The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will be setting up offices in Jamaica as part of measures to help fight crime and violence.

The offices of both agencies will be located at the Embassy of the United States of America (USA), in Liguanea, Kingston.

United States Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis G Moreno, made the disclosure at the Jamaica-US Bilateral Relations Forum, held at the Regional Headquarters of the University of the West Indies on September 7.

The Forum focused on a report from the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) entitled ‘Dialogues between Democracies: The Future of US-Jamaica Bilateral Relations’.

Ambassador Moreno explained that officers from the agencies will help to train local personnel.

He pointed out that over the past year, 16 courses have been conducted in areas such as forensics, investigating terror networks, investigating cybersecurity crimes and spotting false documents.

“Having the FBI means that if there is a federal crime committed here which affects both Jamaica and the United States, I don’t have to wait for the office in Miami for international affairs to send me agents. Once we have an office here full-time, that guy will go out, train people, and will liaise and exchange information,” he explained.

The ambassador said the ATF is crucial, as it can trace serial numbers and conduct forensic tests on guns coming through the United States and Central America in the drugs for gun trade.

He pointed out that the US has invested and will continue to invest tens of millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours in improving the capabilities of Jamaica’s security forces and the judiciary.

The report from CaPRI focused on areas such as enhancing security; emboldening democratic governance; increasing trade and investment; enabling health and prosperity; endorsing full and equal citizenship; and strengthening the partnership.


  1. We can’t complain about this and complain about the crime and murder rate in Jamaica. The crime rate is directly linked to guns scamming and drugs coming through the US and South America. This not such a bad thing. Only problem is the Likkle partner money I’m sending might be seen as laundering. But the good have to suffer for the bad. Guess I’ll pay the little tax if it save one person life. We cause it on ourself. Crime in Jamaica make it unsafe for us to go home and live in peace .

  2. Well, Well , welll unuh no see seh di US finally ah show unuh seh is dem own and a run Jamaica. Dem wah meck sure di criminals dem stop slide thru di corrupt Cops dem wallet. Lawd, mi lickel country get modernize and a loose it’s identity slowly but surely. Thanks to we goverment weh love freeness and handouts.Them wah meck sure unuh stay ah Jamaica and stop come a MeriKKKa..

    1. America isnt the perfect country but Jamaica has proven time and time again that it cannot be run solely by Jamaicans. At the end of the day everything is a trade off. Jamaica needs the US whether you want to admit it or not. If the US cuts off aid or trade with jamaica then the little island is done. They are there to help cut back on crime (which Jamaica obviously cant handle on their own) and deal with lottery scamming. You cant expect to constantly need something from somebody and then get upset when they finally ask you for something

      1. America was the biggest orchestrator of crime in Jamaica, they brought in the guns and paid for crime to happen on the streets so what good could they want to do now?

  3. @ Lol well said. We need help, if so much guns weren’t here the crime rate would be less. How can we look at that as a bad thing? A lot of the yutes saving to buy shots and guns.

  4. Mi say I could do ten back flips ya now. Mi nuh business if a something free them a look. Just as long as they can stop the killing of the innocent and young babies (2 year old & 5 year old) I will gladly give them my support. This thing with Don and man a rule area and have people living in fear MUST STOP!!!

    Bring in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, FBI, CIA, DEA and DEP if necessary. Jamaica is badly in need of a shape up. The next thing them need to haul and pull up is the DMV system. Too many people are able to get illegal driver’s license, too many properly registered and insured vehicles are on the road. Too many accidents and lost of lives are on the roads. Too many wreckless bus drivers on the road a kill off the people them and too many corrupted cops on the road a squeeze off people pockets and then allow the same wreckless driver to drive away.

    My friend boyfriend vehicle is not insure and it has not been insured for the last 4 years and every time he gets pulled over he tells them the car is insured he’s just waiting to go pick up the paper then he squeeze them a thing and they let him go. If him get into an accident the people them nuh have nuttin fi get. They whole system is corrupted.

  5. Does the FBI have any powers in Jamaica ?. they need to tell us exactly what are they empowered to do in Jamaica. Are their powers limited to the US embassy ?

  6. Aye sah, it’s a crying shame. Jamaica is unable to solve its own problems without the United States interfering. The sent for Mark Sheilds from England, and what happened him left him wife and find Jamaican woman and have Pickney. But one thing he stated was that the corruption was at the top of the food chain. Fish rotten from the head first. Cuba 4 times the size of Jamaica with half the problems and they have been sanctioned for over 50 yrs. difference the government is not corrupt like Jamaica. Not saying Cuba perfect but the difference is glaring.

    1. A dis mi and Foxy jus a talk bout..Di way mi upset smh………….. Isis ina which region? Jamaica is a dot and if a scamming..Nigeria a scam more dan we..russia albania…why dont they set up office there?

  7. Bwoy they took too long to do this. This should have been done from the 80s. You have to rem what the fbi does and with the amount of druggist and gun runner weh deh ya it needed. Rem, most of the guns come from USA whether directly or indirectly, while the volume nuh as much as before drugs still a reach ‘Merica from ya and a shitload a money come back here come do all manner a evil (not even ago talk bout scamming) and dont forget couple visitor get killed. With the high level of corruption and the perception that our authorities dont want to prosecute the major players, this can be a tool for our local good guys to route certain cases through them rather than our channels where nutten will come of it. FBI nuh pree nickel and dime man so all man like J.R. a St. Thomas, better cool bcuz all dem want is some link to Merica n dem dive pon him. Most of the big fish dem av assets etc a merica. The Isis threat real yes but that been a deal with undercover, unnu nuh tek unnu security forces fi joke a just true the corruption mek certain things and ppl get weh not bcuz of incompetence.

  8. :cendol Maybe I can rethink to retire somewhere else and go back to my birth land, Clean them up please, The Dons, Drug lards, scamming and whatever else that has my country in turmoil, weed them out. I am ready to go back home and live without fear of getting killed as a returned resident after working my hard earn money in the dreaded cold :bedug The corruption, I don’t even care if they fly the American flag all over, just make Jamaica great again. Make Jamaica into a Puerto Rico or Guam if you wish and this is how tired I am of these criminals, take up residence in the 14 parishes and get rid of these chinks. When England prime minister propose to build the prison, we lick out pon them, ohhh? Little did we know that the *other* Government had signed the MOU for these deportees, now they let go into our society may God help us. Bring back the old Jamaica. I went to Cayman and enjoyed their little island without fear, I for one when I go back to Jamaica always a look over my shoulders if someone a come rob and kill me for my little penny’s. :kr

  9. This is a classic case of give n take,the good with the bad!on the one hand unno answer truthfully 2questions.have Jamaica fully recovered from the havoc the CIA brought to bear on us sake of the cold war?do y’all remember the late70s into the 80s with all the guns,bloodletting n political victimization as we marched to the cia beats?y’all welcoming a return to that hell!?

    On the other hand lets take stock of where we at.we have such a corrupt political n security systems,in fact our entire social fabric both private n public sectors are mired in corruption.our police based on a recent scientific basis(lie detector) are say 40% dishonest n linked to criminal conduct.weve had police leadership embroiled in corrupt allegations to the point a few have resigned.our political leadership names a call pon all sort of corrupt n criminal allegations(hi jr.:-)),nevermind the typical fooling around with underage girls n now as of late….boys!

    Do yall really expect us from within to clean up this mess?u TRUST our leaders too?fisherman never yet say him fish spoil,him will always sell u n sey it fresh!welcome fbi then but don’t mek them feel too welcome!!

  10. People need to understand how America move! Dem don’t mean anybody but themselves any good!

    They literally go to countries and start shit under the quite and den run in when things start get hot like them is saviour and then tek over! (From dem guh drop bomb inna Japan inna war weh never even concern them to the war inna di middle east, to Ukraine (who just so happens to deh side a Russua) to the drugs trade right cross them border with Mexico.

    Cuba is closer to them and them try friend up Cuba and lift the embargo, so why not go there!? America know dem can’t rule di Castro dem, but them know regardless of whichever party inna Jamaica a lead, dem can come in and push them agenda!

    Unnuh don’t play fool to them ppl here.

  11. I agree with you 100% spoon. Do not be too welcoming to America coming on our shores because America as an agenda that will not be too clear to us until its too late. They called Noriega a dictator but they were running drugs through is country. He started smelling himself and then the U.S. got rid of him. Saddam gas the people in his country and U.S. did not give a shit bout it but as soon as him and them fall out him a dictator. Lets not forget the countless things them do to the American negro.

  12. Trust me the US nuh affi set up and office ya fi do all that we describe in fact them get better results not being here as them can always say dem nuh av any ties to it. Besides the FBI been back n forth here for many years I guess them tired fi tek plane so them just open an office. But smaddy correct me if mi wrong but is scamming a federal charge? If so u get the answer as to y set up the office as the cases NUFF!!!

    1. You are correct! FBI been running in and out of Jamaica for years with no issues helping the Jamaican Government and I know this personally so there was no need for them to set up shop not everything is a conspiracy theory. There is no doubt that Jamaica needs help with crime and violence, my thing is? Do we prefer to not take the help or we are going to b*tch and morn about what America has done to this country and that country? See somebody up a top a mek mention of Sadam who kill off so much people under his dictatorship and to hell yes America went in and done the Satan. You cannot win for nothing, unruly people will be just that, if you do you DOME and if you don’t you still DOME. The drug dealers, scammers and the criminals need to go, get all the guns out of my country already. We cuss this one and that one, however a lot of the other small islands crime rate compared to Jamaica is low and I am not talking about Trinidad because they need an intervention as well. Our country has too much potential to let the arrogance and illiterates control our economy with their corruption and get rich quick syndrome. WELCOME TO THE FBI, DEA and ALL the alphabet Boys eradicate the slackness so I can go back home and live.

  13. Yes but unlike the Nigerians, we naah mek good use out a it and a desso the egg mash. Esp with the heap war dem a war with the money and the amount of money weh a mek, Jamaica can easily turn a next Mexico, no joke. Only a few scamma smart the rest dont care, obeah man n gunz to them thing. Nigerians scam and hide the money so even if dem run go scrape dem up them nuh av zinc fi collect. U notice when dem hold fi wi scamma how much cash dem av? Its all about the money, merica nuh do nothing without counting the pennies. If dem ago spend more than what is lost they wont fawt pon it but if dem can come ya and use local agencies fi collect as much and lock up more blacks then by all means.

  14. @ one Taz! you are partially correct, ISIS has to do with it but less, its multiple reasons why they’re setting up shop in JA! one reason is the caribbean is a financial hub tci, ci, antigua, st kitts etc. and there are a lot of illicit financial activities that are linked to other illicit activities gun running, racketeering, drugs trafficking, money laundering etc. and jamaica is of strategic location in the caribbean, also don’t forget FATCA if METTERS know what that is, there are a lot of US PERSONS(dual citizens, us residents etc.) that are NOT fortright with the US government since the implementation of FATCA and that is also linked to the caribbean financial system including jamaica’s, also there are DUAL CITIZENS in the uptown region and echelons of society that they intend to shake down, don’t be deceived by the dudus saga and think it end where dudus got extradited, agreements were made behind closed doors relating to corporation to turn over dudus and to EXCLUDE certain people from scrutiny, further investigations and even a futre indictment of certain high profile individuals(even in government) in US courts, the agreement was to throw some of their known cohorts under the bus to save their own skin and thus, due to the MAGNITUDE of cases in the works(including lotto scam), the fbi sees it in their best interest to set up shop there, don’t you see D_____W____ the known top dads whose base was east kingston, don’t you see how he smell the rat and jump the gun and did himself a favor before everything comes to bump? some of the information he provided has to do with it too and he probably saved his own life.

    1. Ding ding ding. A bank manager at JN told me the other day it’s being rolled out and implemented in phases. And right now it’s accounts of 50000 US or more but by 2018 it will be all accounts and it doesn’t matter if you use TRN or not. The loop hole to get around it is to purchase property and have a small mortgage. The US can’t touch that. People who throw partner like our undocumented people and sending the money home soon get their assets frozen. PORTIA sign that stupid bill . So I advise people go buy a little piece of property and stop bank money. Right now nuff people don’t know the auS granting commercial status to Even JN so all if your account been there for years they have to report you with or without them having the SS number. Jamaica had the opportunity to get Swiss bank like Cayman and turn it down like idiot. Why you think Andrew and the rest setting up S Corp in St Lucia. Jamaica don’t own no bank again

  15. This is not a good look at all–no matter how we look at this, move is just illustrating how bad crime is in Jamaica and how impactful said criminality is impacting the USA.

    CIA, FBI, DEA, AFT, et al–they are all there and this is nothing to be proud about.

    No need to focus on any other country as we don’t know the level of US presence in such a respective country. Some of us need to stop supporting the subversive lifestyles that have placed in this spot light.

    It is true, the USA, created the catalysis that took Jamaica on this path. However, we are wasting our breath if we think that they are going to take credit for such. As far as they are concerned, they were fighting the’Cold War.

  16. The US is not to be trusted just like they came into Panama and removed the president there and killed a lot of innocent people do so, why because he had too many secrets he knew about the people in office and they wanted to shut him up and they succeeded in catching him, the people loved him and he kept everyone safe, Columbia coming in with their drugs and a lot of bad man dem a come corrupt the place along with other countries now setting up shop in Panama and all America did was come in kill people and cause havoc in my country… They are not to be trusted… I really hope my friend is able to find a link and leave JA very quick like.

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