I NOT TOO SURE I BELIEVE THE STAR-Girl taken off graduation list after … Freaky videoleakedat school

A 17-year-old female student was kicked from the graduation roster of one of Clarendon’s most prominent high schools after a steamy sexually explicit video was released on WhatsApp with the teenager and a taxi operator having wild sex in the trunk of a blue station wagon.
The video, which was released two weeks ago and is going viral, shows the teenager from the well-known educational institution dressed only in a pair of glasses, while the taxi operator was sheathed only in a condom.
The four-minute video, begins with the teenager screaming and thrashing around in the car trunk, obviously biting off more than she could chew.
“Jeeezaass, Jeeezaass whoieee you a go killed me (expletives, expletives expletives) Jay?” the unnamed young female (who is now dubbed “movie star”) wailed as she attempted to escape from the obvious ‘punishment’.
“Jaaaay Jaaay tek it out youout a mi py please Jay,” she screamed as the thrashing continued in the trunk of the car that was parked in a cane field in Clarendon.
It is understood that when she turned up for school two Mondays ago, the video had already been distributed among the students and screened by teachers and ancillary staff, and a ‘welcoming party’ of jeerers and astonished school administrators anxiously awaited her.
All hell broke loose as the teenager was greeted with a screaming chorus of rude remarks before she fled into the bathroom, where she locked herself, before she was escorted away.
“Me say the gal never know say the video reach a school before she. You see when she finally turn up, pure excitement and things me a tell you,” a student from the school told The Star. “A inna the bathroom she camp out for the day until the principal take her wey.”
The Star was told that the principal later informed the graduating class of 2014 that “Miss movie star won’t be graduating” and confessed that she cried after watching the steamy sex act on WhatsApp.
“Me can’t believe a she do that in a car back in a the cane field, no sah, she let down the whole a we who go a school here,” an upset student declared.

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  1. Lol….dancehall music cause her to think it’s required during sex to put on a melodramatic verbal performance…it’s hilarious as it is sad.
    In the cane field, in a car trunk, with a taxi driver….poor thing!!!

  2. The guy who did that was an Ass. I’m not saying what she did was right, but she clearly stated don’t video it n he still did n made the video public.he should be ashame too cus it’s not like he was doing a damn good job any way with is Dead ass Dick. I don’t even know y she was making all that damn noise . Mayb he thought he was doing a good job that’s y he made the video public. I hope she has some brother to kick is ass for embarrassing the girl like that. Even though she was dead wrong too.

  3. I don’t think that should have anything to do with her graduating from school. They don’t have to let her participate in the ceremony but they need to give her her certificate.

    1. FYI: You do realize that many thousands of High School seniors leave High School each year with a Diploma/Certificate? It is totally different these days. Some schools require students to pass 4 or more CXC in order to graduate High School and if you do not meet the minimum CXC requirement, you do not participate in the graduation ceremony. Some schools have 5 CXC minimum including English and/or Math. So it not a big deal to leave High School these days without a Diploma or even participating in the graduation exercise. At some schools, more than half the seniors don’t get a Diploma or technically graduate.

  4. This is why jamaica can’t be better. The igornace!!!!! The man need to be investigated(taxi driver). And the parents need to get involve, And the school chairman need investigated also. plus the principal need to get fire for “MACKING” the whole situation. And student caught bullying the girl need to expelled also. This is why Jamaican as a caribbean island(country) need more sexually-education. The police love lock-up and kill,them need fi find that driver man deh!!!!!

  5. I agree that the girl should graduate school and police need to fine that ugly ass taxi driver and lock him up. Also if the girl saw that she was being video taped she should have stop sexing that nasty ass cab driver. I guess this will be a well taught lesson for her that not everything in the dancehall you is to make your reality.

  6. Don’t see where the video is school business. Girl over can give consent. No crime committed. not even on school premises. Where is jfj and cvc and all a dem. This is discrimination now

    1. If the article were true the school does have grounds whether she is over the age or not.If she were attending the school and the video done she is representing the school out of uniform or not and based on that they can take steps to diminish that because it does not represent the school in a positive way. Jamaica’s school system is somewhat ruled by morale ,it has always been like that.

  7. Unless its in the school book of rules beforehand. Stating clearly that if school is brought into disrupute etc. Otherwise lawsuit. hyprocracy. U can consent to sex at 16. Yet if u do its dubbed negative. Let student graduate. She is the victim. Problem is with law allowing a child over 16 privalage to consent to sex. That issue jfj and friends shud look at. Yet can’t enter an event for adults or smoke or drink. But cud well be living with any man and having children legally. Morals shud be exercised on all levels. That wud be moral…milk lost some what. But cud have also turned shame into fortune. Mimi, Kim, and others have done it. At the end of the day I think ppl slowly realized that milk wasn’t really into porn, her privacy was just violated. She OK if u ask me. Still on TV.

  8. Whether she graduates or not is not a big deal. As long as she get her subjects she can continue on to higher education. The school community should have dealt with it differently though instead of making fun of her but then again it wasn’t rape. The man needs to be locked up for videoing her without her consent ( to the video) and posting pornography of a minor.

  9. Why in Gods was this broadcast to everyone before this young child got to school anyway. Social media is the big shit these days. Morales and self worth and the way we were in past days protecting the Innocent is know longer what we has adult do no more. I have not seem this video n I do not which to see it, This clearly show no regards for this child. This Taxi driver should been arrested for having sex with a minor, has they would have done to him here in America. Shame on U all disgracing this girl like that. We all were young once n did crazy things our parents would b ashamed of.

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