Baby mother drama

As everyone know Nikki Chin created a gofund me account seeking assistance with medical bills.
Making it seems like Hubo nah tek care of him pickney.
FYI Hubo does take care of his son and gave her money to cover the bills but the only reason why Nikki is asking for 7k is because she’s unemployed and so it’s her mom. They both need help with mortgage and other expenses.

However when Hubo and Nikki was together he was messing around with Cassandra.
Cassandra is now pregnant and unemployed as well. So only imagine all responsibilities he has.



  1. When man love pretty dunce….if man nuh feed dem….dem starve…,good luck Hubo…now you have two pretty non- ambitious baby mothers! :hammer

  2. He just have two beautiful baby mothers but I some what blame the man, he introduced them to a life style of not working and him taking care of har and the household and all he wanted was a trophy on his arm to parade around at the clubs and to show the other niggas how his woman look good and now he has to baby mothers who have no job and can barely stay afloat… Woman go seek some assistance or temporary work until you can get back on your feet, I do understand that times do get hard and sometimes we can be up and one day when we least expect we can be down… Just keep the faith because your children depend pon you… I do wish the mothers the best because it is hard being a single mother and raisin children alone… Bless Up :2thumbup

  3. But dem say Nikki chin family hav money and she chose not to ask her family money for her hospital bill that’s y she do the go funding anyways Hubo hav him money to do wateva/buy wateva so him need to be a man & support his babymothers.

    Dead beat bwoy…kmrt

  4. Little Cocky Gucci Don why u don’t teach ur fren Hubo fi support him wife and the kid like how u tek care of urs…kmrt

    But unuh in a dance a boxes of Champagne, dearest shoes/clothes full a hype and gwaan unuh shit can mek patty but weh unu fi pay attention to u not doing

    Waste Bloodclaat man

    1. You still a mad ova Gucci lickel Cocky tho.. The boy forgot about you and is living his happy life. Go look fi di man weh breed you and clown you out. Get ova it cause Gucci stop sleep wid waste non progressive gal. Go look a life cause yours still a wait pon a life raft fi rescue it.

  5. hubo is broke gucci talk it every day all they do is parade around like they have something n they have nothing dem do them little scamming n no want save run competition with each other hubo gucci big batty camille man junior an peta gay ex man dave all a bunch a waste man making up a bag a noise like them have money n don’t have a dime or foundation

    1. I’m curious if people like yourself, graduated from a special school where the use of a full stop/period is forbidden? Maybe the school taught you to give the reader full control to add the periods as they deem fit. Do you even know what a period is or the need to start a sentence with a capital letter? The lack of a period in your writing make you appear…..stupid! Are you stupid? Here you are calling someone a “waste man” and you are incapable of writing a comment that makes sense.

  6. hobo deh a party a queens two weeks ago and Mek selector boost him up and play big league and him go up seh go pon stage go GI weh 1,900 lmfaoooo di selector run out a di party after the song play and seh the promoter nah fi pay him

  7. Karma is a bitch! I don’t do the revenge stuff anymore I sit back and let karma f**k up dem life.. Don’t worry about hubo God will take care of him because God don’t like ugly..

  8. Smh…AS for Camille Waste Gal! She a f**k married man Junior fi year and other men and she still cyaa rise above. you finally find a job as security guard it is a start.

    Kmt@ Junior walk an f**k every little young gal, I really wonder if they are practing save sex. None of these Boys have a job but they drive and wear the most expensive shit.

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