Can anybody tell us what happened to this hype boy, I use to always see him in every party and the last party I see him was the pool party when he was arguing with a next bredda, from that I don’t see him been hearing that he is hiding from man ppl come tall up.


20 thoughts on “HYPE WHA??

  1. We must come tall up the people business. This uglay man must left some impression on you for you to remember that face.

    1. it’s so obvious is a man send this in unda sikes gudly the same wan weh him ketch up wid a the last place seen,lowe out de man

  2. Ugly busit is hiding right now he can’t go no dance him hype days done he’s a dead man walking and that’s why you all can’t see him, you lot need to stop chat shit bout man send this in why would man send this in to know his whereabouts wen he’s not hard to find kmt

  3. this man should not be hiding if him life feel threaten,Jamaican hustler think its ok to not snitch,if my life is in danger im going to the police and report that im in fear for my life and give names,they need to stop this killing thing.different time now or if anything do him they dont get away.go to law enforcement.

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