I keep seeing this girl on facebook, she keep messing with people even a few of my friends.
She make it seem like she da shit in the USA when really home girl isn’t.
She faked an injury to get money at a nursing home for a lawsuit. She scamming mad hard, she on trips balling as if she got it well made up and she dont.

She nothing but a damn thief and i think it’s time people know abt her.

She got caught stealing a few times, imma see if i can cop some more mugshots so u can post em but for now here’s some.
This was in 2011 when she got caught once.
She so hype man, ppl need to know who home girl really is.

4 thoughts on “HOW SHE MESS WID UNO SENDA?

  1. sender dash out more information please. Cause a bug lie u telling. She proper come back a yard a hype pon the little people them. N a thief she deh foreign a thief.

  2. Badmind is the wickest disease!!!!! The gal still ago hype!!!! Sender remember your present 5yrs ago show ur mugshot!!! Remember a u get charge that’s y u can”t get ur Citizenship. U hate the gal!!! Talk about the 5 belly u dash way fi di ppl dem man Kim!!! Cause D money up like 7…. U and ur crew who f**k like dog mad!! y’all reputation shitup in bloodclatt Orlando!!! so suck out ur mother bitch!!!! “Secret sender” Marie u bloodclatt red eye over ur own sister!!!! Remember she Carry u America!!!! A nuh she tell you to f**k 5 frenz out a 1 crew????? Y’all run up and down on pink wall run in pon R bloodclatt page yet R HOUSE. Y’all know where she stay!!!!!! Kim u sound hurt like u want D life!!! U mad cause u can’t fly out ✈️✈️and pop Champagne and travel.

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