Met fi a woman wa up inna her weh way up inna har 40’s possibly early 50’s she need fi do better. The party theme was bikini and heels😂😂😂😂 she no see seh the tights isn’t her skin tone. Ahhhh boy. Smh.

Btw how she breathe in that cause she all have on waist trainer

17 thoughts on “HOW YUH BREATHE GRANDMA?

  1. You can’t tell her nothing at all, she is living life to the best of her abilities, poor thing… Bless her heart a one piece would of done a little better for her…

  2. Sender f**k off and go nyam shit! Gangster don’t trouble none a you so leave her mek she wear weh she want!jelous badmind f***s! I bet a one a Tamara shape bad fren send this in true she done you on social media kmt

  3. She stay bad fi real. What dat she have one why she wear the stocking? People no wear stocking go beach plus have on bikini over it. Gangster wheel and come again

  4. I love her personality it’s trumps over all of her haters because she gives zero f**ks, and whoever wrote this needs to go suck a dick and low d woman alone!!

  5. True gangsta dun your friend Tamara you run come send in gangsta picture if a you ur bright nuh BBC why don’t you send in your picture mek the world see how you favour handicap and shape bad like wah!

  6. Honestly it doesn’t matter who sent her in… that shit looks taaaacccky af. If yall were her friend then yall should have told her that. Come on now She looks crazy like she mad. She needs to be on the wall so she can be ASHAMED. It’s like she has a full stocking suit with a bikini over it are you serious lady!you look like a clown! Please have several seats in the corner in the far back of the room. Let me read stockychick comment and laugh again! If ah Tamara well thanks for the laugh!

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