This washed up stink p**y gal need to remove herself from the surface the time you take going back n forth from Connecticut to the Tri state in efforts to become a PROMOTER ! You’d try n figure out why mappie champagne ain’t owning that lil boy you claim is his like clearly he doesn’t rate or respect ur dusty a*s… I can’t stand these groupie bitches … Stop fren up the man dem Ima dancehall fi look a buss at ur lame ass party that was unsuccessful all u do is hide n f**k uncle amonggggg the others get it together Lana boo. It’s y’all hoes wanna walk around acting like unu decent and while ur at it that bald ass head n them cheap ass clothes need intervention.


7 thoughts on “HOW MAPPY NAME A CALL?

  1. Sender y u angry at her for trying a ting sender lef d gal an her hustle . By the way u talk mi can kn u a mule cause u a rejoice sah a man noh own him child . U fool

  2. She must be that important to the sender, because senda, yu tek time outta yu boring life fe send en di girl. Go look a job that doesn’t consist of watching next woman

  3. Met her son probably the same age as the main 2 or maybe a year younger. Mi frighten last summer when I was playing with this handsome little boy and someone told me it was his son and he wasn’t taking care of him. I asked why would she get pregnant for Mappie knowing that he had multiple women and the person say she didn’t know his background…she must have been living under a rock!

  4. But why is this bitch so mad lol I’m sure it’s one of his lame ass baby mother get a life the child is here already leave him out of this. And u want to be mad at anybody be mad at tired body mappie champagne that can’t Fukin afford champagne. How u know her pussy stink? U Fukin her?

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