15 thoughts on “ICE DEM SEH NEED SUGAR

  1. Di senda ah carry Buddy feelings fi ICE cause she teck ova Gucci Don and meck him did wife har up while they were known ask just a Fukkk. ICE keep your standards up and doh teck no brukk bwoy. Gal go carry feelings to di man dem bout dem buddy and stop watch di gal Punai..

  2. Saw her getting out of Dave clans car few days ago a him next because every pussy him come cross him wan such out. Never believe seh dem really a f**k until me see it myself.

  3. Sleep wid Ice and I.C.E pick yu up? Ah so people shallow and fool fool? Ah Ice mek Shaun and Jason go cross state lines wid cocaine? Kmt

  4. Dirty salt hole ice don’t come call Gucci name a so d saltiness did ketch him thank god he wise up. Whatever destruction duppy whe a f**k u n d man dem whe u a tek u need to go pray it off your curse little girl! Dave wat a way u bold Feds done a look fi u a now them go find u get u lawyer ready

  5. Ummmmm sea salt is who out of box of money u tekking cuz u said bottles will b at u foot all night we know bingie f**g merissa cuz she said his dick small n him cnt f**k so who u tekking salty

  6. ice salt bad …every man in florida she ah f**k ….feel sorry for di poor little man in la him fool nuh bloodcloth him need fi find him a women because she not him women she everybody women to ras

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