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I saw this since week in the Jamaicaobserver‎ and it brought flashblacks and made me ponder on these things.In essence The Russians inna one bag of doping so them basically a use drugs to get a competitive edge inna sports.This Russian chick for whatever reason go buss/inform and tell the authorities so them ban the Russians. She end up get ban too and turn round a bawl how unfair it is cuz she tell the truth and them a punish her instead of reward her.

This took me down memory lane and got me thinking bout the Hustler’s code and I wonder if the bloggers are familiar with it.This manager at a populars furniture and Appliance corporation was in charge of repairing,Discounting and writing off slightly Damaged goods.Morewhile a some minor things wrong with the fridges,component sets,flatscreen tvs but the hustle was to write them off and get a few guys from his crew to smuggle them out and then him sell them for huge profits!
Met the boss get greedy so that brings up a major part of the code.You can’t cut or shortchange ur fellow hustlers cuz them a go pree u fi that.

He kept on giving his fellow hustlers chumps jus cuz him a the boss till one sweet day him meet him waterloo.The Day them buss pon him the boss call in sick and have up him “everything must go garage sale at him portmore yard”To show yuh how him chupid him even advertise it inna the free observer classifieds.The police recover over $4.6mil in goods!The other major part of the hustlers code now kicks in which is that if several of us a hustle and YOU get ketch….YOU are suppose to keep ur mouth shut n tek whatever u get and no rat out ur fellow Hustlers!
He kept his mouth shut but isn’t that some odd shyt? You mek me lose my work but u get to keep urs and is me n U a do the things them??Obviously if you’re not Jamaican or Italian or have a hustler‎’s mentality then clearly it won’t make any GOddamn sense!

In any event she nah go Olympics no care how her lawyers them want sue cuz she do the things them too.Im sure there is more to the Hustlers’ code but those are the two major ones so pay attention cuz if u nuh abide by it,u may lose ur very life!

4 thoughts on “HUSTLER’S CODE

  1. Is this a part of the hustlers code or Mi can call it karma….Mi gf was sleeping with a married man So because she kno him wild and have nuff woman friends “suh him seh ” she nuh do nutten but meck Mi an couple more friends text di man and tell him all type a stuff bout him ” so called friends ” dem, the wifey get a hold a di text Dem and now she have him pon 24 hour lock dung, him caan come si her again as usual she used to si him all 3 times a week lol. Now she a bawl to wi an a tell wi how she think by keeping him away from the other women she would have him to herself , now it backfire pon she to woieeeee. Mi granny always have a saying ” u want all u loose all”.

  2. Yea mon anything can be hustled including man hustle.she shoulda gwaan share the hustlings now she out in more ways than before.plz nuh lend her any of your money!!

  3. The ‘hustler’s code’ is absolute rubbish. Once you are engaged in any kind of wrongs that you have to collude with others to get done you are going to get burned because someone will always want more money or feel slighted in some way or the other & sink the ship. It’s just a matter of time.

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