We really would like to know if Yanquie went broke or her so call rich daddy got tired taking care of her and her wuthless boyfriend dutty Fire Reds ?! Three jobs she have to take on now all because she put her basket higher than she can reach and want buy love Dwl .. So you ,know jealous is never the issue but when ya want be too hype and think ya money up and shop on aliexpress ……. Den have the heart to say ppl jealous of you … B**ch where ?! no sah no one jealous of you I feel sorry for you ,the way you hype up ya dutty R*SS in ppl party and you suffering big time …..while the dutty redz nah stop give you bun . but out of all the jobs my girl was APPROVED for a cashier position at (Edited) ! You’re in a lower case and needs to stay in your lane ! And your ratings is *as I cash you up* ZERO DOLLARS Dwl b*tch bye !

Humbleness takes you far but this dutty ghetto Florida bedbug Yanquie ah hype up har herself how she have to take care of fire redz and how him ah bawl for wallet and backpack and how she have fi work 3 jobs to take care the man …. If a man love you he will take care of you … Yes it’s good to buy gift bday, vday etc but from then to now him never marry you you should know by now him in it for what him ah get and you taking up a next job to supply his needs is not a good look on you ! All to say you’re in a relationship WHITH FIRE REDZ no sah ,real man clown Dwl

39 thoughts on “I DONT GET YOU

  1. She might haffi a wuck 3 jobs fi teck care a her man ( according to u senda) but what are you, yourself doing fi keep your menz?? ( yes Mi spell it like dat) Dem have a saying ” if wall’s could only talk. Low di girl an gweh

  2. Let’s say that the sender facts are right and this lady does have three jobs and from one of those three jobs she taking care of the over grown man… I do not know these people from Adam but if the story is true, this girl needs to send him to go do some other 9-5 besides this DJ ting because it’s not paying any bills… I’m not taking care of no man at all, the only way I work three jobs is to take care of my children I birth not a grown ass man no sah not happening at all… Men are suppose to be the provider why are they labeled the King of the castle and we has woman are there to make sure they are taken care of… No one should be taken care of a man financial and his not bringing nothing to the table, a waste man that, straight up…

    1. Fire Redz NEVER EVER don’t have a gig to play….From America to Jamaica. The man no bruk a rass.

      Sender run out pon 95 when the semi truck dem a pass!

      The girl daddy have money, so if she left the man she set better than you said way bitch. But that will NOT happen fi your pleasure.

      From the man a work the girl free fi go pon how many work she want. NOBODY knows what she/they are aiming for from the extra incomes.

      Sender notice you can’t say the girl a BEG, BORROW, THIEF, SELL PUSSC, CAR LESS or OWE YOU shit.

      Peppa yu eye so you don’t see people a progress dutty gal.

  3. But everybody know sey a she a mine redz! And everybody know him nah stop cheat! Wah fi stop him? Kmft!! I know cause anytime me and him link up a deadments!!! Nuhtin serious jus f**k and gone a mi yaad and if wi feel like wi call each other wi call, and I’m sure its like DAT wit a lot more females, I jus play wit him and send him where ever!! Who would want a man like fire reds? Not me!! That’s too much headache rite there, I jus play with him with no attachments! But my girl 3 jobs????? No sah!! Fi sey a u a fire redz Ooman??? No sah!!! Unnu too hype man!!! All if me have a Daughta like u mi beat er, cause shi should have a nice decent man wey respect er, a mine er and show er love, wey him a spend him money and not u!! All unnu nuh ez enuh!!

  4. wuk a dallar treee… an for somebody weh suh hype should be there…
    im just saying.. but a job is a job still

    1. See the woman who cashier a Home Depot turn head Mrs in charge a 40,000 employees!

      Onu love beat down people wid legit lifestyles.

  5. but sender yuh write dat him have nuff gal,but in this pic he is saying he only has 1, by show of his finger, who is telling di chuetttttt?????

  6. If he did love her ,there’s no way a man would allow his women to work 3 jobs and dollar tree At that , a job is a job but not for these so call Rich boss lady ,number one selecta in Florida….I can’t see it Dwl

    1. The Love of a man or woman don’t have anything to do with how hard a person want fi work!

      In today’s world man can’t dictate to a woman on how to earn a living.

      Unu a watch the wrong thing. A so nuff of you grow wid unu Mumma in a yard a do the same thing everyday and daddy a work yet onu belly still a growl from Hungry.

      Boss females can go swipe dem credit or debit card without a man a say why, how much and NO….take love to the bank and see how that shit cash.

  7. Hold on and she did her body ? Why she look like she ah give birth ?and bare fake things she wear ! Yanquie you nun ready and what happen to Juliet your bestie who you use to walk with ? Y’all can’t keep friends and trying to hold man Dwl no sah but mi can’t blame redz cus if no find a ass mi ah ride it too

  8. Yea her body don’t look good , but the funny thing about it is shes also apart of fire redz dutty cheerleader square smh … And what I also would like to know is Who lied and told this cockroach he looks good ?! Because really and truly he don’t look good . They fit each other because they both ugly !

    1. Dutty granite you back? Last week Neva did good enough or the week before that.

      Met trust and believe a dat gal from the other day. A Fire Redz she hot fah.

      SaranWrap! IT come back again.

        1. Dem fi I now a who and dust har up!

          She a carry a belly fi Fire Redz crew whey bigga Dan killamanjaro sound box dem

  9. The first person who commented on this post 9:00am I don’t think you have a life 9:00 am in the morning you on the mix up site talking f**k .. Well the look of it from here , confirms you don’t have a man and needs to find God in the morning than to come on a mix up site first thing in the morning … Leave the jokes for lunch time , lunch break or when you get home from work to unwind and catch up on wat is NOT important but to you…..because business is your business so thats your lifestyle ! Mix up dutty Gyal

    1. And yu spread u big dutty crotches out and de pon said mix-up site and noon just start!

      Mek god sort out you dutty crotches and lo the mix-up website. Trech crotches parasite. AMEN demon concubine.

    1. I said one name and you are still changing..Today is not the day we have some serious topics on here that I want to focus on…u jus put no sah and now u a use shame on them…Lets go man..not today

      1. I’m thinking when you make a comment you can put any name you want , not knowing you have to stick to one name … No fuss !!!! It’s your show your rules ! So it goes but nah I no I’ll stick to one name and when you said that the first time I was to busy reading somthing else ….but I gat you

  10. Yes this story is TRUE. Facts facts facts everyone know she ah mind fire redz so this is not a lie ! But sad part , him don’t want har so y’all know how the saying goes love is blind… Yanquie what happen you hard lucked with men ? Why you sit with this lil clown for so long NOT TO SEE YOU’RE being used ?! Oh wow wake up and don’t let man take you for clown , but you just was on Facebook the other day being bash . there’s no way your not out there secretly troubling people for people to be targeting you like so …. You always in some waste arguments and drama and want call yourself boss lady , well real boss lady don’t carry themselves the way you do and always in waste mix up ,a women with three jobs no wonder why him ah give you bun so the little time left you rather be in mix up ?! Sometimes you can’t feel sorry for these people …. They beating just ah catch up with dem

  11. Met this lady here and i use the word lady very very loosely she is about 25 if she is that old she got her body done breast , ass the works but for the love me for somebody who dont have chick or child why in gods name she so young and belly look so f@cking BAD

  12. @Met, smaddy caan really determine and ignorant suh?? Whe dah gal deh nuh Gweh and loww di pple dem and stop wid di personalities?? Mad pple need to stay compliant wid dem psychotropic meds. Chooo!!

  13. Senda sounds like you just want to mash up ppl life. The amount of times you comment under different names you desperate for Fire Redz. Unno Florida ppl send in the same story about the girl all the time; it’s either Redz ah give har bun or she a tek one man inna West Palm. Factor of the matter the girl looks and put har self together better than 98% of unno inna Florida dancehall. Yanique push through mums and don’t make them pressa yuh head. Some gal just want to be seen and heard.

  14. The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH …. Yanquie stay f**g old men on redz how you think she nah care him give har bun …. The old men dem f***k f**k wid har no more so now she have to take up an next job !

  15. Job a job at least she no wukless like these dirty bitches out there and run dung the hurry come boy them Inna d party. If she waah work 10 jobs n mine her man a fi her business Lowe d gal. Yanique look good. Big up yourself yah!!!

  16. Yanquie can’t cook …..wtf you talking about all she want to do is sell her dutty stinky hole to the sugar daddies dem wa get all them dick balls and batty suck out for her to mind redz , no one can tell me anything about this dutty Gyal . Yanquie underneath curse … Not one child she can have … That’s how much she dash way when she was likkle Kmt YANQUIE IS A WHORE AND WILL ALWAYS BE so go sidung with Yanquie and make her stop whore down the place for a dollar with har bad looking body, old germs .

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