Can somebody tell dis big belly gal weh name Kizzy fi stap walk up n dung wid r big gut ah Bronx? Kizzy why u a tell ppl u a video vixen .. Met this gal fck every artiste a Jamaica and come a Bronx a look hype from Donia to QQ to Kartel to Konshens ntn nah hyper Dan she everyday she get up a walk naked a look attention and don’t stay good! Kizzy u need a bed and more dan anything !!! Please shave your mustache you starting to look like AMBA do battyman boo dwl


8 thoughts on “I HOPE SHE FLY AFTER DIS

  1. Rassclaat Kizzy deh a ja from whappi kill Phillip a skin out her crotch and a fu*k dung the place and is when she run off a ny she a mek pink wall because her big belly. Lowe di gal man if her belly disturbing yuh just close yuh eyes. But met that gal been walking naked from she use to dance fi magnum .

    1. Kizzy u stay very bad !!!!! And why U a fck stinking mouth Kevin??? No sa !!! Kizzy u well wa pretty eh? Pretty weh inna u dreams fi a young gal that’s 25 u done !!!!! Look how much man a NY f*k yuh and none a dem stay poor yuh papers u a look but yuh na get none a bayyyyyyy

  2. Yuh look mash up inna da picture yah kizzy but on a side note few years ago mi nearly get beat jungle because a girl mistake mi fi Kizzy and she a big gyal fi mi. But a long time Kizzy fcuk and fi barely have nothing is not good thing tank god she go weh gone a foreign because god know fi a do road and still live a jungle top was sticky. But Kizzy yuh smart because if yuh keep a high profile like Sher dem yuh file would all over here.

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