SENDERL-It is only fair to give Kasi the credit for Bolt looking more refined as of late.We not sure about any dental progress but his outward appearance coming along.

7 thoughts on “HOW KASI REACH INA DIS?

  1. But that picture looks like he was doing an advertisement or some pictures for a magazine or something or maybe a commercial. So in that case….. wouldn’t it be the wardrobe people who put him together? How Kasi reach ina dat. They have been together for a minute now….. so if he suddenly starts to look fashionable and well put together … guess would be that it’s somebody else’s doing and not hers. Sigh. The talk over here lately has been about Desperate Roxanne, Man Mascot Lauren and the lean clean ladies. A bit jealous Kasi?? Yuh waan likkle attention…..nuh true. Talkie choot man. Dwl

  2. This is a professional shoot sender (or should I say Kasi), the photo is photo shopped to death, show us one in his natural state. And in case you didn’t get the memo, you are old news, don’t you see how long you haven’t been featured on here? Let’s keep it that way, I know you miss the attention that you use to get but now’s not your time. Get back to us when you finally get what you want, pregnancy or engagement/marriage.

  3. Wow, what a reach…Kasi tun professional stylist now? Lol. Bolt a work, still stacking dem coins I see….

  4. Anytime him look bad unuh draw her in it and drag her ass so when he looks presentable its only fair she gets dragged in there too.

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