYTHING he says because she’s not LEAVING THE MONEY AND LIFESTYLE because she wasn’t living any life before she met bolt. Don’t even talk about ward 21 because if bolt lef Kasi they would have to buy Bellevue to keep her, he knows that she would commit suicide. Bolt leave Mitzi and she’s still living and not crazy though, but I couldn’t say the same for your friend or family if this was to ever happen, FOH.

  9. Everybody knows how to put on a show when millions are involved and Kasi should be given an Oscar for her acting. I’m surprised she haven’t gotten him to propose or get her pregnant yet, because her performance is unmatched.

  10. I’m somewhat confused to say the least…why is this SIMONE character constantly taking pills for Kasi’s headache. It really doesn’t add up. Is Simone aka Kasi?

    1. I am not Kasi, and the person in Kasi’s life who matters (Usain Bolt) knows that I not Kasi. I just see these miserable hoes trying to tear her apart so I feel the need to defend her. I’ve been accused of being Usain Bolt himself, no I am not any of them and the owner of the site knows this as well.

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