28 thoughts on “I WOULD NOT SAY BUY

  1. Say am seeing wrong . Everything these Rich girls copy each othe in the scammer circle. Not even the Kardashian sisters copy each other like these scammers.

  2. You look dirty. Robert no bag, shoes or clothes cannot make yuh look good. You look like one of the gully queens.

  3. No lie Bobbete need a lot off makeup to pull it off . You don’t have a feminine look no time unless you wear a little off clothes & makeup. You look very hard you would make a great body builder in the women competition .

  4. @bob sister, you are so right..lol. Why, why, why you guys have so much Dinero to be unique. If I didn’t have to work for my money and could invest all of it into dancehall clothes, I would show y’all how its done.

  5. Serious Question, who do you all hate more Apple, Bobbette or Kasi. I read this site for mostly the jokes but the obsession is real when it comes to these 3. I know unno a guh run up an say that nobody dont badmine or hate and blah blah, but for these 3 ladies to be on all a unno minds day in and day out it has to be something no matter how you try to justify crucifying and breaking these ladies down on a regular basis..

    another thing, does it make you or whoever that loves to send in these 3 in specific feel better about yourself that you can hide behind a computer and do this without people knowing who you really are..

    I dont live in NY or Jamaica, dont know these females personally, I just feel for 2017 we as women especially, its beyond sickening how we get so much joy from tearing one another down or apart..

    Hope you all have a blessed 2017

    1. Go away, this is a suss site….FR FR and if them gi wi tings fi tawk, wi aguh tawk, simple! They have nothing and I mean NOTHING that cannot be achieved in time…..and that’s with no jail time BACKA DAT! :cool

    2. So you participated in the game until it’s no longer fun and want others to stop playing because you are a sore loser? FOH! We nah stop bun out de lying, scamming ass hoes who love to flex like seh dem a smaddy of importance. Go suck Kasi, Apple and Bobette big toes.

  6. No longer fun to read here this from a blogger there’s a lot Jamaicans or fashionable ppl around ya but these ppl act like them lived in Trump plaza and very wealthy so we must size them to down to reality with them fake life’s. Not one off them file taxes or have a pay check .

  7. She actually doesn’t look two bad here but we all know who she’s trying to look like this girl makeup her face like apple bleach like apple do her body like apple got an undercover man and got him bleaching like apple etc etc the list goes on .i just dont understand if you have money or a good scamming connect why buy the same exact shit as someone else. She acts as if she wants the girl whole life just my observation. I couldnt hang with anyone like this she acts as if shes obssed or a fatal attraction. You can tell her self esteem was and probably still is low because looking at her before pics she was a ugly f**king girl all she did is change her self to look more like apple.

  8. All the people who took the time to say they dont like reading comments here seeing the same post here why click a post you claim to see all the time.and come back repeatedly and waste your time commenting ????Just dont log on here simple. its a new year make the change of keeping yourself from coming to the website.

  9. @not fun, I honestly think these girls send in post about themselves for attention. If they were bothered by our comments which they read, they would tone it down. It’s all fun and games for me. I don’t know them personally, I don’t care to know them but the comments are what have me in stitches. Its mostly repetitive but still funny. Im on the road commuting for 4hrs qd. Its a great pass time for me. Seriously, do you really think about these people once you logout? I don’t and I hope you don’t either. Kasi I sympathize with a little because she’s on a bigger platform. I heard about her through the American media 1st. The other 2 just pink wall. They’re nobodies.

  10. Oh gosh, I shouldn’t say nobodies. Everyone is somebody, they’re not known outside of pink wall. I hope no one truly hates them, just laughing at their clown like behavior. Its very laughable. Just the suitcase in the club is a plausible moment. Only in dancehall people…lol…hahaha.

  11. Anybody a say people badmind them idiot gal yah a idiot just like them – mi no badmind jail house work my dear – the two a them ugly no f**k see them good without makeup and you will run – now if these idiots would just relax and stop mek we has woman look bad people wouldn’t de pon them – Apple really stay f**king bad har face is a train wreck plain n simple – the point is them a the first fi say how much money them have And the rest a wi no on them level you eva hear them chat people in a dancehall and trash people – try you best no defend them 50 year old bag yah cause if Bobby whatever she name is- she a most Duffy twin brother cause she is a dude deep down!! My girl relax you still young try mek a life put dun the scamming n hustling you get a good run stop now sawout a plan A,D&C honestly —

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