Don’t trust this girl name Keifa keep her away from your man her and her sisters like dem raised to mine man. For a good while she come inna hair salon a boast and brag bout her man dis and her man dat until me find out who the man is! She show picture in di shop but I never see it personally So when mi finally see a who I couldn’t believe this gal a sleep wit ppl man and a own him up. Worst the man shes owning up is a known player who has his bonifide woman and two kids with her. He seems happy with his woman but is just being a dog like some men are I guess but what really mek me vex is this amazon tuff turbit gal start chat bout the baby mother in the shop say she crazy and how much she wants to buss her ass huh? how you fi waan buss the man woman ass because she cuss you ??? My problem is I dealt with a side chick 3 years ago with my baby father I know how painful that can be but these side chicks these days past their place way too much dem supposed to whole them corner and never exchange words with wifey and side chick vex me if its my friend I will tell her straight only dutty gal mash up family before this gal attend to the two pickney that she got she a focus on mash up the ppl dem home im tired to hear everytime her and this man kick off how him use her then two twos shes running behind him again I see no signs that his babymother/wifey is going anywhere dem out and about all the while. This is a problem on both angles though I understand she has two young children the last one im not sure if hes even one yet but why stay in this disrespect? Keifa worst This seems to be an epidemic — is there anything that can be done?
Yes, you can date the right man for starters. But it’s bigger than that. The problem are primarily (here comes the tomatoes being thrown) the women. If there were no women willing to be number two, could there even be a number two? Because at this rate it doesn’t even matter if a man is single, in a relationship or married. Do you want him? Cool… go steal him and he’s yours. When did the word side chick become so prevalent int he black society? Are we all so desperate for a man we will settle for being second place knowing he sleeps beside another woman and makes love to her at night she gets the quality time and you get what ever is left? You have to hide out when u link up and they are out in public holding hands and showing affection? I have nuff man friend so all u man takers out there need to know A guy isn’t cheating with you because you are so good at being the other girl; he’s cheating with you because you aren’t good enough to be the REAL girl. Sidepieces have an expiration date and by trying to push a future, you are just prolonging the inevitable. Don’t be a side chick catching main bitch emotions. Accept the role you have in your man’s life and take it for what it’s worth. Once you realize this, you can benefit as much as he does from this arrangement. No matter what he says Men never leave their woman its the woman who has to leave I stood strong in my situation and 3 years later I am a newly Wed. Stay strong ladies! Side chicks stay in your lane Witches!

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  1. 4 years ago I think I was the side chick by default. Met this guy dated for a year used to see him every everyday, partying on the weekends. Everynight at around 4am or 5am he would leave, he told me he was going to the car auction early so he could get the best cars. (lol i was so stupid I must admit) I didnt think nothing of it, because am not the clingy, call me all the time person because I did have a life outside him. He would always claim he stayed with a friend, when I asked him where he stayed, so he would always take me to his friends house parties and would tell me he stay there. One day a lady called me and told me he was her man, they live together and she just had a 1 month son for him. YOu can imagine the shock I was in, So we talked with the babymother who told me even his name on his US drivers liciense was not his real Jamaican name from birth. (dumbfounded) So when I came from work i found him by my house because I had never given him a copy of my key when he asked for one. His babymother had told him that she was going to call me, his eyes were so jittery he kept mumbling explanations, but the funny thing I didnt ask him anything I just walked passed him went to the house he followed me, gave my daughter a bathe fed her and we went to sleep. I guess he slept on the couch cause in the morning I still found him on the couch. I left for work and I told him to go cause I wanted to lock my house I felt kind of guilty because he had been paying my rent for the past 5 months, so silly me when he asked for me to leave the key coz he wanted to “think” I told him to leave it under the mat when he leaves. Long story short came home from work found the man had brought all his clothes to my house his two cars were packed outside my house. His babymother call me and start cursing me that i need to send her man back and stop taking people man mind you all this time I had not talked to him about the cheating. All this time I was civil to her so I got pissed and told the guy I am calling police if he dont leave, he snatched my phone and talk to her she hung up. Now the final straw, was when he showed me texts she sent him asking how can he leave her a pretty whitey for a black woman with weave, she implied if we had a baby it would have ugly black hair lol. I dont know about yall, but that is when I said let me show you how this black women with weave do. I let him move in and he payed my rent and bills and all I did was go to school and work full time. 4 years later we married and his son comes to see us all the time coz his dad got partial custody which she tried to fight…I really had nothing against her coz she had nothing to do with the lies but when a white woman calls me a black woman with weave (in a demeaning manner) its on.

    1. I agree …she really go that low though? She want the black dick but waa dis a black woman? Yuh shudda tek him 4 more time

      1. Tek him 4 more times? Met Kemmy move up har status to wife and pretty whitey get move down from girlfriend to babymadda….lol

  2. The sender is right about nasty keifa I have known this girl for years and she is a home wrecker she lives to destroy other peoples life. And she has 2 kids that is being raised by there dad.


    1. I agree with u that Canada is terrible place for a woman if u are looking for a male mate in the black community. There are more women in the world and as u said being single makes matters worse, especially in Canada. People adapt to their environment so it seems that women in Canada who prefer black men do what they have to, to get that man or they bring them in from other countries. I always say look at your track record…if it’s not working out with the preference you have in men try something else. You never know, why waste precious time being miserable when you could have been happy. One thing though… Its terrible to the point where you have some girls in Toronto so freakin desperate they giving man money! Crazy shit! This makes me angry because i’ve seen this behaviour and it’s so common that some men in Toronto EXPECT something from a woman. Imagine…..

  4. Sometimes women nuh really know seh a people man dem a tek. Sometimes it’s hard fi tell di wifey from di matey. Nuff man have occupation that requires nuff travel. Dem can have a family in 3 or 4 states. I saw this on a movie a few years back. The man had a wife and a teenage son in one state and another woman and a young daughter in a different state. him and the 2nd woman was in a crash and she died and he was hospitalized. That’s how his wife found out about him woman and daughter. To make a long story short first wife ended up with 2nd wife daugher because she had no known relatives. Their was another similar movie from a true story where the man had 3 wives (yes, wives) I think he died in that story

  5. Seems like having a groom by mail biniz a Canada wouldah be a lucrative one. If u single and can’t find wah u want weh u deh, change weh u live or u options, but nuh tun nuh tekkah. Caz it is my believe that if u are a tekkah u going to end up being on di end of di shitty stick soonah and or latah and when u least expect it. If it guh round it coming back round, mi nevah si a woman/man wah knowingly mash up a relationship happy innah dah relationship yet. Dem always have it innah di back a dem head seh di next person ah cheat and or going to cheat. Who wants to live like dat? But if my hubby feel like seh im want cheat mi nahn fight ovah him ass a hell, as a mattah a fact if mi find out mi just help him and all invite di side chick ovah fi come pack him bags. Why becaz if him did respect di I and him home him nevah wouldah guh deh. I would raddah be alone dan wid a man weh cheat. Not only becaz I would nevah nevah be able trust anything wah come outah him mouth but also outah him pants. Caz mi nuh know a wah di hell im going to carry in come gi mi, and who di hell him going round wid..mek im gwan, techno deh get bettah and bettah every second/minute a di day, suh mi wi alright. I can be miserable all by my beautiful self, not mekking a next person mek mi life miserable no sar..gwan wid dat. Him just was not mi Mr Right till death do us part, but Mr Roight here now. Hopeless romantic but nevah a willing sidechick,lunatic or a man broomstick..helloo, no sar.

  6. Seriously!! But look pon her ugly shoes she a tek the people them man inna.. The whore no hve no style…yea she n her sister no stop mind cocky , a them gyal no mek your man give you nothing cause them no stop mind man…before she go take care a her two pickney them n stop run down the people them man.. My girl a what so mek you can’t get a man for yourself?

  7. A woman cant feel a man is hers unless the man let her feel that way. I know a man right now with 2 woman, and me naa talk no wife and mate im talking 2 woman. Him spend as much time with the baby mother as with the other woman. Sometimes when the other woman find out is way to late.

  8. im trying to figure this out…..” This is a problem on both angles”………….did she actually mean a problem from both sides which be the correct syntax ??…….the term “both angles” would indicate at least 3 sides so either it is a syntax error or is the sender smarter than we think and in one fell swoop is making reference to the man, the wife and the matey and i was slow to catch on??…….

  9. please this girl act like she better than people and yes she shearing man and yes she cry after the man he all beat her up she spend her money on him left her kids for their dad to take care off an she does be taking care of he guy other two kids not with his girlfriend he live with she has to pay him to f**k her and the list goes on

  10. Dwl don’t let this whore Keifa fool u a jus who nuh know betta she can fool the red bwoy lock her and her money off cuz she nah keep do business quiet and him ooman start hear things everything everybody say is tru though she haffi GI do two older pickney den him have outside money if keep do man around yet she nah mine di two she got di man beat her ass yes and she bawl and beg him lock up in bathroom atwork everybody knows keifa was never dis bwoy woman looks like all the mash she try mash dem up wifey nah budge she all(keifa) circulate picture of she and the ppl dem man well mi see The Red bwoy and him baby mother last night a Nicky Hype Birthday party I must say I admire strong black love dem look well happy last night andhim nuh let go him baby mother u wanna see him a hug ar up all night I love DAT gyal nuh mek DAT dutty bitch mash up your life wish them all the best!beautiful couple

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