I need clarity!
Clarity is defined as the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye or to the understanding of someone. It is interesting to know that according to the books of Proverbs, wisdom is the principle thing. However, it does not end there; it goes on to read that in all our receiving of wisdom we must simultaneously acquire understanding.
In reading this particular scripture I was coerce in and by my mind to really consider what was being said to me. In the course of pondering that thought, I concluded that wisdom is entirely different from understanding, quite obvious right? Nonetheless, having wisdom about anything without an understanding of it creates confusion.
So, the question could be asked, what is the difference between wisdom and understanding in our quest to achieve clarity? And why both are needed to make sound judgments, decisions and the ability to decipher the fullness of confusing and perplexing areas of our lives? Well wisdom in its simplest form is possessing knowledge to discern between right and wrong or good and bad. On the other hand understanding, again in its condensed form comprehends how something work, operates or function.
Well, what does this have to do with clarity you may ask? It has everything to do with clarity, because none can operate independent of itself. Together both should be used in unison to bring about the fullness, or as we would say the bigger picture of any and all situations.
As Christians we for the most part become unclear as to what is going on in our lives concerning troubling matters. In particular those stubborn, persistent and repetitious negative occurrences that makes absolutely no sense. An example of this would be you’re faithful in the paying of your tithe and offerings, however it is clear you’ve plunged more into debt than prior to your offertory commitment. Another example, God made it clear to you that this is the man/woman you were suppose to marry, it has also been confirmed by faithful and sound people of God, but at present it appears as if this person was specifically assigned by Satan to drive you completely crazy. What about that job you’ve prayed and fasted for, it finally came through, but you’re treated on that job like something stuck at the bottom of someone’s shoe. What about that house or business that you’ve been tithing from not to mention the countless prayers concerning that house or business. However none of that stopped it from being posted in the local daily for foreclosure because the funds weren’t there to sustain it.
At this point, I think most of you would agree that, it would be insane not to ask the question, “God are you playing a game with me”? Or “God where are you in all of this”. A more common statement by Christians would be, GOD I NEED CLARITY!
Jeremiah the prophet of God, in the book of Jeremiah 29, wrote a letter unto the residue of the elders, and to the priest, the prophets and to all Israel Whom Nebuchadnezzar had carried away captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. In this letter he explained that it was God that was allowing this to happen. Also that they should begin building houses, planting gardens, exchanging marriage vows and not only seek the peace of that city but pray to God that the city will have peace so that they would be at peace. To add insult to injury God further declares through the writings of Jeremiah, that they will inhabit that land for seventy years. Anyone that prophesies or speaks of visions or dreams that are contrary to the seventy years of captivity that God has ordained has prophesied and dreamed falsely.
I am certain prior to Jeremiah’s letter the people of Israel must have wondered how could this be. How could God allow a heathen nation, who doesn’t even recognize him, to up root his people from a land that he’s given them? In addition, they are now under the leadership of a heathen king. At this point we can conclude that they definitely needed clarity because it seemed as if God had forsaken them. So in essence they possessed the wisdom that they were being held captive by Babylon, but prior to the letter they had no understanding, which I am sure, brought them to the point of confusion.
Jeremiah’s letter brought about that understanding to compliment the wisdom that they already possessed that equaled clarity.
What am I saying to you my readers? You possess the wisdom which is only a part of the whole, which has also dictated to you that you are in debt, your marriage is failing, your home and business is in foreclosure etc. and I am also aware that you’re frustrated and ready to give up and walk away from it all. Nevertheless, it is only the lack of understanding as to why this is all happening, and have you confined to a confused and distressed state. I am here as an oracle of God to inform you that God is with you now more than ever, Psalms 46:1. Thus, you could be judging God foolishly based on wisdom alone and not the understanding from him to accompany it that will bring about clarity.
The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinth church said, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect (complete or whole) comes, then that which is in part shall be done away with 1Corinthians 13:9-10. So it is clear in this scripture that the confusion to our problem is due to us prematurely judging the whole based on a part of what is being presented to us, again producing confusion.
Please! Before I proceed any further, begin to ask God to forgive you of your miss judgments and the negative words that you’ve said concerning your unclear situations. Now, ask him for the understanding that you need to bring clarity to your situation.
Back to Jeremiah’s letter, Jeremiah said in his letter that after the completion of the seventy years in Babylon. Then God will visit them and perform his word towards them and cause them to return unto their land. God further states that he alone knows the thoughts that he thinks towards us, and they are thoughts of peace and not evil, to give us an expected end. Thank you JESUS this is wonderful news my readers, because it suggests to me that in the midst of my seemingly insurmountable troubles THIS IS ONLY APART OF GODS OVERALL PLAN FOR MY LIFE, THAT MUST CONCLUDE IN PEACE, JOY AND THE MANIFESTATION OF MY EXPECTATION OF HIM… Glory to the name of Jesus!
So, what is the reality of all of this? Well the reality of all of this is your crying, frustration, mood swings, fasting, praying, complaining murmuring and coming in agreement with others for God to bring change, will not alter, delete or change the pre assigned time by God to your trouble. Know that this is a testing of your faith, which is producing patience. But only in the completion of that patience, will you become complete or be restored, James 1: 3-4. God is a God of divine purpose and to every purpose there is a time and season. Purpose is the original intent of something or someone, and only time and season can unveil what God has purposed in and for us.
Do not allow the size of your problem to frustrate you, but instead ask God to reveal to you the understanding in an effort to bring clarity and a piece of mind while you endure the time and season of that trouble that will conclude in good for you. “For we know that ALL things (good and bad) are working in harmony for our good Romans 8:28.
Heavenly Father, thank you once again for a now word, that brings comfort to your people. This is another piece of evidence that amplifies your sovereignty. I ask you now in the name of your son Jesus Christ to impart patience and understanding to the wisdom of your people to bring about clarity in the midst of their challenges. Finally father I pray for a peace that passes all understanding in the matchless and mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L. A Ewing
[email protected]


  1. Amen amen and amen this was very soothing and encouraging this morning just what I needed God bless you Minister Ewing and Shani for bringing this message, I too need clarity and thank God for the reassurance this message brought that my God is making a way for me that will conclude with happiness.

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