Warning Dont talk to him ooooooo……
This man is a straight up liar and dog he goes around lying to females telling them about how him nuh have no pitney and wan fi build a relationship dem….females if you see this man stay whey from him cause all him do a give empty promises fi sleep wid you and get money off ah you by using one of his schemes….and claim seh him ah d**g dealer smh.

0 thoughts on “I GOT TRICKED………WATCH OUT

    1. LOL, that is the new “Fashion” for these low self esteem women, they take these men into their homes and give them money.
      Thanks for the heads up sender….lol

  1. dis gyal yah mi wah noe if yuh really mek dis tan bad man con yuh…wait a di drug dealing ketch yuh yei dem but a muss suh smh

  2. So based on the pic him live inna one basement apt and takes your money a wah kind if dealer this? And why u would want to build a family wih smaddy like this?

    1. yuh know say me a say to mi self either him really TALL or the roof really lowww :siul, yuh haffi pay fi tek di picho ooooo

  3. He tricked you? Nope. Seems like desperation and gullibility.
    He took your money? Nope. You bought yourself some dick.
    He says he’s a drug dealer? You thought that to be a good thing.
    A man can only fool a fool.

  4. Thought you would have said he told you he was a lawyer/doctor but not a drug dealer an yuh disappointed….suh a prison man yuh a look, cause most drug dealer end up deh eventually.

    1. True, a good dicckk can become very addictive, til the man start drop hints and ah ask yuh fe money, buy mi dis, buy mi dat, and craven yuh fuhhcckk…ah dem time deh yuh start have withdrawal symptoms..fool me once, shame on you :malu2 , but fool me twice, it will neva happen again :travel …senda, hush ya mumma…next time yuh si ah man wid im shirt collar slip up suh, run fidi nearest hills…

  5. bcauz me caan go a di store go spend dick, nor use dick fi pay my bills, mi NEVAH get addicted and that’s no lie. NEVAH, like it yes, but mi can do widout it.

  6. Senda sorry yuh get tricked. Mi hab two questions fi ax yuh still….how yuh mek dat bun up lip, old-clothes-government looking man run dah scam deh pon yuh? Yuh did ah come outta ah abusive relationship when yuh meet him??

  7. Yu ah junkie mek yu waa druggist? Yu ambition tun down Sender. Yu mussi plan fi tun mule causen seh it r mule IQ yu gots.

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