This past weekend, I did something I thought I was never capable of doing. I had sex with another man who wasn’t my husband. Yes, you read right. The best part about it is that I feel great *dancing*. I thought I’d hate myself for doing it. But I don’t. I thought I’d regret it. But I don’t. I thought I’d feel some guilt. But I don’t. In fact I can’t wait to meet my lover again. Once again – *dancing*.
I love my husband, don’t get it twisted. He’s the father of my four children. We have been together for 23 years. But you see, he was never a faithful man. Not from the first day. He cheated when we dated. He cheated when we got married. In fact, he has another baby by another woman. A love child he had while we were married. I stayed. I never cheated. He slept with a friend. I stayed, I never cheated. He slept with 6 of his female staff, I stayed I never cheated. He slept with so many random women, I stayed, I never cheated. He even slept with our neighbour, I stayed, I never cheated. Then he said something
You see, I saw a text on his phone which he sent to one of his lovers. The lady had apparently had an abortion for him and she was threatening to contact me to tell me about their affair and guess what my husband told her?
‘even if my wife catches me on top of you on our marital bed, she will ask us to continue, go into the kitchen make my dinner and still make love to me that same night on that same bed so please feel free to contact her. She’s not going anywhere”
You see, he’s wrong! His cheating affects me. For 23 years I have had to endure his constant philandering. My husband is rich so the women are plenty. I have cried, I have pleaded, I have threatened but it never stopped. And he thinks I’m okay with it. He thinks I am not going anywhere. Oh but he’s wrong. I am going somewhere alright. To another man’s bed.
I’m stuck with this man, 23 years and four children. And I love him with my life. But I’m done being the wife he thinks will catch him on our marital bed and give him a standing ovation. He wants to cheat? Well, two can play that game. After 23 years, I try now? I feel so liberated. I can’t wait to meet my lover this weekend again. The last time was amazing. He’s a great lover. *dancing*

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  1. Good morning Met I still don’t rate har because she is married to this man why not divorce di old duty man and take everything him own I rate har fi f***k Pon him yes and I hope she don’t wash out har hole when her lover dun fling hood under har and just carry it go it to di husband same way,but I personally couldn’t take all a dem things deh whea she go thru wid him,till him all a tell him nect gal indirectly say him wife a idiot no man dat a too much.

    1. She is sticking around for the grand finale…to see her husband’s face/reaction when he finds out why she has been soooo happy of lately…because she has an amazing lover :ngakak

  2. YESSSSSS WIFEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL When a Womans Fed Up!!!!!!!!!
    I feel the same way like you wifey!!!! Ive been with my kids father for almost 6 years he has cheated yes and I stayed NEVER THINKING of sleeping with another man UNTIL he had the nerve to tell me that i guess after 6 years he realize that a mi him want and him want him family (TOOK YUH ASS LONG ENOUGH). SMFH So when mi start f**k mi side piece, MI SEHHHHHHHHH A DI BEST FEELING EVER!!!!!! Me and mi SIDE PIECE I swear we have the BEST SEX EVER. Sweetest thing is when baby daddy hails di side piece in the dance I just smile. PAYBACK A DI SWEETEST REVENGE (Hell hath NO fury like a woman scorned)

  3. This story simply shows that every action has a reaction. She gets a hand clap from me for getting even with her husband, but a twitch of the eyebrow for putting up with all of the BS and drama for 23 years, for the sake of being married. Lady, you were too prideful, and suffered in silence. You were also your own victim, and that’s why your husband continued his serial cheating. In other words, you allowed him to continue doing what he did, and that’s why he never stopped. Fe love nor money, me nah put up wid dat shit. Why should I when there are more fishes in the sea, and I’m too young to have high blood pressure? On top a dat, mi know say mi good – looking, have a solid educational background, nuh shape like a whale, and mi over 40 wid de baby puzzy! Lady, me different from you. My Mother always tell me say “if yu have on yu shoes and it a squeeze yu (too tight), den tek it off and walk barefoot”. I did just that! So, while I’m glad that you finally get your groove on, the fact still remains that you are still married, and will probably still continue putting up wid de phuckery in your marriage. So, it’s really up to you to know what you are doing with your life and your marriage.

    1. Suh mi feel to..mi not sitting around no sah…but mek she gwan do har tong ebry man to fem own..di fear a disease alone woudah mek fly lakja bird from dah man caz im not using protection..smdh

  4. Lady why on God’s green earth u don’t divorce u husband.U not afraid of catching something that can’t cure and u both leave uno kids earlier

  5. While a part of me cannot condone this (since mi nuh “happol” cheating)….a part of me say F**KKAH YUH….SHE SHOULD F**K ALL YUH DADDY TOO. Kmt. I’ve never cheated on any man I’ve dated even though my institution has told me that they have. Mi nwver see thrm on the pussy but I’m not stupid. I eventuality left them….but now….I feel like if I’m married within the next year or 2…..and I go through constant infidelity. ….I think I will end up being like this woman an dash out di pussy give a nice big hood man who can f**k mi properly. Kmt. I hope not but more while a so mi feel. Men love give bun and cannot take bun. Sometimes we give them too much confidence….cause we mek them feel sure of us. As Macka say….”BUN HIMMMMM”

      1. Shani yessssss :recsel :recsel Dem mus get bunnnn. As sum one say….carry di wet up pum pum go give hussy when she dun……Dwllllllllllllllllllll

  6. Metty morn! Yardy yep tiana a very cold good morn!! Lawd lady u just bring back memories fi mi mount a bun mi get mi Neva know none would a left fi sell. Anyway Mi sey Mek mi tek a little man pon di side a mi biggest mistake mi sey di boy Neva have money fi give mi, but it Neva bother me in my head is all about mi a mi na really look a relationship just fi not thinking about mi hussy betrayal. U c three wks inna di relationship di side piiece I neva find a cock so stress inna my life mi set no sa mi a run from stress a fi go tek up a stressor cocky mi sey no sa boy mek him woman get mi number and a call every min mi sey no bettta mi tek di stress from hussy, but one day Mi sey f**k it a mi move out a get my own little place a di best move mi Eva mek, from da I neva f**k a next bruck stress cocky a money mi sey.

    1. Anon, dem ah di wuss kinda man fe fuhck yuh si..di bruk stress cocky man dem cause dem comeen like ambulance tuh raasclaat, dem wa wa wa sitten every minute and expect you fe provide it every minute…dem man deh worse dan some ooman mi ah tell yuh girl :ngakak

  7. My bestie recently caught her man leaving his house with a girl. Then the next day she said she found out say she catch a std from him so she left him straight away because she believe he could’ve given her hiv sameway.

  8. 23 years u wait. u maddddd….
    me a bun him mek him know and fr me find out bout the next man. ive been with a man, who lives with his baby mother for 2 years and every day shr dash word pon fb and me a ansa, but the thing is she cus evryday say him affi come home. that man pack up to leave her numerous times and me tell him me no ready fi live wid no man. cause the tables do turn. and me fraid a karma. but lady if u happy go right ahead.

  9. i dont blame the woman bun fi bun i get some bun with cheese in the 20 years i have been married all when i found out the man still did it again until i told him i did the same that man stood there white like chalk in shocked so what goes around comes around i bet him stop when he finds out like mine did

  10. Mi nuh know, mi kinda different when it come on tuh di bun ting cause I was raised by both my grandmothers *one mi live wid ah Spanish Town and the next grandmother fly in regular from New York come check wi ah Spanish Town wid buff barrels ah ting*…now growing up as a child/young woman, my grandmothers always taught my sister and I that a woman’s place is within the home…meaning a woman is a natural nurturer and should always focus her concerns on the home, the kids and other family embers, cooking, cleaning, making family provisions, etc…my grandmother mi live wid ah Spanish Town was a stay at home/maker wife while my grandfather held a very stable n’ great paying job and my grandmother ah foreign was an RN nurse, so I got great advice from both ladies…I was taught that women aught to tend to and concern themselves with family while also having a good education, job and maintaining her independence and having her own, and those are the core values that I live by to this very day, so I say that to say this when it pertains to my man….I am woman enough to know that men will and do flirt/cheat/call it what you will, so I will have a sit down with my guy and let him know the basic rules to our relationship…
    1. When I go for my regular/annual checkups, I *BETTA* be disease free because I am NOT the other cheating within the relationship.
    2. Always wear a condom.
    3. *DO NOT* and I repeat…*DO NOT* have any female to contact me via phone, postal or in person about any relations that y’all got going on because if I do, that’s when we have a problem…which leads me to #4…
    4. Don’t let me find out about something I didn’t know about and I was lead to believe that you were being totally faithful to me…
    For some strange reason, I believe that sender and her husband has an open marriage and she was once cool with it *which I think is ok if people are also involved in open relationships, if that’s what they wanna do…to each his/her own*….I think she started giving the husband bun because of what he said within the text and not so much what he did…sometimes words can cut like a knife and change people’s perspective of each other. *my opinion*…I have been in situations to which I’ve had a change of heart just because of what someone has said to me and it really hurt to the point of just letting go and moving on…

    1. Honesty and trust is very important within any and every kind of relationship and I hate being lied to, so if I were in sender’s position and did not know about it and found out about it, I would pack up and leave the husband but for some strange reason, I believe that she was well aware of his infidelities and was ok with it…maybe for money and security *idk*…but after 23 years, a simple text message changed her outlook?????…and what was she even doing snooping thru her husband’s phone?..

    2. Yep so what would you do if you got a disease from him? If his side piece called you and said she is pregnant what would you do?

      1. Anon, I can’t answer those questions for you because i’ve never been in compromising situations like that…all I’m saying is this…I would like to believe that men don’t flirt/cheat with other women when their lady isn’t around, but that is un-realistic and I would be lying tuh myself, so when I date someone and it is heading somewhere serious and it’s time for us tuh have that relationship talk, I always place all my cards on the table of what my expectations are and vice versa…I am just the type of woman who concerns herself with what goes on within her household and not outside of it and front the moment he and I have that conversation and we have a very clear understanding, then we’re good tuh go…but if I find out that he has lied tuh me and had deliberately broken our bond and trust, I am done…simply because that shit hurts you tuh the core of your heart…any real woman can tell yuh that, ah she nuh have nuh time fe ah argue nor fight wid di man nor di side chick…now, I will say this…*IF* I were tuh ever get caught up in a situation like that and the woman comes tuh me in a very civil matter and explains to me truthfully, what happened between she and him and there is some sort of remorse on her part and the pregnancy was accidental but she wanted tuh keep her baby *worst case scenario*…I would encourage her to keep her child…and then when my guy wants tuh explain himself and also be remorseful, I would hear him out; I wouldn’t be angry with him at all, but my feelings towards him will certainly change and would never be the same and knowing how I am…I would think really hard on our relationship *taking some time apart*…but I would eventually leave because I would rewind my thoughts back tuh the talk we had and the promises that he made tuh me and the bond/trust that we once had…that is no longer there….as for catching any STD’s, like I said…never been there and I don’t plan on going there…

  11. Wah happen to u Yep, u happi snoop. How u ago find proof wen u have ur suspicions if u nuh snoop. Me try snoop through fimi dutty man phone last week but the phone did lock an this week me ketch him wid a gal wah favva a crack head.
    Mi seh from u suspect dem SNOOP!!!!!!! ur intuition will show u wah u waan see

    1. No Anon!!!!..NO NO NO!!!..di snooping ting is an absolute hell no!!!…everybody have ah right tuh privacy, and if mi nuh want nuhbody snoop inna my rings, me not gonna snoop inna fidem tings; true story…mi dawta snoop thru mi son in law phone last year when the man ah bade, ah mi seh…str888 hell ah powda house!!!…di poor likkle man couldn’t even finish bade, she kick im outta di house, di man walk inna di freezin snow inna him pijamas ah smoke mussi half ah pack or a whole pack ah cigarettes *never knew he even smoked*, and di man ah bawl like new born baby…BAWL!!!….and when I was done scolding my dawta, she had to apologize tuh him because I was completely LIVID with her!!…how dare you snoop thru this man’s phone??…she went looking for what she didn’t wanna find and found it so she got EXACTLY what she deserved…long story short..the young lady in question is co-workers with my dawta and son in law and is known tuh be very flirtatious and has a man of her own, so when miss nosey went snooping, she read one of her text messages and took it waaayy out of context…I just don’t condone that snooping crap…dont go thru my phone nor my purse cause I am not gonna hide anything that pertains tuh you…

  12. These responses are hilarious…..
    Anonymous….”bruk stress cocky”…yu a gi bun an it a stress yu??….DWLLL!!!
    @Fedup….”over 40 wid de baby puzzy!”….as in suumall? or, well, mi naw speculate.

  13. @ willie mi sey mi a try run from one ago run inna sinting worse u Eva c sumaddy fool fool like mi. Wen mi tell people mi no want no man them sey how mi do it mi tell dem man is far from my mind, cause wen mi reach home JMG entertain mi I’m clue to mi laptop a snuggle with mi pillow. I’m stress free!

    1. Genuine, giiirrrrlllll!!!!…mi seh when yuh stress freee, it is ah wonderful feeling!!!!!!…you may be alone, but you’re not lonely; there is nothing wrong with choosing tuh be single *temporarily, until you see fit tuh start dating again* ca sometimes we ooman need ah likkle breaks from di man stressments, plus when yuh have kids and other entertainment outlets such as African movies/HBO/good friends n’families, yuh nuh hab time fe ah worry bout man dis ah man dat; yuh too busy being pre-occupied ana laugh….

  14. We can’t say what we will and will not do unless it actually happens. Sadly, adultery is on a rampant high in our society. What most folks forget is the covenant that he/she made with GOD. So when you break your vows, you are no longer worthy of being trusted. So you are just as guilty as the cheating spouse. If the Word alone doesn’t scare you from promiscuous behavior then maybe death will…because spiritually you become dead when you are not capable of being trusted. What do you have to offer? Another thing worth noting, is how many times has GOD forgiven us? Did GOD ever say, NO, I will not forgive? I think if we forgive ourselves that we may have choose the wrong partner (instead of allowing GOD to choose) and move on with life, our society will be in a much better position. If you are not aware of the scriptures, please read Gal 5:16-26.

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