Billy fly Chyna in fi 3sum wid ice , unno really give billy 3 sum Smh

Ice you never have on anything wid sense , the wig want wash , di breast want lift , di clothes wash dash way , di body want tighten everything pon you slack all your underneath . Not even decent shoes you put pon your feet . You just need fi dash ya whole self way


You need to go Bk way u cum from , no one miss u only di man dem u ah sleep wid to get by day by day
Unno both look like sluts . Is it buy one get one free outfit ? Must be

You dun fk out di whole ah New York and now u run Bk Florida bi*ch be gone please

7 thoughts on “ICE STILL AT IT

  1. damn…10 years later and ICE is STILL a topic on JMG. congrats Ice girl. regardless of what you all write about the girl, she is a sweetheart. Yall MISERABLE miserable. *I am NOT her friend, just someone who has been around the dancehall circle”

  2. Ice & her man not the topic. Hot topic is why keno dead at hibiscus Sunday morning at Flo Flo party. And why they kill him and ppl a video the boy instead lay in the rain . The world we live in

    1. one talking about that. not even a post I see about it on Driver page and a him response fi di place. Piece of shit them, I would get that crawses club locked the fuck down over my family!!

  3. Mi naaa bring nuh gal inna my bed or nuh hotel fi my man fuck yuh mussi mad! nigga yuh affi go a road go fuck yuh gal if a suh yuh tuninacious.

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